dvd player and direct tv

dkrizzleFebruary 10, 2007

I have a bar with four plasma tv's. Each has it's own direct tv HD box. These are all located in a back room. I wanted to connect a dvd player that could send the same signal to all four tv's through the direct tv player. There are two coaxial inputs on the back of the direct tv box. Only one is being used by the dish on each box. I bought a box to change the output of the dvd from video to coax and then split the coax four ways and connected it to each direct tv box.

Now, I can't tune in the dvd player on any of the tv's. I don't know how to get direct tv to switch to this input.

Any help out there??

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Go to THIS WEBSITE and see if this solves your problem.

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Thank you, gilloz, that would do the trick. But, I was trying to avoid running more cables since the direct tv ones are already run to every tv. If I could get the box to carry the dvd signal, I would avoid having to run more cable as the space is rather large.

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OK. I am trying to picture your setup. I am assuming you have one Dish antenna feeding 4 HD Direct boxes, is that right?
I thought that the Direct TV required one LNA/LNB per box. Is there a TIVO in this mix at all? When you say an HD box, are we talking about a Direct TV receiver? I was trying to draw a block diagram of your setup to get a better understanding of what it is you have in your setup. Set me straight here.

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