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aka_raeanneMarch 31, 2008

Happy Monday!

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You guys were very busy over the weekend. I was busy too, in my kitchen cabinets! I thoroughly cleaned out every cabinet and both pantry closets, threw out old junk and expired cake mixes, etc., saved some kitchen items I will never use but may give away, and ended up with 3 1/2 large trash bags to put out tomorrow. I feel liberated in my kitchen! Part of that "Does this clutter make my butt look fat" by Peter Walsh.

Saturday got my roots touched up and a few more highlights around the hairline. I really love the color now.

QOD: As a child, I had several dolls but no attachments until my 16th birthday when my friend bought me my first Raggedy Ann doll. I kept her on my bed for years before shipping her off to charity a few years ago.

John, loved your answer.

So happy about Aubrie. Praying for her continued good health. :0)

Besh, good to see you back.

Marci, I assume you are feeling better!

BJ, Jen, and Maddie, we still miss you..... Please check in.

Raw, wet weather here today. I'm still wearing my sweaters and not putting them away for another week or so.

Good news for me! Had to stop by the tailors' today to have lined, wool pants hemmed. Seems they are getting a bit loose and hanging a bit low. Yahoooo!

Gotta run; I had this morning off to run errands and go to 2 doc appointments, but need to work until 5pm here at home.


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Dee~ WTG! So happy about your pants falling off. LOL Doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance with you *** You were really busy this weekend too. Wowie, zowie!

Raeanne~Thanks for getting us started.

Milkdud~Thanks for updating us. Glad that Aubrie is doing good. Continued prayers for her health. When you get a moment check on that recipe that I added please & tell me how it will fit in with WW. It said that it was relatively low in carbs & I put WW for the tortillas. I know that you could use FF mayo if you wanted. Any more suggestions?

How about a new QOD? Do you dream? How about in color? (Just checking! LOL) Do you remember your dreams?

QOD: I have in the past had very vivid dreams & very unusual dreams & do remember them. They don't make a lot of sense. (I think that is me!) I haven't had any dreams recently though. Yeah!

Hope everyone has an opportunity to check in.

NH Suzanne~I'm concerned about you. I think that everyone that has been my un-birthday/Christmas partner, except for DeeMarie, has dropped off of the board. :( It isn't looking good for me.

Have a good week. Any April Fools' jokers out there? John? ;o

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Good afternoon all,

Milkdud, great news about Aubrie!

Dee, isn't it great when you start noticing your clothes fitting looser! If only we could keep that momentum!

It's snowing again today!!! It's not sticking and it's supposed to turn to sleet. I have had enough!

QOD: Do you recycle?

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Good afternoon! I don't know where the morning went, other than sleeping later than I got to last week with granddaughters wanting "Mimi" up and at 'em early every day! LOL

Way to go on the loose pants, Dee! It feels so darned good when things start bagging, doesn't it???

Patti, your weight loss is impressive! You should be so proud of yourself for losing that much. Good luck and enjoy buying new clothes!

I can't believe it, but I'm down 2 more pounds from last week. I even took Big DGD to Subway one day where we ordered the foot-longs, ate half there and had the other half for breakfast the next day! I did get one of the healthy sandwiches, but still, I hadn't had bread in over 2 months, and I felt so guilty about it. I also got the baked Lay's potato chips. YUM! Guess it didn't hurt since I actually showed a weight loss when I weighed this morning. My scale always registers the same weight as the WW scale, so I'm excited about weighing in tonight.

This board has such special people. I come here almost daily to get inspired, and last week I also found comfort about Aubrie. I am so glad that I found my way back here. Thank you for being here when needed!

Hope everyone has a terrific day! Sending hugs and good wishes to all missing in action.

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Wow! I took so long to post, with several phone calls, that Patti and Suzanne had time to post!

QOD: I have vivid dreams, and almost always in technicolor! Sometimes so real that when I wake up, I have to figure out if they were real or not! LOL

Patti, thanks for the note and recipe! I looked at the wrap recipe, and it's pretty WW-friendly for me except for the whole wheat tortilla and regular mayo. I could use some of my 35 points for the wrap and sub FF mayo though. It sounds pretty good!

Suzanne, thanks for moving the chicken salsa recipe. I may have thought to do it - eventually!

I've got pork chops cooking in the crockpot, and they smell so fantastic! It's a WW-Core recipe, so simple that my husband and son both said it couldn't be that good. The taste is definitely in the "pudding", so I'll let y'all know tomorrow and post it if it's good.

Suzanne's QOD: I was a recycling fool in Carrollton, but since moving here where there is none, I just guiltily throw things away. I hate it, but the closest recycling center is about 20+ miles away. I only buy the Sunday paper and read online the other 6 days. We buy the earth-friendliest lightbulbs, and I cook mostly fresh anymore, so not so many containers. Everything in this new house is very energy-efficient, I launder using cold water and only do laundry once a week when there's a full load. I plan my drives so I don't burn anywhere near as much gas as I would ordinarily. All this because I can't recycle easily! LOL

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QOD: I dream often and in color. In college, I wrote a research paper on dreams; who dreams, if they remember, etc. I gave out diaries to all my 'patients' in the trial. It was great! Many folks who originally said they never dream actually remembered them and recorded the details for me (in the diaries, of course!)

