Burp cloths

lilylover_arMarch 15, 2006

Hi all, still experimenting here... Has anyone made the burp cloths?? If so can you post a picture of the back of one or explain to me how you sew the material in. I'm trying my hand at one now with John Deere material and embroidering a tractor to match. So far.. well lets just say it's a good thing I didn't do a real diaper. My tires ended up yellow instead of black the body of the tractor is black instead of green.... Guess that's what I get for trying to change colors and not following the color codes. Oh well, I'm still loving it!!

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There are experts over at the Martha pullen forum for these.

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I've made some burp cloths. I cut them out and stitched the design on the top piece. Then, using the top piece and the bottom piece, with right sides together, I stitched the edges together, leaving a small section where I could turn it right-side out. I then hand stitched that area. I have also sewn some borders on the top piece before stitching the 2 pieces together. The back is completely plain on the ones I made.

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I have made many burp cloths over the past 5 years. After trial and error my best ones are done on Dundee diapers with decorator stitches along each edge and a design on on end.........such as Jesus Loves Me with a lamb OR "spit happens" and a baby bottle and so forth..be creative...Yeah! Chris

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