What size cabinet for plasma tv?

stu2900February 22, 2010

We just purchased a 50" Samsung plasma tv and put it into the entertainment center that previously held a 42" plasma. While our old set got really hot, this one doesn't at all. It's also only 1 1/2" deep. After we bought the set I read there should be 3" of space around the perimiter of the set for air flow. This set pretty much fills the hole around the perimeter, but there is a lot of room behind it and there are holes for ventilation in the back of the cabinet. Are we going to have a problem with this?

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I'd say turn on the set in your current cabinet and watch it for a few hours.

If it doesn't get really warm, you're fine.

If it gets too warm, make sure you are getting airflow from those rear vents. ie: make sure the cabinet isn't pushed up against the wall.

If it is still too warm, then get a bigger cabinet.

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or get a small fan for the back of cabinet. like what is used on a desktop computer. you could cut a hole in the cabinet back and mount the fan. pretty easy.

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Actually I don't see anything wrong with that, we've just purchase a new plasma tv last month and got the same problem too, though I think to be safe and secure it would be better if you consider what was instructed..

Here is a link that might be useful: samsung lcd tv

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