QOD#2: We are mandated to recycle but I'm not convinced it helps anyone but those who own the plants. Would like to go to my grave not ever using those awful squiggly low-light bulbs. Blech! I'm going blind from spending vacations in cruise cabins and hotels that use them! Let there be light!!!! Oh, boy...you got me going here!

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Oh Dee, don't get me started!

Recycling saves energy and resources

For every tons of paper made from recycled materials saves 17 trees, 6.953 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, 587 pounds of air pollution, 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space, and 4,077 kilowatt hours of energy.

In one year, recycling allows aluminum companies to save the equivalent of more than 19 million barrels of oil  enough energy to supply electricity to about 18 million households for a year.

Recycling one glass bottle or jar saves enough electricity to light a 100-watt bulb for four hours.

Recycling one pound of steel can power a 60-watt light bulb for more than a day.

Recycling one ton of plastic saves the equivalent of 1,000 Â 2,000 gallons of gasoline.

Not to mention the economic benefits like creating jobs and actually revenue for towns.....at least towns around here. Saving trees, reducing some of our dependence on imported oil, recycling helps reduce pollution. Imagine where this world would be if everyone recycled?

I am afraid you may have to start traveling with your own light bulbs! LOL

Milkdud, you are going to have to post that recipe you know!

Patti, I don't understand what you are trying to tell me?

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Happy Monday!

Milkdud, I am so glad Aubrie is coming along, continued prayers for her and all of you. WTG on those 2 pounds!

Dee, congratulations on those pants being too big - isn't that a great feeling? WTG too on cleaning out those kitchen cabinets. I did that about 3-4 months ago and felt so good when it was done. I was amazed how much expired stuff I had in them.

Suzanne, spring really will come! We had a few warm days and some of my daffodils came out. Then it got cold again so I went out and I cut them and they are in a pitcher on my kitchen windowsill looking very bright and cheerful.

Patti, I was your partner on both and I'm still here! I'm Dee's un-birthday partner and am still working on something. Good thing it's un-birthday, I'm a poor excuse for a partner this year :-( Slowly but surely getting my act together!

I was off today, had an MRI this morning and went to lawyer with my mom this afternoon. Not real cold but overcast and gloomy.

QOD: Favorite toy, I got a plain old brown teddy bear for my first Christmas and I still have him (I will be 51 next month). He has almost no fur left, lots of stitches from where he ripped but he does still have both eyes and most of his face is still intact. I didn't play with him outside or take him everywhere with me as a kid but I did and still do love him best. He now lives in the top of a closet, when the dogs were younger I didn't want them getting him and finishing him off.

QOD: Dreams, the few I remember were in color but overall I really don't remember my dreams. Maybe I need to participate in a trial like Dee's group.

QOD: Recycle, yes, we recycle and I'm pretty strict about it. I get annoyed if I find something recyclable in the regular trash. It took me a while to get in the swing of recycling but I've been doing it so long now it's second nature. I'm with Dee on those light bulbs, don't use them. I do conserve my trips (errands all at once) and cook more fresh than frozen/prepared foods so we have less containers to get rid of. I wash most things in cold water and only do laundry once a week - if we can't wait until Sunday then we try and have a full load for a mid-week wash.

Off to the gym soon, meet with my trainer tomorrow night to begin weights - that should be interesting!


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Good evening all.

Suzanne, I recycle. If I didn't I probably would be after that post. LOL But I don't use those lightbulbs. I am very careful about what goes in the trash. I shut off lights, TV and try not to leave things plugged in that don't need to be. I also use the cloth grocery bags, and I am getting better about remembering to bring them into the store with me. I leave them in the back of my car, but often times don't remember them until I am checking out.

Milkdud, I just went back on CORE today, so I would love that crockpot recipe.

Donna, your stuffed dog sounds like Doggie. We should post pictures to see if they look alike!

Dee, congrats on the baggy bottoms!

QOD: Yes I do usually dream in color and sometimes remember them. They usually never make sense.

Happy Monday to you too Raeanne!

Have a great evening,

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QOD#1 - I vary rarely remember my dreams. My theory is that I don't sleep deep enough to have dreams. When I do dream, I remember sensations, conversations and situations, but I can't recall whether they were in color or not.

QOD#2 - I definitely recycle! We are required to recycle glass, aluminum and tin cans, and #1&2 plastics. We have an ABTIBI bin up at school and I recycle all paper in there. Newspapers, magazines, junk mail and all other non-trashy paper. We have a giant recycle bag at school and we have all the kids trained to throw their paper scraps into the bag. Then I recycle all cardboard (not just corrugated) at a small plant near us. Consequently, we have the least amount of trash on the street. If I composted, we would have hardly any trash at all! LOL
We also recyclce all the same things at preschool. And since April is Earth Month, most of our projects have to do with recycling. If you start teaching the three R's early, reduce, reuse and recycle, it will become a habit, not an obligation.

I am feeling better - thanks for asking!

