Deco 600 with a bad problem

loree7March 3, 2005

My used (new to me) Deco 600 has developed a problem, and I'm 120 miles one way from the dealer.

The top thread just leaves lots of loops on the bottom of the fabric and then balls up and makes a knot. It started out with a needle breaking, and I have no idea why.

I took the bobbin holder out to get the broken needle out. I also cleaned out the lint very good at that time.

I'm sure the bobbin holder is installed correctly, but it keeps leaving loops from the top thread on the bottom of the fabric until it balls up and then it breaks the needle.

Then when I try to pull the fabric from the machine, it is caught and won't pull out. It has a lot of threads coming out the bobbin hole which I have to wiggle in there and cut before the fabric will release. It almost seems like the bobbin thread is being caught and held for some unknown reason, as it ends up sewing in the same place and pulling the fabric at the last before the needle breaks.

Does anyone have a clue to fixing the problem?

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Didja try a different bobbin? You might have a burr either on it or on the bobbin case (may have happened when the needle broke). I have heard burrs can be sanded out with a product found at hardware stores, but I can't remember the name of the product. Does anyone out there remember? I think it recently was in a "Threads" magazine article about home maintenance. Personally, I leave the repairs to the professionals, tho. You might email the company for suggestions as well.

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Did you try tightening (increasing the top tension) the top thread. On any sewing machine, you will get loops on the bottom if the top tension is too loose and bobbin loops on the top if the top tension is too tight. Increase the top tension by 2 numbers to see what happens.

Other thought is are you using the correct type needle for the fabric you are sewing?

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I've had this problem, and mine was a pretty bad burr on the throat plate right where the needle goes through. Go to the hardware store and see if they have any crocus (sp?) cloth. It's like a very fine sandpaper. If you close your eyes and run your fingers over your throat plate, you should be able to feel the burr, even if you can't really see it. It doesn't take much of a burr to catch the thread.

Another thing you might try is go through the thread path of your upper thread and make sure the thread is actually sitting in the take-up lever. Once in a great while mine will slip out, and it causes a big bird's nest underneath like you're describing. Good luck!

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Laura, that's exactly what I was referring to. Crocus cloth. You're right, it is more likely a burr on the throat plate than on the bobbin case, but that CAN happen too. In case there are loose threads floating around inside, I suggest one of those little computer vacuum cleaners to suck them out. Never blow inside your machine (especially if it's computerized), as the moisture in your breathe can cause condensation and rust inside your machine.


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Okay, I found it was the bobbin case. It has a tiny chunk out of it and several needle holes in it. (Its made of plastic). The thread was catching on the rough spots and not releasing to make a stitch.

I will be replacing the bobbin case and then I think it will sew fine again.

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Yikes! bobbin case made out of plastic????

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