ped basic or ultimate box for brother se-350 ?

jennyvovkMarch 10, 2011

Please help me to figure out which software is better for SE-350 if I am planning to start a small emboidery business on a low budget? Thanks to everyone.

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I have ped basic, also PE Design v4 and v5. The differences in these software programs are: with ped basic you can only transfer designs from computer to card and can change size minimally. With the other 2 you can digitize, as well as many other functions. The pe basic card will hold a large number of design transfers at one time. It erases ea time you write anew--but your designs are saved in the computer.
I also have Magic Box, which is like Ultimate Box..and the card will only accept 6 designs at a writing from your computer...but if you have certain other brands cards of designs, it will convert those to .pes when transferring. You have to purchase either box with the card specifically for your Brother machine. I would choose the Basic over a box, and it's least expensiveIs this helpful?

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