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nhsuzanneMarch 15, 2010

Good Monday all,

How was your weekend.

My was wet and wild! Driving, wind-driven pouring rain all weekend and lots of flooding and road wash outs everywhere. Ah Spring...we still have snow to get rid of!

Sweet Pea is still doing well. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

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Good Morning!

Suzanne, I am so happy to hear that Sweet Pea is doing better! Your weather sounds extreme! lots of flooding back East, I hear. Do drive carefully!

Bj, I know this has got to be a difficult time for you and Baby V. Hang in there! I do so much admire what you and your family have done for him!

Donna, we need a pooch update!

Raeanne, could you tell me the specs on your kayak? I am interested in knowing which craft you have; a touring boat or a recreational kayak. How many feet? Cockpit or sit on top?

Maddie, way to go on your exams!

I had a WONDERFUL weekend! Kayaking at the crack of dawn on Saturday, I tried out about 10 different boats at "demo day," trying to narrow down my choices.

Saturday night was bowling and Sunday was church, out with friends. I came home and cleaned out the fridge and spent the afternoon relaxing, catching up on some paperwork odds and ends in front of a televised Spring training game which the Dodgers won.

This week looks crazy, compared to last week, when I didn't know what to do with myself! I need to see patients this morning, have a meeting at one of my agencies at 12:30 and have scheduling and staffing to complete this afternoon. Tonight I have a meeting at church.

I thought I'd be all achey after all that kayaking, but I'm not at all! Gotta be grateful for even the small things....

I was so busy over the weekend that I FORGOT to weigh in!! Since I topped off my weekend with a planned cheat day, I decided that this wasn't the morning to get on that unforgiving scale, so I'll wait till Saturday.

Have a good day everyone!


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Suzanne - What a relief for all of us and I will continue to keep SP in my thoughts. We lost power for a couple hours Saturday night but the storm wasn't nearly as bad as what they got south of us.

Tikanis - I posted a link to my kayak. When I chose it, I got it because it has an extra wide cockpit - and wide beam - so it may not be the fastest but it is very stable. I also didn't want to spend a lot of money, because I didn't know if I would really enjoy it or make the time to use it. I actually shopped around and found it for about $300 less than the link has it listed for. They havea duralite version that is much lighter. I wasn't worried about that either because I just throw it in the back of my husbands pick-up and back it up close to the shoreline when I am by myself. You think the kayak is the big ticket item until you look at the paddles LOL. I didn't get expensive paddles either, but they make them as light as feathers now but cost nearly as much as the kayak LOL. Which kayaks did you like? How exciting.

Sweet dreams all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pungo 120

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GOOD MORNING!! anybody home? Sure is quiet around here....

Woke up at around 4:00 ish this am to a little earthquake. Very brief, no biggie, but NOT my favorite way to wake up, either! Lol.

Raeanne, thank you for the kayak link. I had a hard time deciding which craft I liked better. I have been promising myself a kayak for SO long now, having attached its purchase to my weight loss goal, which previously made it all but impossible ha ha! Now that I am so close, I can hardly believe that it is within reach! I like the Current Design label. I want a touring craft, but cannot yet decide on the model. The Vision 150 is a transitional craft and I really liked it. I still have a few pounds, er, weeks to decide : ) I am thinking of heading for San Diego in a couple of weeks for a symposium and a rolling or recovery class. Then I will come back, go to another demo day and THEN try to make up my mind. You are right about the equipment cost! Those pesky little "extras", like OARS for goodness sake! will sure set you back. Are you using your kayak much? I imagine it is too cold right now....

Another action packed, fun filled day planned here! Lots of patient care and paperwork, then meeting a friend for coffee before dinner.

Have a great day, ladies! Please check in!


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Happy Tuesday from a flooded North Jersey!

Working from home for the last 2 days because all the highways I take to work are under water here. Absolute mess. A horrendous storm went through and left DH and I with a wet basement and no power upon our return home from our trip to Florida. Not pleasant, but we are luckier than most.

I did not gain one ounce on vacation; enjoyed myself but watched what I ate. Still no sweets passed these lips. Gave it up for Lent, so it was easy. If I ordered wine with dinner, I chose the salad entree. If no wine, I splurged a bit within points. Weather was so/so but we did not care!

Donna, my sister suggested that DH and I look for our NJ retirement home down in your area. We aren't nearly ready yet, but I'd like to settle down in 3-5 years.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

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Hi Guys!

