OESD Magic Box 4 Slot Emb Wtr:Tried/experienced ?

megrosesewsMarch 9, 2009

I just found that I have burned out the motor on my good old 22 year-old Viking. After some back and forth w/ mechanic I have decided to replace it with a used Viking 1+. (comes w/ store warranty and typical story about little old lady who only drove it to church equiv.). Hopefully if I do a better job getting it serviced this will last me a similar amount of time. Hope that is a good bet.

It has similar embroidery type stitches (the cards of repeated stitches not a one-embroidery designs) to my good old machine, which was either the first or one of the first electronic digital machines.

The used machine has only one embroidery design card (unclear what designs as prev. owner didn't save that booklet we think). The sewing machine store says Viking doesn't sell these cards for this old (not to me!) machine anymore. I saw a few on Ebay but it looked like you only got one design per card for $59 (if I understand that correctly), none of which look interesting to me.

I've been looking at a web site for a company called "AllBrands.com" that advertises a OESD Magic Box 4 Slot Embroidery Card Writer/Converter & Blank Card Writer Box - USB Version. It looks like I do not need to buy other software and, with this fine product, will be able to buy or find free designs on the web which I can write to a blank card, possibly putting up to 6 designs on a card. I also see that individual blank cards cost the same amount as the writer, though you get one with the writer. Also I think it indicates that the cards can be re-used/re-written. It indicates that a Viking 1 machine is supported.

Has anyone in this forum used this product? Does it really work this way? Do you have advice for me? I will also call the company support line and make sure my understanding is sound, but just want to make sure people haven't had any bad experiences with this.

Thanks in advance. - MegRose

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Meg, I have an Amazing Box with 4 slots which sounds like the same type of thing you are looking at. The way it works is - you read a design from your computer into the box software, then write it to the card in the format you need. Most digitizers offer the designs in many formats, so you would only download the format you use (for example, my Brother machine uses PES format).

You only need the 4 slot box if you are going to use/purchase cards in other formats, like if you wanted to buy Brother cards and write them onto your Viking card. I have never in 6 years used any of the other slots in my box.

There are other boxes out there (I think Ultimate Box is one) that only read/write in one format, so they cost less.

There is also a program called Embird which is very reasonably priced that you can use to convert designs to your format, as well as for resizing, combining and editing designs.

Someone at the store you are buying the newer machine from should be able to explain all of it to you - what format it uses, etc. The cards that came with my Brother machine and my Amazing Box hold quite a few designs each, though the box software only handles up to 6 designs at a time.


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