Patti - I read a hint yesterday about eliminating odors. You take a kitchen towel and soak it in white vinegar then wring it out thoroughly and swing it over your head several times. I am pretty sure the WRINGING OUT part is important! LOL I can still smell the fish odor at times, so I bought a big jug of vinegar today and I am going to try that next. I also bought a LARGE box of baking soda and I am giong to sprinkle that on the kitchen rug and vacuum. Maybe the odor got absorbed into the rug. If it still smells, I will wash the curtains too.

Now I need to finish making my Ham and Bean Soup and get off my feet! This is a day I don't want to live over. I came into school and the girl's bathroom was flooded, the front toilet didn't flush and the boiler had broken and we had NO HEAT. Let me tell you that it wasn't a good way to start off the week. Tomorrow will have to be an improvement.


Hugs to Aubrie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well, Suzanne...I guess you told me, huh? LOL!!!!!!! I just knew I'd take heat for that. Rest assured that nothing leaves this house in the wrong container!

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I'm back from my WW meeting. The house smelled so darned good as I came in. I can now honestly say that those Razzle Dazzle pork chops tasted every bit as good as they smelled. I'll definitely be making them again! And, I did post the recipe on the other thread. They were also so tender that they fell apart as I was taking them out of the crockpot. I had fixed brown rice, and the juice was so good on top of it. I just love WW/Core!

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Happy End of March! It's out like a lamb here.

QOD: Quite often I remember my dreams. Usually weird, sometimes I hate to have to get up because I want to see the ending!

QOD: I recycle as much as possible and try to do what I can to limit my footprint on this planet. Going to invest in a can crusher soon as I can find one!

Both DH and I woke up at 3:30 am so today has been a little off on my to do list activities. There's always tomorrow. I posted cream of mushroom soup in the recipes from a friend who tells me it's very yummy.

I was going to say something very profound but it has escaped me now.

Weighed in this morning, down 1/2 pound but still that bit away from getting rid of my over indulgence. Happy with it anyway. I'll take and a teaspoon off and be thankful. Trying to be as honest as possible with my tracking...I'm normally pretty bad at remembering those 'handfuls' and 'just a taste' so I track. It really helps. Checking in with my friends also has given me great encouragement.

Does anyone watch Two and a Half Men? Just watching a new one right now and I can hardly type...sooooo funnny!

Have a great evening everyone. See ya tomorrow!

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Good morning everyone. We're going to 13'C today - should help with the snow melt. I'll be out there digging and tossing snow on our drive again - can only do a bit at a time. Still painting the upstairs hallway.
And when I'm sick of both chores I've got more seedlings to pot up. Spring is coming - I can smell it!

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Good Tuesday all and Good April Fool's day!!

Okay Patti, I still don't get your cryptic message BUT I got a wonderful surprise in the mail last night!!!! I received an un-birthday package from Patti and Dave with this note: "I'm hoping that the green of Spring is starting to peek out & brighten up your life. If not - then please let this be my way of taking Spring into my own hands & trying to give you a little something to put some "sunshine" in your days!" The package contained a package of very sweet horse note cards ( what else but horses!) and a horsey grocery list with a magnet on the back. I love them thank you very much! It most certainly has put some sunshine in my days!!! A big bonus is that they are on recycled paper!!
Thank you, thank you!!

Okay, snow and nasty temps yesterday and today, at 5:00 am it was 47 degrees! Crazy spring weather. Of course, the sun is not expected and it's going to get cold and windy tomorrow but it feels so good anyway!

Dee, I knew you could take the heat! LOL I'm very passionate about being a good citizen of planet earth! Can you tell? LOL. I have had difficulty with those new bulbs but I have had to try a few. Also, FYI, if you are not happy with the bulb you can call the manufacturer and they will try to correct it somehow. I have had very positive results. Anyway, the best news is that I have really brought my electric bill down as a result and that's always good. As time goes on those bulbs will get better and better.

Donna, what did you have an MRI for? I have daffs somewhere under the heaps of snow and ice!! I hope they will be okay.

Peg, you are motivated and that's a great thing! Keep up the good work.

Marci, I hope you don't have another day like yesterday! UGH

Milkdud, I have Salsa Chicken in the Crockpot!! Can't wait to try it.

Besh, it's good to see you here often!

QOD: I dream alot but I can't say if it's in color or not. It's not a conscience think for sure. One time last year I am sure I dreamed in color because I dreamed that I painted my living room a cobalt blue. I would think that we do dream in color. I mean, why wouldn't we? It's interesting.

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Rabbit! Rabbit!

NH Suzanne~I tried to E-mail you last night but my silly comp was acting up. I think that it was the server. Ugh! I'll E-mail you again though. Glad you liked your gift.

McPeg~Congrats on the 1/2 lb. Anything counts. Honestly we couldn't have big results without the little additions in there. Thanks for the recipe.

Marci~So sorry about your day. Hope today is better.

We don't recycle & I know I'm going to get slammed about it. They don't have anything in here for that. We don't take the newspaper & that is the only thing that they have a place for. It is on the other side of the complex. They do come around & pick up your discarded furniture or articles like sheets, blankets, or things that they can use to cover up plants with. (They ask that you call them.) My DGP recycled all of their lives that I can remember. They took their cans & turned them in for money. The food was used for composting. DS#1 & DDIL recycle too. They say that those new light bulbs are bad for the environment if they break...something about if they break, they have mercury in them. I'm not trying to be difficult.

