When thread breaks during emboider..it skips a part?

rebecca15March 25, 2008

When my brother machine tells me to reload(thread breaks) while it is embroidering it skips a part of the design when restarted. How do I prevent this from happening. If it does happen How do I fix the part with no thread? thanks. I am new to sewing!


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Becky, I have a Brother machine, and when the thread breaks or the bobbin runs out it always takes it a few stitches to "realize" and stop. Does yours have an on screen help feature? When mine runs out or breaks the thread I just hit the help button, back up a few stitches (past where it stopped, so it's restitching a bit), rethread and start again. Your manual should explain how to do it with pictures.


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Hi Becky,
I also have a Brother Innovis machine and when the thread breaks, I do the same. I go back as many stitches as possible and then restitch over it. Sometimes, when this happens check the tension, or make sure that the thread is free of dust particles. I keep a cloth over my rack of threads to keep the sun off the threads, and the dust off too. It took alot of trial and errors but read the manuals, and become familiar with your machine. In no time, you will be embroidering like a pro!! Good Luck, and enjoy your new hobby..

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