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deemarie5500March 28, 2005


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Good Morning Dee Marie!

Is everyone suffering from a Bunny hangover? I overindulged myself, but today is another day, right?

I am going in to work late today. DS home from school today with the stomach bug that I had on Friday. Yuck. I hope it stops with him.

BJ, you are so kind with your words. I'm glad that the route to Gloucester worked out well. It is so pretty up that way. Roger and I really enjoyed meeting you and Steve, I only wish we had more time!

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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BJ - welcome home - I'm glad that your visit with Besh and her DH was so much fun. I knew it would be. Wow, that is some friend you had, to come and stay at your house. I bet she had a lot of fun with the girls.

Besh - I am very interested in visiting Salem, maybe I can convince my DH to take a ride out there some time with me.

No bunny hangover here, no over indulgence either. I made seafood in a marinara sauce and a caesar salad - I know it's a bit untraditional, but it was delicious. We ate around 2:00 and then went for a drive to look at some real estate for a client and then headed home. I wasn't hungry the rest of the day or night. I even got gym time in yesterday YIPPPEEE. Today is Day 22 of SS and it just keeps getting easier.

Did anyone see the 3-Hour Diet on GMA(?) this morning? You have to eat every 3 hours, there is a little portion size control, but you pretty much can eat whatever you want for your meals. He also showed having 2 snacks and a little chocolate treat at the end of the day. They showed women that were on Low Carb diets and how they all went off of the diet and gained all their weight back or more. I don't think I can do that. I know there has to be a lot more to the diet than that, but that is all they said on the show.

Have a great day.

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I've faced the fact that if I want to keep losing weight, I have to give up on cheating - permanently. I'm trying to stay within weight watchers points again. I was checking out the points yesterday and discovered that one piece of cheesecake is half a day's points for me. So if I had two pieces of cheesecake, that would be it for the day. On the other hand, I could do the low carb variety. So far if I keep my carbs down to 20, I don't gain even if I have more calories. I've also discovered that I can get more calories under weight watchers if I eat beans - more fiber, less fat - but I gain weight even if I stay within the guidelines. If I eat low carb and more fat, I can have fewer calories, but it seems to be the only way I can lose.

We've read in the past where people say that after the second or third time losing the same weight, the body doesn't respond as well. I'm thinking that for some it isn't how many times you've tried it, but how many pounds you've lost total. After my first hundred pounds, it seemed like my body changed. I used to be able to eat 100 carbs a day and 1700 calories and lose a pound a week. Now I have to keep it under 40 carbs and around 12-1300 calories. If my metabolism were working the way the charts say it's supposed to, shouldn't have to keep it that low, but obviously it isn't. I'll have to keep this up permanently I think if I want to lose and keep it off, especially since I'm still unable to exercise except for deep breathing.

I'll talk a minute about my internet friend that I started connecting with over a year ago. I don't know if any of you remember me talking about him being unhappy and I didn't think I should get involved, but I did. He seems to me like a very good person and has always been supportive and kind with me, but he is still in a bad situation and struggling with ways to get out. He's become quite important in my life and I'm hoping that things work out for him.

I'm still working on making more money, lol. I'm not sure why things seem so challenging for me, being a capable person and all. I hope everyone had a good Easter and has a good week. Take care and eat healthy.


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Good Afternoon.

Hope Everyone had a great Easter. I did. I had 10 people over for dinner and just had a wonderful time, even though it was a lot of work. My mom helped out a great deal.

DeeMarie - how is your DH, I hope he is recoperating well.
I am going to go back to my dr's to have the blasting done on my stones, I have had a few flare ups these last couple days. UGH! Has DH ever had that done and I am taking it that it did not work since he has had the surgery last week.
If he had it done, was it painful for him to have the blasting?

BJ, thanks for the words about parents aging. It is sad. I absolutely hate it! I will be worried sick about them when they leave.

I am drinking tons of water now.....and lovin' every minute of it!!!!!

Raeanne - 22 days is awesome. I want to be able to say that someday!!!!