I didn't mean to sound like I did yesterday. I was trying to ask if anyone plays any April Fool's jokes? Dave said the best one he ever heard was on tv. They were talking about the "nauga" being extinct. That they had been hunt down for their hides. And that you rarely saw them anymore...naugahyde. I guess that they drew it out. They showed pictures of an African animal that he didn't recognize to go along with the story. Apparently they threw out the bait & he took it hook, line & sinker. :)

QOD: If you could have any superpower, what would it be & why?

QOD: I have to think about it. I didn't know I was going to ask that.

Hi to all I have missed. I got windy here & didn't mean to. Patti ;]

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rabbit, rabbit

QOD: I would love to fly! But, I'd also love the superhero strength of Superman to 'take care of' some of the thugs we now see on TV who beat up the elderly, murder, etc. Boy, would I kick some major a$$ if I could! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rabbit, rabbit! Can't believe it's already April. This new year has just flown, hasn't it?

I'm down 3 more pounds according to the scale at my WW meeting. Luckily, the Subway sandwich and chips didn't hurt. Since I do Core, I protect my 35 weekly points to the point of ridiculous-ness.

QOD: If you could have any superpower, what would it be & why? I.Have.No.Idea.Right.Now! I'll think on it and get back to you later today.

I talked to Dson last night, and he has a viral infection, not strep, TG. Aubrie is still doing well. She may get what daddy has, but I hope not! Thank you all many times over for caring about her and the results. It feels good to be able to share things with y'all.

It's 72 and looks like a storm's coming. I think I'll stay in today and do my running around tomorrow instead.

McPeg, I watchd "Two and a Half Men" last night, too. I've always thought it was a funny show - yes, it pushes the edge of the envelope, but those 2 guys are very good at their craft and just make me laugh.

I feel sluggish today and just can't think of anything else to add here, so I'll come back later and answer Patti's question and maybe be more interesting! LOL

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Okay - what is rabbit rabbit?

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From wikopedia -- "Rabbit rabbit white rabbit" is a common superstition, held particularly among children. The most common modern version states that a person should say "rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit" upon waking on the first day of each new month, and on doing so will receive good luck for the remainder of that month.

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McPeg - Rabbit Rabbit - it is suppose to be said the first thing on the first of each month to bring you good luck. When I started posting here, I think Patti was the only one that knew about that - maybe there was one or two others, that was a long time ago. But it is very unusual to find a fellow rabbit-rabbiter. Some people say bunny, bunny. Two and a Half Men has a great cast and smart writing. I think that kid is sheer genuis. He has perfect comedic timing. We were laughing hysterically last night.

Patti - when I first moved up here I was very much a recycler until I saw the trashmen put all my recycleables in the hopper with the regular trash. Now that we take our trash to the landfill, I once again recycle everything that I can. My first few Christmas buddies left the board too, now we lost Dody when she found out we were neighbors - I am getting paranoid LOL.

QOD - I dream in vivid color and remember some of my dreams.

QOD - I always wanted the ability to be invisible.

At art class it was 66 today, but here at home it is 45 and raining. I drove home in the worst fog that I have seen in a long time.

Dee - if you are recycling jars and cans, I guess we can let you slide with using regular lightbulbs LOL.

Milkdud - you are on a roll with your weight loss! I am always amazed at what they get away with on 2 1/2 Men, but totally enjoy it. I am glad DS doesn't have strep. I will keep Aubrie in my thoughts and prayers. After the last few days you have had, you should feel sluggish.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

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My friend makes my day just by popping round but today she really made my day. I saw her 3 weeks ago and she said I look like I'm losing weight! Slow and steady - I will get there. I'm feeling the difference in my clothing. The scales will move when they are ready. Just paying attention to eating more balanced home cooked meals and much less junk.
Today's exercise was snow tossing. Did a good 2 hours today outside. Filled the drive once before my pal came over and just in now after the second run at it. A lot of neighbours are doing the same - we're sick of snow. Also don't want everything melting around the house.
Got another order from ebay - clothing. Stuff is snug but the overall appearance is better than I hoped for. Really need to get moving outside - walking. Need to shake my fanny!
Yep, that kid on 2 1/2 men is hilarious. I like ALL of the actors on that show. Judith's new husband used to be on Drew Carey - he's equally as funny. Excellent!

QOD - supernatural powers is terribly hard. Would love to see the future for lottery numbers but the down side is you also see bad things too. Invisibility would be fun and less scarey. Watched Phenomena recently with John Travolta - the ability to learn and expand your mind also appeals to me. I think I'd go for the ability to learn more at a deeper level.

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I wish I had someplace to toss the snow but it will land on more snow!! I am sick of it too mcpeg.

QOD: I wish I could travel in time. Mostly backwards to ancient civilizations to observe for a while.

Raeanne, you mean you wish you were a fly on the wall don't you? LOL

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QOD: I hate to fly, so I would like to close my eyes, tap my heels together and transport myself to any place I would want to go. Watch out you guys, I could land on your doorstep (or with my luck, your roof. I hate heights too!)


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QOD: OK. I think I want to be faster than a "speeding bullet". LOL I'm thinking I could clean the house, etc. really, really fast.

