bkarryApril 2, 2006

I'm in the market for an embroidery machine. Have a husqvarna serger and love it. So I was looking on-line for a Hasqvarna embroidery machine. How come they don't show the prices of machines? It is one of the factors for me. Are they trying not to scare me off? Would go to the dealer and check out the machines, but I live a ways out of town and was trying to narrow it down before I traipsed all over.

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well, the good news is....Im a fan of husqvarna and love my Rose (although they've discontinued it)....the bad news is they are pricey. I found a platinum at the dealer this week for $2100. Would love to have it, but will have to wait till my "ship comes in". Also, their "accessories" are fairly proprietary and other brands can accomplish the same thing for significantly cheaper, (found this out the hard way, eg: embird is significantly cheaper than their customizing/digitizing etc) and their reader/writer box is pricey compared to amazing box etc. Do your homework. I love the Rose and havent had a minutes problem. Would like a bigger embroidery field but will have to wait. HTH....if you have any questions let me know

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I bought my Rose in August of 1999. I've never embroidered with it or downloaded designs from the internet to edit them. The Viking Customizing Embroidery System 5 software I bought with it wasn't compatible with Windows XP. I've tried for years to get help from the dealer as well as Husqvarna, but no luck. Of course I can trade up to a more expensive machine, but isn't there a way to make my Rose function like they demonstrated in the showroom? I ordered the Ultimate Box & Card this week since it claims to work with Hus. format. I need a new editing software program too. When I asked them if the Ultimate Box & Card would work with 3D Embroidery Studio, they gave me a doomsday response indicating it would never work with my Rose. They also said the software won't work with the Ulitmate Box. I sure could use some help!

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Do you need a sewing machine too? If not, why not consider the embroidery only machines? I have the janome 300E and it's wonderful, runs on flashcards so it' cheap and I use Embird (cheap also!) to change format, size etc.

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The Ultimate box and card will work just fine with your Rose. Download the free trial of Embird software at you get 30 days or 100 openings of the program. I use to have the Husqvarna Iris and that's all I ever used is Embird and the Ultimate Box. I have traded to other machines and brands and still continue to use Embird and learn new things every day that it does. The latest I've learned is the clock making feature. The good thing about Embird you can buy it in pieces as you go. I have added the Iconizer which shows you little pics of the designs on your computer so you don't have to open the design to see what it is, I've purchased several alphabets as its so nice to type out a phrase or name and have it made into embroidery. On my wish list is Font Engine. There are lots of free tutorials out there but you'll be able to do all with Embird and the Ultimate box with your Rose.
Janome 300E
White 3300

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I have the new SE from Husqvarna, I love the machine, but let me add my two cents. If you are using windows XP on your computer, (I was using windows ME) you will have to get a new computer with XP, nothing works with older software of the sewing machine. No one told me this when I was looking at the machines. So I got hit with a double hit, new sewing machine and then computer. But, after all the smoke cleared, I really needed an update on the computer anyway and I really love the sewing machine.

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Well, my problems are solved and I'm finally loving my Viking Rose! I bought Embird and it works with the machine and the Vikant reader/writer and card! I love the software and sure do enjoy not having to deal with "Windows ME" anymore:) Thanks to both of you for your help and advice.

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I have the Rose and the HV embroidery card reader/writer. The info about Embird and the Ultimate Box is interesting...does the Ultimate Box duplicate the reader/writer I now have? Or does the Box have superior capabilities? As you can tell I am new to this! Have not used my Rose much for embroidery, so am really a beginner! First thing my husband wanted me to embroider was a ball about difficult! There must be special frames out there for this job...I managed with the standard 100x100 hoop, but it was sure a lesson in patience! Any help any of you out there can give me I would very much appreciate! Thanks.

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DH bought me the Rose in 1997 and needless to say i can only embroider if i buy the cards.I have the customizer and digitizer and all that,but my old computor crashed and the one DH got for me is Vista only ,and i don't really like it.But as the saying goes,don't look a gift horse in the mouth.Does anyone know where and if you can buy the cards anywhere besides HV??

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The best place to look is on E-Bay. Make sure you look under buy it now. That way you also see what is available in E-Bay stores. I try too look under as many searches as possible when I'm there. Because these cards are so expensive, E-bay is usually where I buy them.

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