cameragirl59March 1, 2006

Hi all I'm new to this forum. Has anyone tried Medifast before?

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hi im a newbie too! never heard of medifast whats in it?

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The diet consist of shakes, bars, soups & chili. I thought about trying it but the thought of losing so much weight in a short time and then gaining it back plus more turned me off. The diet promises you'll lose 20lbs in 30 days. Plus it's not cheap,4 weeks cost about $275. What program are you on?

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At the moment i go to weight watchers meetings.
it works but very slowly!!!!!!!!!
so looking for something else to boost my weight loss any ideas?
What you trying now then?

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Well I started the new year by writing everything down, then I joined WW, and then a friend of my needed to sell her Jenny Craig food so I bought some of that. Of course that food is only a temporary thing for me. Not only can I not live on JC's food but it's pretty expensive too. So I figure I have 2 more weeks of the food and then go back to WW. Crazy...I know. WW does's like every other diet...if you stick to it, you will lose the weight. I have about 75lbs to go so I'm it for the long haul. Are you working out? I've been doing the treadmill for 2 months now and am getting bored so now I'm going to incorporate weights. Have you lost anything at WW?

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