Lost power- what can be kept from Fridge and what to toss?

angiebyteMay 25, 2011

We lost our power for 6 hours last night due to storms. When the power came back on, the freezers were fine but the fridge was at 50 degrees.

We have tossed all the obvious things- the cookie dough I made that day, the meat, opened mayo, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs.

Things we kept:

Unopened salad dressing

Unopened margarine spread

Unopned mayonaise

opened tobasco

opened granulated jarred yeast

opened bottled lemon juice

opened soy sauce

opened mustard

open BBQ sauce

opened ketchup

opened sweet pickles

opened sesame oil

opened hersheys syrup

Sticks of butter

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, broccoli.

Is there anything on list unsafe to consume? Thanks for your help.

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I found a USDA link with specifics. Thanks!

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For a 6 hour power loss, I probably wouldn't have tossed anything...but that's just me!

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In refrigeration school they taught us that if the doors are kept shut it is safe for up to 24hours, but every time you open the door the time is cut in half.

Exmple,,,kept shut 24hrs.
open door once,,12hrs
open door a second time 6hrs
open it a third time 3hrs

Keep in mind, that is just opening the door to peek in,,,keep the door open 5 minutes and you can plan on tossing everything

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