Philips TV Flickers then turns on after a few seconds

madmike70February 6, 2008


I have a Philips TV Model 32PS61 S121 that flickers grey/white for a few seconds then shows a normal picture after turning on the TV. Once on it's ok. When flickering it only covers about half of the screen. I came across some old posts (2004) on this website that discussed similar issues with other Philips/Magnavox TV models. The posts mentioned to do a hard reset and to check for resistor R3340, rated at 10 Ohms 1/3 Watt, to see if it was "open" or burt. Replacing it fixed most peoples problems. So I did some troubleshooting. I tried the hard reset which did not fix the problem. I then opened up the TV and checked. I found R3340, Ohmed it out and it was 10.2 Ohms as it should be and it did not seem burnt. The post mentioned to replace the resistor with a 10 Ohm 1/2 watt resistor. So I will get a resistor and swap it out just in case it is on the edge of burning out and causing the issue.

If anyone can offer any assistance please reply back to me. I will follow up with a post later to say if replacing the resistor fixes the problem.



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Ten days with no response. Today Googling for ~ electronics Philips OR magnavox ~ gives only 465 ghits. I don't understand the variation. However - if there are answers to your Philips questions on-line - and I would be surprised if there are - they are to be found at ~ electronics Philips OR magnavox ~

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Thanks Albert_135. Well I got around to replacing the resistor but I am still having the same issue. Was worth the try though. I'll try Googling some more as you suggest. Otherwise, I'll get a new TV when it dies completely. It's time to upgrade to a high Def TV anyhow.


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