dual reciever

victory_tea2085February 10, 2010

I am trying to replace the #2 tv in my den. The newer one is a Panasonic. I can,t get a picture on my newer tv and feel there is something I don't have set right. I called Dish and they offered to send a tech out but I would like to resolve the problem on my own. The old tv was an analogue but did recieve the picture. What am I doing wrong? Paul

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what exactly did you do(wiring)????

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netlos, all I do is hook the antenna into tv 2- thats it. It works on the old tv but with not the new one, I think I have to change the setup somehow. Paul

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The "antenna" output of the Dish Box may be analog, and the newer TV may not be able to "receive" those signals.

Are there any other type of connections on the new TV and the Dish Box, other than "antenna" ?

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Thanx guys- finally got it. Just that antenna type was set to "air" and not cable, I guess. Anyhow, all is good and thanks a lot. //PAUL

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An FYI for future needs; there is a General Dish Network Discussion group.

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