Take Care -


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Lynn, DH had the blasting about half a dozen times. In the beginning, it worked. It was not painful, but you do know that after the procedure you will start to pass the smaller (blasted) stones, right? That may be painful, but he got medication. The difference with Ed is that both his kidneys are horseshoe-shaped across his back and around his sides. He has very poor drainage and the stones keep forming and get large...even the blasted ones did not drain and reformed. You should do very well with the blasting! I know many people who have had it done with great success. Be well!!

Well, now I need to ask the question: Have we officially postponed our trip to the spa? It appears that so many of us cannot go this year that it may make sense to pick another time. With DH out of work, it may make more sense for me to wait also. How does everyone else feel about this?

We had a nice Easter at my SILs. A bit quiet because FIL is not well, but it was fun to see the little ones running around in cute spring clothes! I dived into the Jelly Bellys, but did not have chocolate. Also had some rice pudding for dessert, but counted the points. All in all, not a bad holiday!

Waiting results from my latest chest x-ray; if it's not clear, I'm off to get a CT Scan. Doctor made a point of asking if I ever smoked (yes, but I stopped 20 years ago this June!). I said to him "why would you get me thinking about that stuff right now on a holiday weekend". He looked up from his folder and apologized....(he was teaching a medical student, and I guess he wants to be 'thorough', but geez...I don't need to start worrying about what's growing in this lung! Pass the Paxil, please! LOL!!!

Sounds like everyone had a good weekend. Time to work toward looking lovely in those bathing suits, ladies!!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hello Everyone,

It's too quiet here again. I have a few minutes during deadline today to stop in and say hello.

I had a marvelous Easter weekend. The weather was spectacular, high 40's and just perfect for riding. We took a mountain top trek through the snow and gave the girls their first real workout of the year. The snow is softening and is hard to get through at spots. Almost like walking through sand plus carrying a load. They were happy to be finished with the ride on Saturday. The woods still have deep snow and the snowmobiles aren't using the trails anymore so the nice footing is dwindling fast. It's just so lovely in the woods right now with spring in the air and the symphony of birds looking for nesting spots. On Sunday we took it easy on the girls who were much less energetic and gave them a very easy route. It was just so nice to be out and not freezing! I am so ready to start this riding/driving season.

Raeanne, you are really impressing me with your resolve! I am so proud of you. I am totally disgusted with myself and am so discouraged. My weight won't budge which is causing me to lapse constantly. I hate this. My Dr. says it's normal but I need to lose weight. I feel like sewing my mouth shut. It's a vicious cycle.

Amy, it's good to see you post. You have a great perspective on things. I don't know why life has to be such a struggle sometimes but I hope it's to prepare us for a better place when we leave this plane. This is what I believe anyway.

Lynn, don't drown in all that water!! LOL

DeeMarie, I have been meaning to address the French Lick issue too. No one has mentioned it so I was assuming that it is not going to happen in April. I must say that I was really feeling a squeeze in terms of time and might actually have to bow out because I have to be away for almost a week in Richmond, VA the week before and I just don't see how I can do both. Glad DH is doing better.

QOD How is everyone else feeling about this?

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Hi Suzanne! Glad you had a nice Easter. I love reading about your rides! Hope your stress level declines soon.

Is everyone as jealous of Raeanne as I am this week? I hope she's diving into a bowl of chocolate right now!!! LOL!! Just kidding....I'm really envious of your success. Marci also has that determination and will-power that I admire.

Took another 'chair yoga' class today at the office. About half the class fell asleep; it's soooooo relaxing. I love this company; we get the best benefits....all you have to do is put some time aside and take advantage of them.

Gretchen, I read both books already! They were wonderful reads; my sister has the first one. She's really enjoying it. (Suzanne, I used your bookmark while reading those books!)

Lynn, my stepdaughters polished off the entire box of taffy that you sent to me! They are too funny; this was 2 days after they got Easter chocolate from us!

QOD: I vote that we postpone and discuss a good time for more of us to meet up in French Lick!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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BJ~So glad that you & Besh got to meet up in Salem & enjoy each other's company.

