March Madness :-) Dieting this week

trekarenMarch 21, 2005

Where is everybody? Thought I would start a weekly post.

I feel GREAT! I bought a treadmill last weekend. But then DH ended up in the hospital part of last week, so I didn't fully assemble it. Got it put together Sat a.m. and hit the ground running! Did 1.5 miles Saturday, 1.5 miles Sunday, and 1.5 miles today!! !YES! I got up at 5 and did it before work. Oh, also I rode the WORST horse at the barn Sunday. Kathy, she was tough! I swear she is part mule. So I am pretty sore from trying to ride Miss TC.

Some thoughts and vents:

1) I made up my own mind to get the treadmill, with or without DH blessings. He gave me the "Oh all the equipment you buy never gets used. etc etc etc". I knew, though, that the treadmill is my favorite, even at the gym. Where I used to work, they had a treadmill and I used it often.

2) DH tends to criticize and put down my efforts as "Yeah, same old story. It won't last" instead of telling me good job for getting up early on a Sunday to work out.

So after he put my efforts down, I made up my mind to NOT CARE what he thinks. I am not, after all, doing this for him. Why do I care so much whether he supports me. I should be able to do this for me, by me, with me alone.

(After all, we gals have enough self-guilt without our DHs obliging with even more of it) i.e. I know I don't always stick with things. I sure don't need HIM pointing it out.

Anyway, after I had that little talk with myself, I felt much more motivated and at peace. This is MY time. My efforts, my success or failure.

Then, later on, he came back downstairs and gave me a high five! I think he realized he doesn't have to always be so negative.

And so far, so good!!! Only bad thing is you have to pick the right CD to listen to. I grabbed the Eagles today, but I didn't realize how mellow they are. Was not as motivating as the others I had used on Sat/Sun.

Anyway, feel free to post with brags, vents, whatever!!!

Hope you all have a great week!!!

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Thanks for starting the thread; I check in ever so often and read but don't post much.

Life is going pretty good right now--Karen sorry your husband was back in the hospital--do you think that may account some for his negativity?

I set the timer and walk for 20 minutes around the house using 2# hand weights for arm exercises. Each evening I ride the recumbent bike for 22 minutes using the hand weights the first 10 minutes. Too much pollen now to walk outside for me--sinus and allergies give me fits this time of year.

WW weigh in was Friday and I was down 2# after yo-yoing for a few weeks. I think it was all due to the increased exercise. Also trying to up the water intake--88 ounces yesterday. Doing a couple of Challenges on the WW board and it is motivating me to follow the WW 8 Healthy Guidelines--geared to my way of eating. Trying to lower our intake of white flour, sugar, white potatoes, white rice since DH is diabetic and it helps me if I keep my carbs lower,

Need to eat lunch and go to the bank, Wal-Mart and fill the van up with gas before it goes any higher. DH said as he came through town most were $2.09 but the place we buy ours was still $2.03. They will probably be up by the time I get there. (:>)


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I am here - rarely check in but it was a pleasant suprise to see a new post.
My diet has flown the coop. I am starting to think I need a psychiatrist - seriously. What am I trying to solve with food? I am eating "healthy food" but way too much healthy food! I bought the Dr. Phil book for 25 cents and need to read it. There is a lady in this town that signed up on his website and we are getting together soon to work out a program.
Getting plenty of exercise here - we had some nice days and I raked and burned and raked some more. Lots of sticks to pick up along the woods.
Yesterday hubby, dogs and I walked.
We had a sad experience walking a few weeks ago - a dachshund dog came out into the street and was hit as he tried to get to our dogs across the street. It was a sweet little dog and had to be put down from his injuries. How sad! The owners said the dog slipped out the front door but I think they let him out and never checked to see if there was anyone around. The family's 2 kids were in the yard and saw the whole thing. Horrible.
TK I have been "sitting" 5 horses this week and have loved every minute. I get the benefits of being around the horses and get paid. I guess you meant by tough that the horse needs urging all the time? Those are tough on the legs. Lazy things.
Good for you with that treadmill! Hubbys.....tsktsk. Prove him wrong!
Hi Bev! Sounds like you are on track too. How is the weather in Missouri?
Leaving tomorrow and returning Monday. Will go to sunrise service on the bay - will be pretty. I filled up the gas tank in the car yesterday - will save a dime or 2. We are taking the big truck to Chincoteague.
Bye all,

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Prove him wrong? I'm thinking that is what is motivating me now, my irritation with him.

It is funny you should mention therapy.

I have a problem with instant gratification. This is probably why I can't control my stress eating or limit portions as well as I should.

Now that I'm doing my morning walks, I have completed 5 days of 1.5 mile walks (with hand weights). Today, I see that I did 1.6 miles in the same 30 minute time frame.

I also found that I had to use my handweights more, in order to keep my heart rate at same as it was on day 1.

Here's my mental problem:

ok, now i feel better. Therapy anyone??????

Maybe we can just analyze each other, and save some money. Pull up a couch!

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I feel great! I have not lost a bit of weight, but I feel much more energetic, and dare i say, younger, because I do my daily treadmill.

It's MY time. I put in whatever music strikes my mood each day, and do my 30 minutes. Then I do my pilates 100's, and some stretching, then hit the shower.

I can see now, that it actually has had an effect of reducing my appetite. I truly believe it is more to do with my mental state than a physical change. So many things stress us in life, and this personal time really helps my state of mind.

Also - rode last Sunday, and also rode last night!!! I rode a horse named Easter....and watched a BEAUTIFUL moonrise. It was big, full, and ORANGE. You don't see orange moons usually this time of year. But I really took it all in, and it just helps the stresses of life roll off your back.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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HI! Home and back to healthy eating. I guess the meal with prime rib and scallops has already tucked itself in for a few pounds. The weather was rainy and I did not get enough beach walking in as I would have liked. Did find a big conch shell one rainy morning.
Oh TREKaren you are doing sooo great! Put some of that in a bottle and send it here. *G*
I am fighting the urge to get another pony - I know where there is a sweet little bay and hubby told me to try to buy him. Already have a cart and harness.
We are having a lot of rain here but I am repotting seedlings that I started way too early (again). The grass is green and memories of hours on the mower are coming back :) I should push a mower but I should be 20 too - lol. I am organizing a local plant swap for April. All are welcome!
You know one thing that I noticed therapists don't take into consideration is that food tastes so good! Ask me to Outback restaurant and you have my heart.
Well I better make today count - hope the rain quits so we can have a good walk this afternoon.

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