Sewer spewing into my house :(

pebbles516May 11, 2006

We bought a foreclosed home in Feb. The house has been empty for 2 years but is less than 20 years old. It was a drug seizure so it took a long time for goverment to complete paperwork to sell the house. We're doing a complete overhaul of the house and everything was going good until sewer started spewing into the house via a hole from a removed toilet. Finally we got it to stop coming inside but our yard has been full of standing sewer for over a week now! 3 plumbers later and numerous visits from the city we've found out the guy who lived there removed the sewer pump (he was a plumber) and did some makeshift plumbing including an illegal sewer tap to the city line! Now we're going to have to dig up everything he did and start all over. Bye Bye granite countertops hello sewer pump :(

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my sympathies! I had a sewer backup last week and it SUCKS. I spent the night with a wet-dry vac carrying sewage upstairs and out to the storm drain. After many hours of cleanup, many buckets of bleach solution, and lots of my stuff ending up in the trash, its finally under control. My house's Previous owner let the soil line rust away until it wasn't a pipe as much as a canal. good luck

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get a second opinion on the repair method required to fix your particular problem. tearing up the counter tops seems unrelated to a sewer issue.

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gargen-guy, I think pebbles is referring to the "movement" of monies. Sounds like the money for the granite counter tops is going to have to be spent on plumbing problems. If so, I am soooo sorry pebbles. I would hate to spend big bucks for something that you will never be able to look at and say, "wow, isn't that beautiful? I just love that sewer pump".


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Oh but Lisa, its hard to say oh what beautiful countertops when you are floating on a raft in a sea of sewage.

Also Jaymeguokas, the storm drain is not the place for sewage, the storm drain goes to bodies of water, do you want people dumping sewage in the local streams?

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