Which one should I buy? Brother Ult 2001 or Ult 2003d????

dianeleveneMarch 5, 2008

I need some advice. I had the option of purchasing two different used machines. Both are in excellent condition with little use. Both are being sold by their original owners because they have upgraded to newer and better machines. The Brother ult 2001 comes with all its original accessories plus several embroidery cards, that person wants $1000. The 2003d comes with its original accessories and costs $1500.

Can anybody tell me if they know any really big differences between these machines? I am really just getting started with machine embroidery and don't want to buy too much machine. I will only use it for things for my kids and for gifts. I would like to stick with a Brother machine because I started with the Brother 270d so I have software for it and several accessories that I could continue to use but I would like to upgrade to machine that does more. Thanks for any advice you could give me!!!

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I have a Brother PC8500 that is 5 years old, and these are the differences I can think of:

The D in the ULT2003D stands for Disney, so it has built in Disney embroidery designs and can stitch out Disney designs purchased from Brother. If the 2001 doesn't end with D, it can't stitch the Disney designs. I don't know if that matters to you or not.

The 2003 is 2 years' newer technology, though still 5 years old like mine. My machine uses those little cards (about 1-1/2 x 2"). The blank cards require a reader/writer box to write to them, and they are expensive to replace. I don't know if both ULT machines would use the little cards, but if the 2003 has any kind of USB connection, it's well worth the extra $500 because I think the card technology is on the way out. The 2003 probably also has a better screen display and some other upgrades from the 2001.


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I understand that the 2001 does not have Disney built into the machine nor will it recgonize a Disney card. Both these will accept downloaded designs to a floppy disk that plugs right into the machine. I have a 2002 upgraded to a 2003 & my daughter has a 2001. As far as we are concerned, they are both great machines. They give you a wide range of hoop sizes.The 2001 & 2002 have no USB connection & I don't think the 2003 does. You can buy a external disk drive fairly cheap if one is not on your computer. I do know part of the difference on an 02 & an 03 is the design shows on the screen plus a separate picture of what part of the design is currently up to sew & the color of that design. I have a grid on my machine but I don't remember if it was part of the update or if I just didn't know how to bring it up. You have grids to place in your hoops & this is reflected on the machines screen...a very good thing for lining up individual designs or some lettering. The screen on both is big enough to show everything that will fit in your hoop. I would go for the 03.

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I have already had a Brother se270 so I have the PED Basic so I can download designs onto a card already. Since I have the PED Basic, and many extra presser feet and other items for the Brother, I would like to stick with the Brother brand. I would like to be able to use the Disney designs. I did not realize that the 2001 would not even be able to read the Disney cards if I bought them. I thought it just did not come with the designs pre-loaded onto them. I guess I am leaning towards the newer machine. I doubt that I will replace it very soon so I would like it to have more features rather than fewer. The biggest things I want are the ability to combine designs on screen (with a grid because that helps) and the larger embroidery area (my se270 only does 4x4 designs). I wish I had researched things better before I bought the se270 but who knew I would end up really enjoying the embroidery aspect of the machine. I was really just trying to update my 30 year old sewing machine with my last purchase! LOL! Thanks for the advice. DH says he will do our taxes this weekend so I know how much I can spend on this purchase!!!!

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I have the 2003 D and I love it, bought it new, and it still works great, the built in Disney designs are great. Whatever you do don't buy anything but a Brother machine. I had a different brand before this one and in order to do anything that did not come with the machine, cost hundreds of dollars more. The Brother 03D has everything with it. Large hoop, floppy drive etc.

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