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claysembroiderMarch 17, 2007

Our embroidery software requires us to specify what type of .pes file to use to save an embroidery image. We have a Brother PR 600 II machine. Our options for saving are:

BabyLock Ellageo 1/2/3

Brother ESE/ESE2

Brother PE 150/100/200/300s/5700/6500

BabyLock ESi, ESI2, EM1, EM2, EAC, BL60E, ESL

Bernina Deco 500/600

Brother 8200/8500

Brother UTL/2002D

Bernina/Brother/BabyLock Generic

Simplicity SE1/SE2/SE3

White W3300

Which is the best to use?

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I have the same machine I save in PES - also if you have digitizing software you can save it there, and put it on a jump drive, and input into your machine, or usb port - you can save in all of those mentioned, it's just your preference

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hello let me guess you are using corel drawings.
the best tip you will get this year is to not save your designs in pes format in any other software other than pe design made by brother. The code is not right you will find errors like not cutting correctly. I use all diferent kinds of digi software and like you i have a pr600 mk2. If you want to get your design right always save it as a dst file, the pr600 can open it all you need to do is reasign the colours, or if you have pe design import your dst file into that then save the file as pes. One more tip when you use drawings don't save the file in drawings, instead export the file to the modular editor which comes free with corel drawings. In there you can fine tune the pattern expecially the sew sequence as drawings makes a right pig of it. Also you will find in there that drawings has put some weird sequenses in, just select them and delete them, then when you happy save the file from modular as a dst file. Only save the draw extension in drawings so you can go back and tweak your pattern later on if need be. If anybody reads this the pes file was developed by brother who have not disclosed all the code, so any other program will not save it correctly, trust me i know about this ive been diging now for many years and what i have said above will make a big difference to your final pattern. one last tip when you use drawings when it askes for the material you are using pick the standard option as it drops the thread count down because it don't use as strong an undelay

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I have a design I want to digitize for a .pes file...Where can I send this to get it done and how much does it usually cost?

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Hi if you send me the pattern ill sort something out for you
as long as it's not a complex one ill give you this one for free
hows that. I then normally charge beetween 2 and 5 pounds

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I am new to the at home embordiery systems. I bought a Se350 and the ped basic software. They gave me 3700 designs that are .dst files. However the ped basic software only excepts .pes files. How do I convert the .dst files to the .pes files. Do I need an additional program and if so what kind. Please help. Very excited to get started up at a stand still.

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This is free and works quite well...hope that helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Wilcome

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