Raeanne~They had recycling in Midland but not anywhere around here that I've seen in the past 7 years. :(

McPeg~Even I didn't know what "Rabbit, Rabbit" meant exactly. I had a friend in college--I was there when I was 33 & passed for 18, (can you believe it?), who was from Michigan. She always said, "Rabbit, Rabbit" on the 1st & got me started. It is something that I've kept up for the past 17 years.

I cannot wait to try all of the new recipes. We are going to try the stuffed peppers tomorrow. We have bunches of new recipes & all but 1 are new crockpot recipes. (We won't have to heat the kitchen w/the oven!) Does that count as helping towards energy? I'm hoping that it takes less to run the crockpot that the oven.

NH Suzanne~Thanks. ;0 I'm wearing my "Blues Brothers" t-shirt today. Does that tell you how nostalgic I'm feeling?

Besh~So glad to see you post. If I can ask QODs & just get a quick post w/an answer then at least we know everyone is doing all right.

Donna~I didn't get take time to say hi directly the other day but I definitely did notice you. :]

Marci~Hope that your day was better.

Milkdud~Glad that Matt doesn't have strep. We got pork chops so we could have your new recipe. Yum...(oops, I'm drooling.)

Dody~Please come back.

John~Are you out there? What about your super power???

'Night. Patti

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Hi Gang,

Rabbit rabbit indeed!

QOD: thats a tough one... but probably would be super speed or invisibility. Something I could rob banks without getting caught so I could retire and play golf around the world = )

I did put out a fake schedule at work, things like sweep the parking lot, or clean elevator shafts... stuff we dont ever do, some laughed others who are english challanged didnt get it.. I thought about calling my mom and telling her im still not married cause im gay, but thought better of it ;)

Other than that, its been a pretty normal day.

I dont recycle at home because my city doesnt do that yet... but we do at the hospital. Plus if I cant move south, why not let global warming bring the sunny weather to me! OK Im JK I dont want NHsuz knocking on my door unless its for a friendly visit!

Back to the grind for me!


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Good Morning,

I am here, just can't get caught up. Everyone here is fine. I wish it would warm up.

Have a great day!


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Good Wednesday all,

John, the City of Manchester doesn't recycle? Shameful, tsk, tsk, tsk!! Right about now global warming sounds good to me! I should be careful what I wish for however! Glad you refrained from calling your mom with that news! You devil LOL

Jen, glad all is well. We want warm too here in NH!

Milkdud, I made your chicken salsa and I must say it was very tasty! Delicious in fact. Very easy and now I have 5 more servings so I don't have to cook any more dinner this week!! Next it's the pork chops......oops, I am drooling too.

Patti, snap out of it!! Put on a tee shirt with big happy smiley face! xxx...ooo

I can't believe April 1st came and went without one single prank in my day! Well, we did have 55 degree, balmy, rainy weather and an absolutely horrific thunder storm and sideways rain last night...........I guess that was it LOL..
Now, it's cold and our state is under a high wind weather advisory!! That's a joke, don't you think?

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I really am not very nosy, so I don't know why I chose to be invisible, but I love John's thinking about robbing a bank and getting away with it LOL. Maybe I just wanted to walk through walls - you can do that when you are invisible right?

Okay I was kidding about chasing Dody away, but now I am really taking this personally LOL. Please come back!

Patti - sounds like you could sell that t-shirt on ebay for a lot of money - it is nearly an antique LOL. Looks like your QODs are doing the trick to get everyone talking around here. Thanks

McPeg - glad your friend not only notices your loss, but let's you know she notices.

Dee - that Wikipedia has everything, but I never heard the white rabbit part. My kids taught me the rabbit, rabbit - their 3rd grade teacher (the best teacher ever) used to do it in class and that was 20 years ago. I used to wake my kids up on the first of the month with a rabbit, rabbit.

Okay, the phones are ringing off the hook, so I better get back to being focused.

Suzanne - I love the time travel superpower - that would be fun.

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John, it appears as though I could use my superpowers to kick your butt after your rob the bank (if I could see you!) LOL

Work has been one hurdle after another. New processes are fine, but could someone check to make sure they actually function properly? I'm recreating things over and over because of a stupid system, and don't even mention that I should call the "helpless" desk a half a world away. after reading from their blasted scripts, they asked me to spell "donna", OK?

Where is MADDIE? Let's go girl. Enough!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry for the rant above, I hit the wrong keys and posted before I finished.

I'm missing Maddie and BJ and may have to take a plane or two so that I can check up on them. hehe

Great, healthy snack idea. Try 2 of those Sugar Free Fiber Choice tabs. I just ate some and find that they take away cravings for candy and really fill me up for an hour or so until my next official meal. Who can't use a bit more fiber in their diet?

American Idol anyone? I love Michael Johns [sigh]. Just read that David Cook was taken to the hospital for high blood pressure and racing heart...appears he is stressing over his brother's illness.

H3ll's Kitchen? Gordon Ramsey is a reality TV genius. DH and I have so much fun watching him.

OK, now I need to fight some fires here.

Make today count!

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Dee you can use your super powers to kick Maddie and BJ's butts too! LOL

I love Hell's Kitchen. It is really a great show and I missed the season premier last night! I will get caught up soon I am sure.

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QOD: Which do you prefer, sweet or salty foods?

