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beckiebFebruary 13, 2007

I am in the market for a new digital camera. The Mustex 8.0 megapixel 6 in 1 digital camera has cought my eye.

I know squat about digital cameras and was wondering if anyone has anything to say about this brand.

Thank you!

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I think you mean "Mustek"? Nothing good to say about it.

Photography has been a serious hobby of mine for many years. I'm not a fan of (digital) cameras made by companies that don't make a living from photography. That includes companies like HP and Casio and "brands" like Polaroid which are just names anymore, not actual companies with regular staffs. The only company like that to which I'd give a break is Sony, and that's because Sony has for years manufactured some of the best "analog" video gear and because they recently bought Konica-Minolta's camera business.

One of the things to watch in "point-and-shoot" (P&S) cameras of this type is the pixel count (in this case, 8 megapixels). P&S cameras tend toward being small and light, neither of which makes for better pictures. This particular camera, I see, has a very limited range for the aperture, which will affect your ability to take good pictures in low light or very bright light. Pictures likely will end up dim or "blown-out" with big white spots where highly-reflective surfaces should be. The camera probably tries to get around this by altering the time the shutter is open, which will affect both the accuracy and the sharpness of your pictures -- colors will be "off" and pictures will appear noisy -- like a bad TV picture.

I don't know exactly which model you're looking at or how much they're selling it for wherever you're buying it, but for the money Mustek charges on-line for their 8 MP cameras, you could buy a good camera from companies like Canon, Olympus, Nikon, or Pentax (or even Sony) and not have to live with these severe limitations.

One last word (I know, this is turning into a book): pixel count is not the only measure of camera quality. Especially with lower-priced P&S cameras, you can have too high a pixel count -- so many pixels crammed into a little sensor that digital noise is visible on anything other than sunny-day pictures. If you're only going to view pictures on your computer or print out pictures smaller than 5x7, there really is no need to get more than 5 or 6 megapixels. If you're going to print larger than that, you really should get a better camera than a $200-300 P&S. Better to spend the money on a lower-pixel-count camera with a good lens and sensor than to buy the absolute highest pixel count you can and find your pictures come out crummy anyway.

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