Continuous Filement Polyester

loree7March 2, 2005

I found some Style "L" Continuous Filament Polyester

prewound bobbins for sale on e-bay.

Is this what I want for an embroidery machine?

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What brand and model machine do you have? Those that have your particular brand and model will then be able to tell you whether you can use that type of bobbin.

The first thing to consider is whether your machine will be able to use pre-wound bobbins and if the size on e-bay fits your machine.

Most machines use bobbin thread, either pre-wound or wind-it-yourself with plenty of bobbins on hand. Filament does have its uses for certain things where bobbin thread usually covers most of what you want to embroider.

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I wrote the seller of the bobbins, and they verified they would fit my machine.
I was just asking if this is the type of thread that one would normally use for embroidery of general items?
I assume by your answer it would not be best.

Stitchntime9 , What certain things would the filament bobbin thread be used for?

Also is the polyester bobbin thread better than cotton?

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If you do quilt stippling the filament is good for that. Nylon filament can be difficult to work with in either the top thread or bobbin. If you are just learning machine embroidery, stay away from the stuff for a while.

You can use bobbin thread (only see one side) or the same top thread in the bobbin (see both sides) for general embroidery items.

The general rule is if an item is going to get hard use and laundering, use polyester. If it's a show piece with little wear and tear use the Madiera cotton type thread.

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I have a Brother embroiderier. My dealer suggested that I stay away from any prewound bobbin because the cardboard bobbin sheds fibers as it's used & can clog areas of the bobbin race assembly.

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Thanks for your replies. I believe I'll stay away from the Continuous Filament Polyester bobbins for now.

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