QOD: I really prefer "salty" foods. I know, I know, neither are good for us. LOL It is almost a trick question, huh? ;)

NH Suzanne~I'm wearing turquoise today. The "Blues Brothers" shirt is brown so I'm totally changed. :*) Yesterday is was at least 87 & rained at least 4 times. We also had a thunderstorm. They said thousands of lightening strikes in an hour. It was nice & sunny this a.m. but has started clouding up again & they are saying the lightening is going again in the "viewing" area--so somewhere close by.

Jen~I'm so glad you were able to let us know you are all right.

Dee~I like Gordon Ramsey too. I didn't realize that they had a season premier last night. We watch so little tv any more. I heard something about that guy this morning on GMA or the news about him might having to stop "American Idol". Thanks for clearing that up.

Raeanne~I think that I bought the "Blues Brothers" tee @ Walmart a year or two ago. LOL It was with all of their funny shirts. I seldom wear tees here b/c it is too hot to me.

Milkdud~Congrats on the weight loss. You are really rolling along!

John~You had me ROFLM@O!!! I so like your sense of humor. Please share it with us more.

McPeg~Were you able to get rid of some more snow? Hope you could. I'm glad that someone mentioned your weight loss to you. That was real nice.

Hi to all I've missed. Have a good one. Patti :)

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Good afternoon now! I don't know where the morning went, but I've stayed busy. Now I'm getting ready to hit the post office and library.

Old QOD: I'd want the super power to know what people are thinking so I woudln't misread them.

QOD: Which do you prefer, sweet or salty foods? Definitely salty foods. Especially, if they're on carbs! LOL

Not much to say as life has been very quiet this week. The weather is hovering around the low 70's, and we've had several little showers. No lightning shows like Patti's had or horrific storms like Suzanne had last night. Just soft, gentle rain.

I had a terrible eating day yesterday, but luckily, it didn't up my weight and I feel more purposeful today. I hate that when I have a successful weight loss that I feel like I can indulge!

I'd better get going if I'm going to get things done and beat the school buses that jam up our neighborhood in the afternoons! Have a great day, everyone.

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QOD: I like both sweet and salty things. I crave them. Like kettle corn or chocolate with salt flakes on it.

    Bookmark   April 2, 2008 at 1:54PM
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QOD - if I had to choose one it would be sweet in the form of chocolate. However like Suzanne my favorie is a blend of the two. I love to eat chips followed by some m&m's LOL - gosh I haven't done that in a long time.

Patti - I thought you were like my DH and kept shirts from the 70's LOL.


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QOD: Both. I love chocolate covered pretzels!

OK, I have a QOD: What is everybody reading now? I am about to start "Bitter is the new black" for my reading group. I finished Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult a few weeks ago and really haven't read anything since. Did anyone read The Memory Keepers Daughter? It is going to be a Lifetime movie on April 12. It was a very good book. I hope they do justice to it.


    Bookmark   April 2, 2008 at 5:47PM
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QOD - I too like both. I love to eat some chocolate then a pretzel. And I love chocolate and peanuts together.

QOD - I am reading "The Know-It-All" by A. J. Jacobs. Since it is a book that you can pick up and not get back to for a week, I am also reading "The Book of Lost Things" by John Connolly.

I did read The Memory Keeper's Daughter, but I didn't love it. It will be interesting to see what they do with the movie though. A book I read recently that I thought was so good was "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. It was excellent!

Off to cook dinner. I am running late today and I am starving.


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I will probably post late tomorrow since we have to be on the east coast by 9:00 a.m. & then we are going to do some playing around.

Besh~Thanks for posting the QOD for tomorrow.

QOD: I'm still taking my sweet time with "Eldest". It is over 600 pages & I play on the comp instead of reading. LOL

Raeanne~When I married Dave, he told people that he still had underclothes from the service & it was the truth. (He was 36 at the time & had been out for 16 years!) Believe me, it is long gone now!!! ;)

We had the stuffed bell peppers tonight & I must say that they were really, really good. I don't know if it is b/c it has been so long since I've had pizza or b/c there are a lot of similarities but I thought that it was a pretty good substitute for a pizza without the crust. You could add mushrooms, etc. if you wanted to make it more like one. It is definitely a recipe we will have again & again. We cooked it the shortest amount of time & on the lowest setting & our crockpot almost burnt it so don't leave it in any longer than that would be my recommendation.

That's my 2 1/2 cents worth. Patti :]

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Good Thursday all,

It is supposed to be absolutely glorious today.........and I have to work all day! Oh well, I will enjoy the sunshine and birds singing from my office window!

Besh's QOD: I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover and it is fabulous. Has anyone else here read it?? I am also reading Alice Waters of Chez Pannise new biography. I have a hard time trying to read two books at once but when I have two great ones I can't help myself. Unfortunately, it takes me twice as long! LOL

The sweet and salty discussion has me craving!! YUM

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QOD #1: It's probably no secret that I love salty foods. since I was a child, I would choose chips over candy in any situation and today is no exception. Peanuts, pretzels, potato chips (don't have them in the house!), pizza, olives (oh, love those olives!), pickles.....the list is endless. Keep the cake, pass the pickles.

