Calling all PE150 owners...

judy5aMarch 20, 2006

Hello all: I have a PE150 which I have used probably five times and only with the built in designs. Is there an easy way to hoop fabric to get it straight, if I am embroidering a name, for example? I can line up the front (with the plastic grid that came with the machine) but to fit the top hoop with the fabric into the bottom hoop - literally drives me insane! I just can't seem to get the hang of this. Help!

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Try using a disappearing marker and drawing a straight line on the fabric before you hoop it.
Then line that line up with the plactic grid.
That should make it easy. Better yet is to draw horizontal and vertical lines.

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A lot of people use sticky-back stabilizer and then stick what they want to embroider on that.

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Yes, I never hoop anything but the stabilizer. Much easier to get the item straight and not stretched. I hoop stabilizer and then spritz it with 505 Temporary adhesive and stick the item to it. I use a disappearing pen for markings.
Janome 300E
White 3300

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