Trutech remote codes?

cadeFebruary 26, 2008

I had Verizon FIOS installed today and the guy couldn't program the remote for the set top box. He couldn't find the 4 digit code on his list. He also did the manual scan throught the tv to find it and it never came up. It's a Trutech from Target. The model number of the tv is a PVS 2119 19" lcd tv/dvd combo. Anyone have any ideas or codes? Any info greatly appreciated.

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No idea myself :). But a quick search found this thread:,3

Post 48 and 54 seem to have an answer for the 19" set, although they are different! Seems like many companies make TVs/DVD players for target which private brands them. So if the above does not work, you need to find out who made the TV and try their codes (the previous pages to above link name some).

Good luck.

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amirm, Thanks for the link. I've been to that one already. I thought maybe they would have some generic code for oddballs like this TV.

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Oh, sorry about that :). No, there is no generic code. The key is to find out who made the TV for Target. Can you look in the back for any markings of the manufacturer? Once you find that, then you can try out their codes.

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