Mouse hit......Advice please!

budsterMay 5, 2003

And left a bit of "something" foot or tail? I think foot myself..there is blood but no blood trail to this good or bad....can a 3 legged or wounded animal survive? If he does die I hope it is back from where he came from and we don't have a big stink to put it bluntly....any advice? I will be gingerly trying to locate some sign in that room I said no blood trail and no "whole" mouse....just a wounded this turning into a bad B movie?

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OMG! There's nothing more dangerous than an injured mouse loose in a home. It will seek revenge against the humans who caused it harm. Just kidding. It's probably gone off to die . If you don't find it right away, just follow your nose.

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Yeah, it was probably attacked by 50 other mice and they are planning to take over your house! Run while the getting is good!
Kathy G in MI

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Assuming the beastie is still at large, consider putting out glue traps, available from any decent sized hardware store. Unlike messy spring-based mousetraps, these are simply pads of very sticky adhesive. When a mouse is caught, it starts squealing, so you get a free mouse alarm if you see what I mean.

You can humanely release the mouse from the trap using a pencil to chisel the little feet out of the traps. The glue traps are also less of a threat to dogs and cats.

Here is a link that might be useful: A better mouse trap

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Any trap that results in me having to chisel a mouse's feet of an adhesive strip while it's still alive...I can't even go on typing.

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I'm laughing my hiney off at the idea of these mice conspiring with their 3 footed friend... OMG!!!

Once, when I was kid, we had an "untrappable" mouse taunting us by running around our kitchen counters. We tried tradional traps, sticky tape, water traps... finally the neighbor lady just smashed it on out kitchen counter with her shoe. My mother and I were shuddering in the next room when we heard a lound "SPLAT" then the neighbor hollars to us, "Don't come in here, just tell me - Where are the paper towels?"

I feel icky just thinking about it. My mom used an entire gallon of bleach cleaning those counters off... :-)

Sorry I wasn't much help, I wish you luck finding your 3 footed friend!

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If you really are interested in trapping them alive, here are some traps that are quite easy to use....

Here is a link that might be useful: Live traps

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D-con. They die outside.

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OMG! ROFL!!! You guys are too much!

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Never use a poison, it is far too likely that the mouse will die inside the house and really stink up the place.

And only people who are gluttons for punishment will release the mouse outside; the accursed foul creature will quickly return to continue its plague.

The neighbor who crushed the mouse with her shoe did the right thing..
"Humane traps" ?? What a bad joke !
Last year for us was the year of the mouse, we even had one drown in a pail of water, we must have caught over 20 in traps all over the place. This year - none ; I guess we were lucky enough to kill all of them..

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I have an army of cats on standby for such an emergency

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I was wondering how long it would be before someone said "cat". Get a female cat, males only do like males of every other species- lie around all day, sleep, stretch, watch the females work and then sleep some more until it's time to go "tom cattin" at night. Female cats are the hunters and even a very full female cat will go after prey. One house of neighbors across the street have said several times that they hope when I move I will leave a few of my cats (I only have 4) to keep the mice out the neighborhood--the other house of neighbors has been systematically trapping any of my cats that dare to come in their yard and transporting them off. One of those homes is going to experience my wrath soon, any guess which one????

Anyway, get a female cat and your troubles are over. Get her fixed or new troubles will soon begin.


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Tiger_lily_sc, you described my tom-cat down to a tee. He is one lazy sh*te of a cat. Spends 22 hours a day sleeping and 2 hours eating, scratching, cleaning and emptying himself. Thankfully I have a couple of female cats as well.
Naturally, not all males are that lazy, otherwise the house would have fallen down, my wife's car engine would have seized, the animals would have starved to death, the crops wilted, the tax bill wouldn't have been paid and neither would the credit cards, there would be summonses and bailiffs on the front door step need I go on?

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