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ruthieg__txMarch 27, 2007

How you all doing.....I weighed in at 148....I busted my buns yesterday to stay on count cause I was up for my weigh in...so yesterday I showed a 1 pound loss....I know it's not possible to do it again and eat normally (within my points) but it was good for one day just to jar my body...Sometimes I eat more points and sometimes I do less just to see if I can bring my body to attention...I guess it worked yesterday....I am trying to lose 10 pounds that I had already lost earlier in the year and just got careless about...so here I am working hard to correct a bad habit...I have a really hard time getting below 150 and maintaining it...seems my body just wants to stay there ....and everything I put in my mouth keeps me away from 145...well I'm 3 pounds and I will be back to 145....I wonder if I can maintain it? What are your goals for the week?

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HI!! Ruthie

My goal is to try and get rid of 2-3 pounds by Friday for my WI!! I do not want to pay again for being over the 2 pounds of my goal!I have lost 1 so far so maybe:) My problem is my scale and the CURVES scales and the WW's scales are all different!

I have been in a funk for the whole month of March way too much stress in my life and I got some stomach problem that I was not sure if I was sick or stressed, I decided both!! So this week I am trying to play catch up before my WI?? Will it work??

My mantra this week is:

'You can only control what you can control, and you have to handle all the rest with grace'

I read it, I say it but why do I not do IT!!!

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Here is a recipe I concocted and it was fabulous....

My WW's dinner was just fabulous.....I made Black Bean enchilada stacks.....

I sauteed some onion and garlic and then ...added 1 chicken breast chopped with 1 can of black beans including liquid and some pico de gallo probably about 2/3 cup.....and just cooked it slowly so the flavors could blend...I put a little of the juice from the bean concoction on the pan and stacked corn tortilla, bean stuff.....1 piece of 2 per cent cheese...another tortilla and more of the bean stuff and poured some of the juice from the pan over it and then I baked in hot oven till very hot and cheese was bubbly...removed from oven, plated and covered with chopped lettuce and tomato....It was just yummy....

I counted it as 6 points...

2 corn tortillas = 2 points
1/2 cup black beans ....2 points
2 0z chicken (boiled breastmeat) 2 points...
pico de gallo....0 points
lettuce and tomato....0 points

This was my total serving and My Beloved husband ate all of the rest...He thought it was fabulous too...I did use sharp cheddar on his....

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Ruthie it sounds great, but you did not count the cheese??

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yes I just forgot to add it in there...I a slice of 2% cheese = 1 on mine.......just forgot to count it when I added it up...that's a real nono mistake isn't it....

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To me it is no big deal~~it is protein:) Does 2% cheese taste good??? I can not eat alot of dairy anyway, I buy soy yogurt now and try to get it that way so far it is working. OH and here and there (like today) I drink a soy latte for the dairy~~~but I think they count soy products different like they are more points than reg milk:( So soy is my nono that I forget to count :)

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Hey LL...well let me put it this way...It's better than no cheese...I didn't like the fat free cheese so I tried the 2% and it is better...I don't even use it very often but like with the enchiladas...you just gotta have some cheese...the one slice was actually enough to give it the taste I needed...I love cheese...I mean it is one of my all time favorite things to eat or munch on...My dear husbands too...

I checked my journal to make sure I had counted it for the day in my points and I had actually counted it as two points so I went and got the package and checked it to be sure and it was one point...I have a bad habit because I have been on the program so long of "guessing" point count or "knowing" and not verifying the point count and I'm often wrong...Gotta clean up my act because I am trying so hard to get below 145 by memorial day and my body is soooo resistant...

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I am bad I decided not to go to my WI @ WW's tonight:( I weighed at CURVES and am 2 pounds of my goal I set at WW's so I am safe and back on track:)

It is a bit of a drive to my mtg place and I would not have stayed for the mtg~~~so I am wondering why do I want to go???

I am trying to decide if I should keep going or just do the plan and keep on trying to stay with in 2 pounds of my goal??

I would like to get down to 145 or lower but am begining to think it is impossible for me, I do not want to spend my days always thinking about my food intake:( The more time I spend thinking about it, the more I seem to crave things that I should not have:(

I love the core plan and it is good eating for me and simple to follow so I am just going to go with it and see if maybe I can lose a couple more pounds, I think the trick is to up my exercise:)

Confession time~~~~I was up about 5 pounds at the beginning of the month~~~but as I said before I am back on track!

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Sorry - work has kept me crazy and have not been able to write.

Doing reasonably ok, been plateaued, but let's be honest, I have not really exercised, and if I didn't drink so much wine, I could lose faster :-)

However, I went on my cruise early in April, and lost a half pound! I made very good choices, which you can do now on a ship. Plus you know, when you've been eating WW for a while, you really can't eat too much rich food without getting a stomach ache.

So I want to keep it up, therefore I am trying this week to start going back to the gym that I have been paying for, for years, but because of work or commitments with DD, never went. Well I just can't lose without the exercise to go with it.

Hope I can stick with it this time!

Last night I made a fagiole soup that was in a pamphlet they gave us. And I bought the wrong beans, not soup beans but pinto beans, which are like refried beans in consistency.

I had also bought the 'flat out bread' they talked about in last week's meeting. Ever tried it? It's great.

So I put the beans in, one slice of lacy swiss cheese, and lots of salsa. Heated in microwave, and yum!!!! A low point burrito!

Below is a link to the flat out web page.

I'll try to write more often! It is helpful to chat to you guys!

Here is a link that might be useful: Flat Out Bread

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