TXJoanieMarch 19, 2005

Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie and have been reading the posts on this and the sewing forum. I just know that there is someone out there who can help me. My Dear Sweet Hubby recently purchased the new Bernina Artista 200 for me. I love it, but I've never machine embroidered before and the software aspect is a little intimidating. I have the software package that allows me to convert files from other machines to mine, but I still have a question. I was on one of the other embroidery websites and they don't offer the .art format that I need. Does anyone have a recommendation for what other format might transfer the best for my machine? Thanks bunches. I hope to get to know you all better.


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Hi, Joanie,

I too have a Bernina Artista 200. I have pretty good luck using the PES format, althought sometimes you will get the default colors if the digitizer doesn't change the colors for you (that's what I understand is the reason, anyway). You may get bright lime green, black and turquoise instead of the colors they should be. It's easy to change the colors, tho. Just click on Settings in the software, then Thread Colors. The colors that have asterisks behind them are the colors actually being used in the current design on the screen. Put your cursor on the line of the thread you want to change and left click. Then open a thread chart for the type of thread you want to use (Isacord, Madiera, etc). This is found in the middle section of the Thread Colors menu where it says Thread Chart followed by a box with a down arrow followed by the word Assign. Click on the down arrow and you will see all different types of thread brands. Click on the brand you want to use. Find a color you want to use and put the cursor on it. Click Assign. When you are done changing all the colors you want, click OK. If your software manual is the same as mine, the topic begins on Page 75.

I would suggest always doing a sample stitch out when you're unsure of the format or the source of your design (for instance, freebies from the internet that you may have downloaded). The only time I don't do a sample stitch out is when I have a VERY reliable design CD done by a professional like OESD and that also is in the ART format. Even then, if I don't have the thread color they recommend and I have to substitute a color that's close, I will do a sample stitch out. It's surprising how a slight color change can sometimes impact the final product.

There are a lot of PES designs out there, but they will show up as C quality on the bottom right hand of your computer screen. This has to do with the method used in digitizing, not necessarily a comment on the actual quality of the design.

I hope your dealer offers software classes. I've gone every month for about 15 months and always learn something new b/c the program has so many great features. I have the Designer software, but started with Editor and upgraded.

Have a great time with your Artista 200! Hope this info helps.


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Mary, Thanks so much for your help. I too have the Designer software, but haven't had the first lesson yet. My Bernina dealer offers classes, but there are so many other Bernina types (and most are offered during the day--I work :-( ) that I'll probably have to wait until summer when I'm on vacation to be able to go to a lot of the classes.
For the most part, I've been sewing--which I hadn't been able to do for years--and loving every minute of it.

In the meantime, I'm just going to try to get going on something through the book and see what happens. Thanks alot. I like the OESD website very much. The designs are quite beautiful!


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