Besh~No Bunny hangover for me!

Raeanne~I saw the 3 hour thing on GMA & that is kind of what Dave & I did in February when I lost 10 lbs. I was eating lots of fruit & things were really portioned controlled b/c you just don't get as hungry when you eat that often.

Amy~What you say makes sense. My dr. is constantly on me about my weight. I know what you mean about struggling too.

Lynn~I talked to my Mom this morning & she was saying that she was humming hymns but couldn't remember the words & it made her wonder if she was about to leave this earth. So sad.

DeeMarie~The friends who took us out when we went out on my birthday took us to a place that has steaks for $7.99. They were not cooked the right way & the man called the waitress over & told her about it in a kind way. He said if we could have rice pudding he would overlook the steaks. You made me think of that.

Tikanis~I wish that I had been at your house. That all sounded SO good.

NH Suzanne~Your weekend sounds splendid too. I'll never tire of listening to your stories about your rides.

Most of you know that Dave & I ran away from home a little over 4 years ago & we haven't spoken to his family since. Well, his Mom is in the hospital so we called her on Sunday & again yesterday. She was quite surprised & happy. We'll call her again today. But Dave says that he doesn't feel comfortable being back in touch with them so I told him that I would back whatever decision that he made. Say a pr@yer or send some positive thoughts please.

Hello to all! Patti :)

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Hi all!

Raeanne, I so admire your stick-to-itive-ness!! Good going : )

Suzanne, it sounds like a perfect weekend.

Amy, sometimes life is just like that... huh? Hang in there. I wish you the best with your 'net friend!

Lynn, Kidney stones are NO FUN!! I need to drink more water too.. Keep us posted.

Bj, Besh, it sounds like you had a LOT of fun! I am a little envious.... : )

DeeMarie, sending "cyber paxil" your way Lol. These docs don't understand sometimes how they worry us with idle questions and/or comments.

QOD: I am having a problem with French Lick myself at this time. I am really swamped here and don't know if I'd be able to manage getting away at this time. I hate to NOT go, though. If we reschedule, could we maybe set a date in stone way in advance? This works better for me.

Anyone else puttering out in the garden this week?

Be strong and be well!


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Tikanas, I will think about gardening as soon as the snow goes but it's slow to go this year. In the woods there is still a foot of snow!

I also vote to reschedule French Lick.

Patti, I think it's good that Dave called his mother. Whatever the reason you all don't speak any DH always tells me this when we have this discussion about my estranged relationship with my mother "your mother is going to be dead a long time"! Sage words I would say. You can count on me for positive thoughts and prayers.

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Raeanne, I would love for you and your DH to make a trip to Salem. Just name the date!

As far as French Lick is concerned, I had already kind of backed out. Just bought a new boat, so the funds were a little tight. I would love to be included in the reschedule. If I can do it, I will be there.

Tonight, I am getting a crash course on the bow flex so I can do it myself without having to have someone change everything for me. I still have not heard from the Heart and Wellness Center to set up my program. I have called them and they said they would call me when ready. I am starting to lose my enthusiasm for that place, so I am taking it into my own hands (again).

I am reading Jodi Picoult's new book, Vanishing Act. Anybody else read it yet? It is written in the same style as My Sister's Keeper where as everyone has their own voice. I like the way she does that. Great book!

Have a great evening.

Love, Besh

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Besh - I treated myself to Jodi's new book last time I went to Costco's. I am reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides right now, but Vanishing Acts is next in my TBR pile.

QOD - I had already backed out of French Lick because of a time crunch. I would love to be included in another date.

My Dear Niece called me this weekend and informed me that she is getting divorced. I am sad, but after hearing all her reasons, I know she is making the right choice. She has 3 young children, is going to school, has a part time job, takes care of the house and finances, and her DH had the nerve to tell her that she was putting too much pressure on him! This is when I wish I lived closer to her. She is estranged from her mother (long story), her sister lives far away and now with a divorce pending, she is feeling alone. This is another reason I didn't think I could make French Lick, because I can see myself hopping on a plane and heading to S.C. to visit her.

