How to deal with smokey aftermath?

morton5May 3, 2008

I left a pot of rice on the stove, got distracted outside, and the rice burned to a crisp and filled the house with smoke. I opened up all the windows to ventilate the house, but it still smells of smoke. Will the smell eventually dissipate? Anything I can do to speed the process?

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I know two people who did this. One was browning a roast and forgot about it. The other was boiling a new package of latex nipples for baby bottles and forgot, the pan boiled dry and they melted.

In both cases, their homeowner's paid for a company to come in and clean the drapes, carpets, and furniture. They replaced the carpet and repainted the house that had the melted latex.

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boil some vinegar for a little while it will help, but as above you may still have to clean/replace upholstery.

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Our wood stove malfunctioned once and filled our house with smoke too.
It took a while but it doesn't smell anymore. It was at least two weeks. It happened last year, so I can't remember how long it took exactly.
Although there was alot of smoke, we opened windows quickly and we did not have any smoke stains on any of the fabrics or walls.

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You can try putting small bowls of vinegar in each room and leaving them out until the smell goes away.

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