Embird & USB Stick Question

sew_self-taughtMarch 17, 2008

Hi Everyone Â

IÂm hopping over from the quilting forum. IÂve been reading all your post trying to learn as much as I can. IÂm about to purchase my first embroidery machine, IÂm looking at one that has a USB port on it, Brother PE750D. IÂve also been researching Embird. After everything IÂve read, IÂm pretty sure IÂll choose it.

IÂve emailed Embird today, but I thought IÂd ask here too. I see from all of their tutorials that I can save a design onto a USB stick. After I save it onto the stick, with the correct format, etc. (PES) is that stick ready to be read by the machine? Or is the option to save a design to a stick just to save the design? The tutorial wasnÂt 100% clear.

I donÂt want to get an Ultimate Box and card if I donÂt need to. ThatÂs why IÂm looking at a machine with a USB port. Am I on the right track????

Thanks in advance!


Here is a link that might be useful: Embird Tutorial

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Well, I did hear back from Embird and I guess the answer to my question is "yes" in regards to a USB stick.

I did however also learn that the machine I will be buying does have a "USB Port" but not the kind that uses a USB stick. The port connects the machine to my PC.

I feel like IÂm studying for a Masters Degree trying to figure out all the embroidery machines and digitizing options that are available.

I should have my machine in a couple of weeks. IÂll play with it when it comes and decide then if I need the Ultimate Box or if I can some how transfer Embird designs straight to my machine via the USB wire. Do you know if thatÂs possible???


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I know what you mean about studying for your master's. I did all sorts of research and bought a janome last week. I do know that the card-readers are the old technology and you want to find one that uses USB. Some machines are direct contact- you have to run a cord to your lap top- I have a PC and no lap top so that was not feasible for me.
I also downloaded the trial of Embird and am pretty sure I will buy it as it does what I want it to do-- check out other sites and other programs.. they are not always what they say they are.
I find Embird hard to get into.. but I did find free video classes at www.clipartopolis.com and they are great. Helped me a lot.
Good luck

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