Rayon or Poly threads

doxie_dadMarch 22, 2010

We are beginners to the machine embroidery craft, and would like to know what would be the best selection of threads for learning and general embroidery applications. Rayon or Polyester. We have a Husky Viking Diamond, and they seem to push the Rayon threads. Others I talked to say either will work, others say use poly for best results.

Also does anyone have an opinion on the Thread Delight brand of embroidery threads, in both rayon and poly. They have like 100 colors on 1100 yd cones for $142.00 on sale and would like to buy it if its decent threads, but what do I get poly or rayon? Any help appreciated.

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In general, rayon has a nicer sheen and is often preferred for purely decorative pieces that don't get a lot of wear and tear. Polyester is a little harder wearing and is usually preferred for embroidering articles of clothing since it holds up to frequent washing better.

Sorry, I don't have any experience with the Thread Delight brand.

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I have been machine embroidering for almost 10 years and I prefer rayon thread. I've never had any issues with washing / fading / etc that others talk about and I'm a notorious member of the "wear it for a few minutes, it needs to be washed" club. I think you get more colors in rayon thatn poly.

I have not heard of teh THread Delight brand of thread.

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I've only been at this a short while but it's all I do now since getting laid off. Started with poly thread but have grown to love the rayon thread much more. Thankyou mama22 for your comment on the washing and fading issue it was a major concern of mine. From what i understand Threadelight is an Aussie thread and has great reviews. I have been wanting to try it. Can anyone offer me info on the FuFu rayon threads. I talked with a rep the otherday and he said they had the best radiance and sheen but what I want to know is the breakage factor

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