What's the worst thing you've fished out of a toilet?

denise54May 3, 2007

The toilet in our MB has always seemed to flush slowly. I've plunged it and plunged it to no avail. Today, while cleaning it, I spotted a small orangish object and managed to get a hold of it with the end of a tweezers (yes, I wore rubber gloves!) I pulled out a strip of wallpaper about 1" wide by 12" long! We had our MB re-wallpapered a year ago! The paper hanger must have used the toilet for his waste basket. I just hope I got it all.

What have you found in your toilet?

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My kid!... Middle of the night we hear pained screams and we hit the floor running. We get to ds's bedroom and he is not there. Then I hear the little hiccup of tears come out of his bathroom.. He had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the potty and the lid was up, he sat down and in he went. DH and
I were laughing so hard we could hardly get him out. He was only about 4 yrs old at that time and it scared him pretty bad. He looked like someone had folded him up and stuffed him in and he wedged pretty good. He ended up with some bruising on his back from the toilet rim.
I know this isnt what you were thinking but that is the worst thing I ever pulled from our toilet. *need to go call him and remind him of this now* lol

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Yesterday at work my boss accidently dropped her glasses in the toilet as it was flushing and they disappeared--she was too embarrassed to call maintenance so she put on a glove,reached in as far as she could and was able to retrieve them.

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The cordless phone at work.

And after I fished it out, and dryed it off, it still worked! I was too scared to admit I'd done it, so no one was the wiser..... I sprayed it with lysol and bleached the surface and tried to forget the whole incident!

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Weird story:
A few weeks ago I went into the bathroom and found a pair of underpants floating in the toilet.
I must have stood there, utterly dumbstruck, for about 10 minutes. You see, I was alone in the house, so how did they get there? It was downright spooky (and a little bizarre, to say the least).
Earlier, I had tossed out some old clothes and I convinced myself that, perhaps in a sudden attack of Altzheimer's, I chucked them into the toilet instead of the garbage!

Anyway, this went on for a while, until I was definitely convinced I was losing it. Finally, it came to me that I had also taken a basket of laundry downstairs and had stopped in the bathroom to get the towels. No doubt this piece of unmentionables slid off the pile and into the toilet!



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I hate to even tell this but here goes....YUCK!!!

My cousin swallowed a $750 gold crown and knew it would have to come out. So, with a rubber glove she searched for it. On her third search she found it. She disinfected it and so did her dentist and it's now back in her mouth where it belongs.

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Monablair, that's disgusting! Now you know she shoulda coughed-up another $750 for a replacement!

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This isn't exactly the kind of story you're looking for, but I think it's the creepiest thing by far. We're remodeling a house and gutted both bathrooms. Then we took out the toilet, we left it on the backporch until we had time to take a big load of stuff to the dump. It rained in the toilet, and when we went to take it off the deck we found a dead mouse floating in it. I made my husband take out the mouse, and when he did, he found another mouse with it -- attached to it, like they had died having sex or something!! Even creepier, the other mouse was completely hairless.

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Ok I can't top the above, but once my stethoscope (I'm an RN) slipped off my neck just as I was emptying a bedpan into a toilet. Kerplunk! I fished it out & took it apart & cleaned it several times! Then I stopped wearing it around my neck!

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The severed finger of a carpenter doing demo work.
He forget his sawzall and tried to work with a worm drive circular saw.
Those things have a lot of torque and are well known to kick back.
It kicked and his off hand got in the way.
It was too chewed up to be reattached.

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brickeyee - you win!

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I confess I try very hard not to have to fish anything out of the toilet. Keys once from a public restroom. Shudder!

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I still hire the guy when I need a good carpenter for finish work.
He is noticeably more careful now, and does very good finish work.
He is one of only a couple guys who can do stain grade work and have it come out darn near perfect every time.
Despite the finger. And he jokes about it also.

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