Problem With Phillips/Magnavox TV. Model: TS2754 C107

phasedarrayFebruary 8, 2007

I've got a problem with a Phillips/Magnavox TV.

Model #: TS2754 C107

Chasis #: 79105681

The TV started to let out smoke. It doesn't turn on. The speakers seem to pulse at about 1 Hz. I opened it up. Capacitor C506 is melted and the cause of the smoke - it needs to be replaced. The board seems blackened near resistor R423. What is it's value? (The color bands seem faded but I think it should be 10K - I measured it at 100 Ohms after removing it.) (perhaps unrelated to my problem) I disconnected the wires going to the speakers and found there is something else that is clicking at that same rate.

What is the Value of C506?

Is it the cause of the problems or a symptom of another problem?

Are there any circuit schematics out there for Board A of this TV?

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Go to THIS WEBSITE and you should be able to get a schematic for your TV.

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They don't have the C107 on samswebsite...

I can't find it through google either.

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