NHSuzanne! Great news about SP!

SNJDonna- Yes? No? Dogs?

Tikanas: I have a kayak that I have yet to use -- my DH and kids gave it to me for Christmas 2 years ago. When the baby goes to his forever family, I figure I'll be doing a lot of kayaking - and everything else I can to get my mind off of it. Maybe I'll take a picture of it and post it.

DeeMarie! CONGRATS! Wow. You have the WILL POWER!

PEEPS are in the stores! It's killing me. Yes, I have had SOME, but I can quit any time....lol.

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Tikanis - that is for some serious paddling - nice. Mine is purely recreational, just to get me out on the lake early in the morning with the loons LOL. No kayaking here now, the lake was frozen solid until a few days ago.

BJ - yes, kayaking will come in handy when Baby V goes to his forever home (but you will be forever in his heart). Everytime I see a peep I think of you.

Dee - WTG on your willpower! Sorry about the basement and power. What part of FL were you visiting?

I have a ton of "day off" things to still accomplish, so I better get busy.

Enjoy your day

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Tikanis - Earthquake??? I'll take a hurricane over that any day - at least you know they are coming. I'm glad you are OK. Glad you enjoyed kayaking and glad you enjoyed your planned cheat. Waiting until Saturday is perfectly fine with me :-)

Raeanne, you have been kayaking for a while now. I remember seeing a picture of you in your kayak.

Suzanne, I'm so glad SP is doing better. I will continue to keep her and you in our prayers.

BJ, I'm glad Baby V got a forever home but I am sorry for him and your family. You will all miss each other so much. You guys have given him a gift he will carry with him forever and for that he will always remember you and be grateful. ((Hugs)) You are right - keep yourself busy! Oh, I almost forgot....step away from the peeps!!!!

Dee, obviously I love our area! When the time comes and you are ready let me know. I have a wonderful real estate agent. South Jersey is wet, soggy and flooded. Today the sun did come out and it's warm - a tease? It's supposed to be nice through the weekend - I hope. We lost power Saturday night for 6 hours and cable for 24 hours. No internet or TV - I don't know how we did it.

Puppy dog updates - no news yet. One of the pups went into heat which pushed back the spay. Once her heat ends they will be spayed and have all shots updated. They will the foster post op for about a week for assessment and the rescue will decide who is the best family for them. I really hope it's us! The rescue contacted my vet and got a great report from them which is important. I also nosed around and saw a brother and sister chihuaha (sp) who are 2 years old and looking for a home together. They are at an animal shelter in a neighboring county. I will investigate them also - I don't want to put all my puppies in one basket and be disappointed.

I will keep you posted.

Be safe, be good and I'll catch up with you tomorrow.


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Well, I can't believe my weight this morning.

I've been sick since last Thursday and have lost 4 pounds. That makes a total of 37 pounds.

I know it won't stay off when I start to eat and I also know it is too much to lose in one week to be healthy.But it sounds good!!!

I'm starting to feel better and hope it continues.

All the best to all of you.

I'm so glad for this forum.

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Happy Saint Paddy's day everyone!

Iva Mae, congrats on your loss. Tough way to lose though. Be positive - it will stay off!! Bye,bye 4 pounds. Good for you.

Things are looking up in our neck of the woods. Most of the flooding is over and now we get to pick up the pieces once again! Man, for a winter without alot of snow it's been tough with hurricane like damage in February and major flooding in March. Today though, it will be 60 degrees or more with plenty of blue skies and sunshine to go along with it!!

Follow the link to some silly Saint Paddy's day fun! Enjoy

Here is a link that might be useful: Cluck of the Irish!!

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Good morning!

Glad everyone is doing okay and the floods have subsided, Sweet Pea's on the mend, and Ivamae lost 4 pounds! Y'all are having a good week! Ivamae, hope you are feeling better.

It has been a crazy one for us. DH had peridontal surgery on Tuesday. The first 24 hours was rough - for him and for me - ha, but it's better now. The bad news for him is that he has a liquid diet for a week, and not much more than that for the next three weeks. That's good news for me, since I can get by on a turkey sandwich, salad or lean cuisine and fix him a shake or smoothie. I missed WW, but according to my scales have lost 62 pounds now.

Jury Duty, if I get called, starts Monday, so will have another possible crazy week. Can you tell I like "structure" and routine!?? Is that another sign of old age?