QOD #2: I'm in the middle of Does THis Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? About to start a book by Meg Cabot; title escapes me. She's an author for much younger women, but I love her. My niece turned me on to her ("Size 12 is not fat", "Princess Diaries"). It's light reading and really relaxes me.

Yesterday was so incredibly busy for me that I considered changing my name to "BJ". LOL!!!!!

This morning, I have my car back with a new transmission, about to work on 1st quarter metrics for this department, and discovered that I've lost another 1 1/2 pounds. Total weight loss since early February is ~ 11 1/2 pounds. I'm confident in my resolve and abilities to try to keep this off and gradually go for the additional 60-70 pounds I need to lose. My goal is to try it to achieve my goal by February 2011. That's 3 years to lose 80 pounds. I think I can do it, and pray that my metabolism will cooperate. lol!


    Bookmark   April 3, 2008 at 9:16AM
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DeeMarie~Congratulations! That is really good! You are definitely an inspiration. We will lose that 80 pounds together. Let's go for it. Slow & steady wins the race is what my DGM used to always tell me.

We had a busy day & Verizon is not cooperating very well so this will have to be a short post. I'll slip back on early tomorrow, hopefully. I have book club tomorrow afternoon. Until then...smile, it makes everyone wonder what you are up to. Patti ;]

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Hello goils!

I only have time for a quick request and a laugh!

I have an interview tomorow for a day job at the hospital, wish me luck!

QOD: Im reading Play Boy and Harry Potter, not much has changed since I was 13 ;)

Have a super day!


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John~Two "Atta Boys" & the girls have your back! I have every confidence that you will do well. Be sure to check back & let us know how things went.

NH Suzanne~I forgot to mention that in Vero Beach today I saw at Walmart that they were starting up a recycling center. It is 70 miles away from us & we only go once a month but it is progress.

New qod tomorrow...

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QOD~You have just been given a million dollars? What do you spend it on or what do you do with it?

QOD~We definitely buy a house & move back to TX close to the DGKs. We make certain that our children's homes are paid off & then we put the rest in an interest bearing account. Oh, if we have friends that need some, we are going to help them & we are going to give some to 2 churches. We decided that long ago. :]

KK. Let's hear what you're going to do with yours. ;)

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Happy Friday everyone!
Been busy running around on the buses with doctor appointments and other errands. Happy because I'm holding at my mini goal weight - finally. I've always considered this particular weight to be my 'warning' weight when I was younger. Finally holding it this week makes me feel like I've accomplished a major hurdle after 3 years. It's been 7 pounds since I started in Feb, but being on the final stretch of my long term effort - slow is magic because the inches are moving. It's encouraging now to really hang in there.

For my pals who are at the beginning of their journey, don't beat yourself up if you have weak moments, fall off the wagon for a period of time. My advice when you are tired of everything - try a period of just maintenance. That has been my method and makes this a lifestyle change. Just keep coming back to us. We understand, we've been there. Don't quit on yourself.

I hope to reach goal by the summer. At that point I will continue to post to help with my maintenance.

Let's make the best of our weekend ahead. Don't forget to do something nice for yourself. Mine is a nice bath with smelly soaps and a rented movie night. I've loaded up on low fat snacks as well.

Hugs to all my friends! Stay positive. Pat yourself on the back for taking the steps you have. Let's make this a feel good weekend.


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Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QOD: Patti, love the fact that with $1Million you could buy a house and pay off others in TX....that money would not go far in NJ! Unfortunately, $1Million is not worth much up here; I'd still have to work, but maybe DH could retire. Don't think I could help many others with only $1Million. How about $10Million? LOL!!!!!

    Bookmark   April 4, 2008 at 8:57AM
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Peggy, you read my mind! Last night after dinner I was thinking about snacks to eat while watching Survivor. Instead, I took myself upstairs at 7:30 to have a nice bubble bath. At 8:00pm I was in my comfy bed watching Survivor....3 floors away from the kitchen!

    Bookmark   April 4, 2008 at 10:24AM
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QOD from Besh - "The Power of Now" and for some reason I am really not enjoying the read, so it has been a long drawn out process for me. I usually like that type of book. I will just repeat that I absolutely loved "Water for Elephants", the last book I read.

QOD - I would pay off my kids student loans and give them a generous downpayment to put towards a house. Of course I would have to donate to a charity or help a local family or two. I would also help out a brother that has down on his luck these days.

John - thinking of you!

McPeg - good pep talk, not only for the one's at the beginning of their journey. This is an ongoing struggle for most.

Patti - ROFLMAO about Dave an his underclothes.

Milkdud - still keeping Aubrie in my thoughts and prayers. I am breaking out the steak rub again tonight!

I woke up to a fresh coat of snow and it has been snowing all morning! So much for spring.

Dee - I don't even buy lottery tickets until they are well over $100 million hahaha.

have a great day.

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Raeanne~Just a quick post b/c Dave wanted me to tell you that he is glad that you found his underwear humorous. ;] Also, they were talking about already having turned the a/c on @ bookclub this p.m. It is 82 here & miserable. I don't want the electric bill is the only reason mine isn't on yet. But, this humidity is awful. If we could have it between your temp & ours! That would be great.

