bad,bad tv...

corneliuFebruary 18, 2008


i have a problem with my tv! i would appreciate any help. i have a 4 years old Philips tv,model # 32pt563s37g. all worked good until today.when i turned it on ,a flash appeared on the screen,containing all the colours ,then when the image came on ,it was greenish and readish and blurry(similar to a bad reception simptom).sound was good.3 second later the image and the sound were gone ,but the green light on the left of the tv buttons didn't shut off. without turning the tv off after the image and the sound dissapeared,if i change chanels, i would hear the same "click" as if i turned the tv on at any given time,and then i see the same blurry image,and 3 seconds later everything is gone again. the green light never flashes as for a code.did you ever got over similar problems? as i said before,i would appreciate any help from you.i would take it to a repair shop but don't know what to expect. thank you.Corneliu.

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I wouldn't spend money to repair this TV, 32" TVs are fairly cheap now. If money is an issue, there should be tons of used TVs out there as people buy HDTVs. I sold a better 32" tube TV last summer for $65.

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I would take it to a repair shop and get an estimate on how much it costs to fix. If the repair is unreasonable get a new HDTV.


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Hi corneliu,

I'm a retired consumer electronics technician and from the way you describe your problem it sounds like you have a dead or shorted blue gun in the CRT (picture tube). The clicking you hear may be the power supply relay latching & unlatching due to the TV going into a failsafe mode that shuts down the power supply down through the use of an "electronic fuse". This is designed to protect the electronics from shorts and/or high voltage arcing. I used to run into this problem quite frequently. One thing you can try is to take off the back of the set and place it face down on a carpet so as not to scratch the face of the tube and very gently tap the neck of the tube with something like a screwdriver handle. Hopefully this may dislodge some debris inside the guns and cause it to fall harmlessly into the bell of the tube. When you upright the set the debris will hopefully drop down into a non critical area and will never cause a problem again. Please understand that you must be very careful when doing this because it's all made of glass and that it's only a guess from what I read in your post. If they're are plastic rings on the neck of the tube try not to disturb them otherwise you'll end up with convergence and/or purity problems and they can really a problem to correct!

Like I said before, this "fix" is only a guess. To accuratly diagnose the problem correctly I would have to see it! If the tube is bad and the problem can't be cleared, then I would go along with the previous posters and get a flat screen because a new CRT with labor would be VERY costly!


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about your response: i tried but it didn,t work! i still do appreciate your answer.thank you very much! and,soon to be ,Happy Birthday!Corneliu.

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