Bathroom Nightmare

michael5219May 13, 2008

Going threw a bathroom nightmare. I hired the wrong guy for the job and got burned.Here is the story.

My reason for posting this is that if someone was going to hire the contractor that I used that maybe they will find this and NOT hire him and go threw what I am going threw.

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Here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures and story

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You are at least going to take him to small claims court? Whats the max in small claims in your area? Even I could do a better job laying tiles and I've only ever done 1 row/back splash. Want to hire me? Ha Ha . You better see if you can purchase more matching tiles, probably can't save too many that are up. Good luck.

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Rip all that out. Did he even waterproof the shower area properly? It looks like the tile is installed over green-board drywall. That is a lousy way to do it, and totally unacceptable for a shower. If you try to simply fix this cosmetically, you are going to have huge water damage problems in the future.

Did that hack carpenter even pull permits? I hope a building inspector did not approve any of the work, it's terrible.

When you hire a contractor, getting a building permit is a way to protect you from getting ripped off by him.

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Definitely go after him for the $$ and do share your story over at the John Bridge site. I think this is one for the records..............

Here is a link that might be useful: John Bridge

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wow..I am so sorry this happened to you, I can imagine how up set you must be..rightfully so!! I live in Long Island, never heard of him..what town is he in..I will pass the word on. I would slap him with a law suit for sure.. Ever think about 7 on your side? A few times there have been stories on rip off contractors and they have exposed them all over the news..
sounds like a great idea to me! (and call your attorney!)
keep us up dated

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That "workmanship" is just terrible! Any possibilities this guy was on drugs or drinking on the job? Or simply not qualiied at all? Best wishes for repairing your bathroom.

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You say the contractor gave you a bid of $3,700 for a 5-8 day job to remodel an entire bathroom? That bid is so low it is scary. For materials AND labor? No way that guy can make money and provide any value to the homeowner at that rate. Beware of low bids. If you don't know how to build stuff, always get a few bids from different contractors and ask them specifically what makes their work or product superior. They will tell you about the short cuts that other contractors may take, and the way it should be done.

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I would anticipate the contractor expected to jack up his price by the completion of the job. Nonetheless, this seems like a pretty small bathroom - and it seems like it might have been doable for something at least in the general neighborhood of that much.

Granted, I wouldn't have expected world-class craftsmanship for that much, but the work quality displayed is simply inexcusable.

Also, beware of the contractors who love to explain to you exactly how crappy other contractors are - especially if they name names! It's also commonplace for a tradesperson, especially one with perhaps a little less ethical fiber, to overstate & understate the pros & cons, respectively, of their product/technique, and vice versa for the competition's. Educating yourself is ALWAYS the best thing to do! If you have ANY doubt about what a contractor says, always research it online - and even if you think you're sure, sometimes it doesn't hurt to check up.

Not that there aren't scrupulously honest, fair, and reasonably priced contractors out there - I've worked with a few - but the odds of finding one at random via ads or the phone book are sometimes, in some communities, so shockingly low as to be nearly nonexistent - something to remember!

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This is a mess! And I'm wondering why you paid him the 3300? Was the bid in writing...detailing time, work to be done, etc? Just wondering.

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