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Good evening! Did y'all think I'd become invisible??? LOL

My kids finally heard from the dr. late this afternoon with the biopsy results. They show that nothing's wrong. So the dr. has ordered more lab work which they can do in their own town. He did say that there's a possibility that her liver is storing sugar. DDIL didn't know what to ask after that comment, and I'm just now getting internet again so I haven't looked up what that means.

Meanwhile, she did have strep throat this week, but luckily she woke with it on the same day that she already had a pediatrician appt., so within an hour of the meds, she was feeling all better. The miracles of modern medicine!

QOD: If I had a million dollars, I'd pay off the mortgages on our house and on my 2 sons' homes. Then,I'd give them enough to quit their jobs, finish their educations, and invest the rest.

I've been eating fairly well considering that I've not had a good week. I made myself get out of the house today and grocery shopped at a new grocery store in a small town about 8 miles away. I got such bargains - Tyson's boneless/skinless chicken breasts (organic) for $1.77 a lb, for example! Also got the cheapest gas in the area there.

We had a hard storm this afternoon, but it sure did cool off things. I have the windows open, and I'm getting chilled even!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Raeanne, I'm glad that you're enjoying the goodies from your un-birthday. I bought some of that steak rub this afternoon and am looking forward to using it this weekend.

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It has been 86 for several hours, has rained, thundered & lightened. Good, let's get it over this weekend b/c we have plans the next couple of weekends. LOL

FYI, they said on tv this week that organic produce that is next to regular produce that gets the "sprinkler" coming down on it...is just as harmful as regular produce b/c the pesticides from the rc are carried when the water hits the produce from item to item. They were saying that you should get it from a bin completely away from other produce or from an organic store. Of course, meat is not going to be watered/sprinkled down.

Milkdud~That's a good deal on the chicken. We couldn't even find any @ Wally world when we went. It all had the skin on it. Sounds like you are having fun venturing out a little. Did you find anything else out on Aubrie?

I hope everyone is out having a good time. TTYL Patti :)

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Wow! It is really slow here this weekend. Is everyone off doing laundry? Dave picked out some movies to watch but a couple of them aren't really my cup of tea so I'm playing while he watches them. LOL I've got some questions ready for next week. Nothing heavy...It is only 75 here right now & it feels fabulous. I've washed floors this weekend & made a card & worked on a project for June. Not certain what I'll get in today. I need to clean the ceiling fans! Ugh. Well, check in if you can. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

NH Suzanne~I'm hoping that you are out riding S.P. :]

Patti :o

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Hi, Patti! It's 66 here, but supposed to climb up to 80's. It's sunny out, and all the greening trees and grass look dazzling!

I tried a new recipe last night, Island chicken. Somehow when I do breadings, I never have enough to cover all the chicken called for, so I ended up having to extend it by using oats. Believe it or not, it turned out really good, I thought. Hubby? Not so much. But, since it was a skillet "fried" chicken, I'm going to tweak it and try again. I think what turned him off was the fresh grated ginger, possibly an acquired taste? If I get it right in his eyes, I'll post it.

We just stayed home yesterday doing nothing. I'm hoping that today we can get out and do something, anything! Right now, hubby must be at Wal*Mart getting his lunch things for work and a Sunday paper, so we haven't discussed plans. Whatever you do today, I hope it's fun!

    Bookmark   April 6, 2008 at 12:13PM
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My snow is receding and I can see some green plants along the edge of my garden!!!!!!! Still have snowbanks but they are now meeting their match. Even got out the back door today!!! We're at 6'C or 41'F and sunny. I have windows open to air the house out! Even my seedlings are happy. Almost able to get the gate open to the back yard. Still lots of snow but spring temperatures are finally pushing throw. Milkdud I could sure use some of your weather to find my garden beds!

Yeah Patti, it's been slow on this board - yesterday was also a lovely day in Ottawa, my Dave suggested a nice afternoon car ride to soak up the sun and do some shopping. He got a new 3 horsepower air compressor. No more junky workshop tools, I have too many page tips folded over in his woodworking magazines!!! (He'll see them eventually). This summer he is finishing my kitchen cabinets to complete our cabinet reno. Last summer he built a pull out drawer pantry which I just love.

I should be painting this afternoon - more walls but I feel like cleaning and sorting - at either rate I'll be doing something to keep moving.

Got another very kind comment from a friend that I'm looking slimmer. My scales are still holding but that is just fine with me. I'll take every teaspoon a week at a time of weight loss if that's what my body wants to do. Slow and steady as they say.

Also considering going through more seed packets. Now that the sun is getting stronger I can start using the back windowsills. Forgive all my garden talk - it motivates me to stay the course because I want to lose the weight so I can garden without my hip grinding. I'm also scheduled to help plant spring gardens at hotels and businesses downtown with a friend and that is grueling - 8 hour days of bending, digging and hauling plants...so more incentive to tone up.

If I don't post some days - please know I'm here in spirit!

Have a fantastic day today!

Milkdud, I'm glad to hear your little one is on the mend.

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John & Goils~I added a couple of recipes to the thread that sounded pretty good & easy. (And, they aren't even for the crock pot!) LOL Maybe we could get enough new recipes to get a new recipe book together. Remember Peachy? :)

    Bookmark   April 6, 2008 at 2:12PM
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