60' maganavox television problems!

lannettekFebruary 12, 2009

I have a 60" magnavox TV. Model# 60P8241 Serial#58851146

Chasis model# PTV910

This thing has a moind of its own lately. Its been changing channels by itself. I also have a problem with the voice box. The volume is cracking ad going in and out. It works better when you, believe it or not when you change the color/contrast/sharpness options. Dont know why. Now its gone completely. I need to know how to order it and where? Please help. How do I get the parts I need? I want it to stop changing channels and fix the volume. THANK YOU. MOMMY who needs a tv.

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weel two problens I see . the firts one is on your bottons assy , this is a projection tv isn't it . the buttons are bad and need to be replaced , I bet if you use the remote it would work , but sometimes if the buttons are active or shorted they will full the micro procesor and your tv will act creazy. when you use the remote does it work? .

if it is two crreazy it could be the ssb or small signal board m this part is kind of expensive but I don't think it is bad yet . i bet it is just your buttons . quick fix would be . unplug the connector insaide that goes to the buttons and use just the remote control . I would do that before start expending money on it.


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