Newbie Looking for advise on type of machine

jinxishere2000March 10, 2009

Hi, I am new to the site. I was wondering if anyone out there can help me please? I am in need of advise on a sewing machine that can do emroidery, that is compatiable to Vista. I need to be able to download my logo to be able to apply it to fabric.

I have no idea what kind of sewing machine I should get?

What brand, nothing. My mom is the sewer in the family, and she is just getting back into it after years of not doing it. SO she isnt much help for me either right now.

I dont have a floppy disk either, I ned to either use a flash drive, or cd or something.

Does anyone know what kind of sewing machines I could look into? Or what I shouldnt? LOL something...anything at this point would be a help, i feel like i am bashing my head againt a brick wall.ANd no I cant afford to spend outragious amount of money. Ive seen some for 4-6grand, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I dont need anything that elaborate:)

Thanks for any advise anyone can give:) Have a great day!

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I am also new to the site, but I went to the Sewing Expo in Atlanta recently. The prices for embroidery machines range from $800 to $10,000+. I was able to learn quite a bit about the Brother Innov-is 1500D which retails around $1500. This machine seems like a great entry-level machine. They have machines that are less expensive, but they are slower and have less options. Other brands I've been researching are Baby Lock and Bernina.
Depending in where you live, there may be the same kind of show coming to your area. The $10 I spent to get my feet wet was well worth it. Most larger quilt shops have embroidery machines that you can learn about, but most seem to only carry one or two specific brands. I hope this helped some. Check out for more info about their machines.

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I highly recommend the Singer Futura CE-350. It is an entry level machine that hooks up to your computer. All the editing is done on the computer, then you just send it to the machine to embroider. It is Vista compatible. It has software that will allow you to take your logo and automatically digitize it. has it for $818 right now. Great Internet dealer (I have no affiliation to the site). I bought this machine and am amazed at what it can do. It can read designs made for ANY embroidery machine (thousands can be found free or for a few bucks on the Internet).

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How big is your logo? Would it fit into a 4 x 4 hoop?

I bought a Brother PE-170D (used) on Ebay for $199. I love it. Doesn't sound like you need some fancy thing with a million bells and whistles. I'd just get a basic machine, and only buy whatever software you may need separately, that way you're not paying for features you'll never use.

I only wanted to sew a wedding dress and embroider our names and date on my veil, the machine has everything I need for that built right in, so I couldn't justify spending $800+ on a machine. Wow, that would cover my grocery bill for months!! LOL

I figure that if I ever wanted to do more with the machine in the future (which I doubt) I could buy the required software as needed.
I hope you find one you like!

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edit - I put the wrong number down, it's SE270D that both sews and embroiders - not sure about PE


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