Error message from Reader/Writer

roeweMarch 25, 2005

Hello Friends,

I am still struggling with my reader/writer box. I receive the messge when trying to write to a programmable card, that the file is corrupt. The machine will erase the card but will not read it. Even if the card is blank, it comes up with the message, cannot read card. I have even purchased a new programmable card, same thing. So I have concluded that it must be the box. Does anyone have any advise about such a situation? The box does begin to write a few stitches to the card but then it says the file is corrupt. But I have tried dozens of designs from very reputable cd's or floppies and same thing.

I will try reinstalling my digitizing program. Any other ideas would be appreciated.


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The only suggestion that I can offer is to go back to the dealer. I had a similar problem with my progammable card and took it back to the dealer (Viking) and whatever they did-it worked and I had no further problem. I didn't ask what she did however!


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Hi There,
I had the same problem last week and my husband had me uplug my writer box by going through the Icon and do a complete shut down. For some reason this worked then. I don't know if you have tried this. I have the Amazing box and soon I will be receiving Vikant. However I called the company Amaxing Designs and they told me if you insert the card at an angle, or not seeded correctly it won't read. I hope this gives you some help.

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