Take care.

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Hi all,

Dee and Suzanne, how are you holding up under all that flooding?

Dee, great will power to stick with it on vacation! One of my best friends taught me to ask myself "Do I feel deprived, or just VERY smart?" I have come to realize that I feel smart, and that the extra fun, NOT the food is what's important!

Raeanne, it's amazing what we can try to cram into one day off, isn't it?

Donna, it was just a LITTLE earthquake here! Thanks for the reprieve till Saturday : )

Ivamae! I am glad that you are feeling better. And Whoo-whoo!! on your 4 lbs!

Jan, Your poor DH! Let's hope that jury duty passes you by this time. Think of carrying around SIX 10 LB sacks of potatoes... THAT's what we have lost so far!! Can you even imagine?
Structure is good. In a world full of chaos, a bit of structure gives me stability. I LIKE being in the driver's seat, so to speak, and while some might equate spontaneity with fun, "I like it when a plan comes together." ; )


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Tikanis - I know now why my back used to hurt so much (thinking about carrying the six 10-lb sacks of potatoes!)

Here's a question for all of you re: our 2010 Census. Have you received yours yet? If so, how was it delivered? Even though I was home all day yesterday, no one bothered to knock on the door or ring the doorbell. It was not delivered by the postal service. I accidentally found the envelope on our driveway floor by the garage doors. Fortunately, the rain had ended, or it would have been reduced to confetti. Our whole street was done this way. I would not have noticed it if I hadn't been taking the trash can out to the curb. And yet the government stress how important it is to participate in completing the form. Foolish me - I just assumed it would be mailed to us, but just throwing it on the driveway like the daily newspaper is the last way I would think such an important document would be delivered. Is it just down here in the boonies this is happening?

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Although, I live in Canada and don't know how you handle things there, I would think this needs to be reported. What if you had been away for a few days.

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Good Friday!! TGIF

We are having another beauty of a day here. It should be against the law to have to work on a day like this.

RE: Census My friend lives out in the middle of nowhere and someone hung a plastic bag with the census form in it on her door! Who, when??? I have been hearing strange things. Mine came by mail.

What is everyone doing this weekend?

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What happened to my message from yesterday? hmmmmm

I would NOT fill out a Census left on my property. Mine also came in the mail; AFTER a notification a week ago. Please double-check this before filling it out. Too many ways to scam people lately.

Need to leave the office early to run some errands that I could not do because of flooded highways this week.

Have a fun weekend!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

I've been back among the living since Wednesday, but busy playing catchup. I enjoyed reading the posts for the last couple of weeks. It looks like everyone is doing well, even Sweet Pea!

Raeanne, your birthday card is FINALLY on its way to you. I'm so sorry about the huge delay, but cold and flu really waylaid me there.

We also received a notice that we would be receiving our census in the mail. We felt like it was a waste of postage since it's been on the news about when to expect the form. Our government at its best!

Just wanted to stop by and check in in case anyone's missed me. Gotta go sit at the library for a couple of hours now and do 'patron count'. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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Dee, I checked the 2010 census website and the form and return envelope match what was delivered, so am mailing it today. It is strange that the notice arrived a few days earlier via USPS, but this did not. I tried calling to ask why ours was delivered in such a manner, but was put on hold forever, so just gave up. Like milkdud said, "our government at its best."

milkdud, glad you are feeling better!

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Have a Happy Birthday Patti!

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Happy birthday Patti!!

I hope that you have a WONDERFUL B-Day weekend!
Open the box already!! : )

Milkdud! There you are! I DID miss you and am glad that you are feeling better. Why were you counting library patrons? Census related?

My census for came by mail, delivered by Ed the mailman who hollered, "census forms in your mail today, Miss". Dee, I never thought of scammers!

I had to see one patient this AM. Now its off to a craft fair to see the display of beautiful jewelery my friend has worked on for so many months.



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Happy Birthday Patti!!!!

I am down 13# following Jorge Cruise Belly Fat Cure for Women over 40. I start my 4th week on Monday. I can't tell you how great I feel and the energy I have. I hope this is it for me this time!

My census came in the mail. I haven't even opened it yet.

(((HUGS))) all around. Suzanne, so happy for Sweet Pea!


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Patti, hope you've had a wonderful birthday!

Congratulations to Besh on your weight loss!

Got another note in the mail letting me know that the census had been delivered.

Have a good night!

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