We took our 4 year olds to a play today at a Penn State branch campus. It was Jackie and the Beanstalk and it was cute. The "giant" was on stilts and he did a great job, except for the time he fell! He came out in the next scene with a "bandage" on his head and pretended to have a headache. I asked him after the show if he was going to keep the "fall" in the script and he just laughed and said maybe.

I am going to my Stitch 'N B*tch tonight. Since I am not currently working on a sewing project I will take along some knitting. Since the weather is getting warmer, my enthusiasm for scarves is waning, but it will keep my hands busy and prevent me from over eating (at least that is the plan).


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Good Morning Everyone,

I am for postponing the French Lick trip too. My funds are a little tight at the moments.

Well, I am off the fat flush plan and back to plain healthy eating and exercise. With the weather warming up, I can push the girls in the stroller. Surely walking 2 miles and pushing around 60 pounds not counting the stroller should help. I have also been doing the Pilates bun & thigh DVD and I LOVE it. It is only 18 minutes and it is working.

Better get to work. The guys are wanting their commission checks.


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Hello, hello, hello! Anybody out there?

Hey remember Diet Divas? Well I guess there is a little mystery going on. Their web site has disappeared and there are some very unhappy customers. That is my gossip for the day!

Love, Besh

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Good Morning Besh!

I am here and feeling lonely. I hadn't heard about DD. I wonder what is up.

Yesterday was a spectacular day, weather wise anyway! I am in deadline and it is one of those deadlines from hell.

Hope everyone is having fun but take time to check in!

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Hi Guys! Just checkin' in!

Haven't caught up yet around here. It was so beautiful here yesterday, I decided to weed some of my yard...felt good! I am going to a presentation by a local master gardener/celebrity this weekend. He's pretty funny and I am looking forward to getting motivated about enjoying my yard this summer! ----Tikanas: do you have your peas in yet? We're just planting 'em here now. The tulip festival starts this weekend too!

I guess people are filing complaints about Diet Divas to the Florda Attorney General. The company has vanished!

I have been staying on track, but no results yet. The older I get the less dieting results I have! arg!

NHSuzanne- good luck on your deadline. The end of your month is always stressful with selling; how do you deal with it?

QOD: Matter of fact, how do the members here deal with a stressful situation? (besides eating?)

I guess I don't deal very well. I sometimes try to avoid talkig about it - Queen of Denial syndrome. But, usually, when I face it, it's less stressful than the thoughts of dealing with it!

Check in!

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo Gallery from Skagit Valley Tulips!

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It's so hard to believe you can be gardening up there in Washington BJ! I look on the map and you "appear" to be at a higher laditude than we are in NH. It's strange but I guess you are much more temperate than we are. We won't be planting peas until the middle of next month if we are lucky !

QOD: I deal with my stress by riding my horse after work. When I can't ride a visit and training or grooming session with them is what I do. I am a stress eater too but if I remove myself from the food I deal with my stress in other ways. Walking is a great stress reliever and I take one of my horses with me. My cats and animals in general are great stress relievers spending quality time with them takes your mind off anything. Yoga, if I will allow myself that time. I have always found that if I talk about the thing that is causing stress that it helps relieve it.

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NH Suzanne - I agree about this being a kind of learning ground. I'm not exactly sure what all we are supposed to be learning, lol, but it doesn't make sense that a person would spend decades getting smarter about life, just to let it all go to waste. I think the universe is smarter than that. I've been wishing a lot that I had my younger, healthier body back, but I wouldn't trade that for the things I've learned. I want both, lol.

Patti, isn't it amazing how intelligent educated health care people still think that if they make us feel as bad as possible over things we have little control over that they've done their job? Oh, well.

I think I'm reasonably at peace (at least not at war) with my way of eating right now. I've started back on the HL products, and I think they help me have more energy, even though expensive. I might even start selling them, lol. Who knows. I'm going to plant some more cauliflower, broccoli, and cat grass.

I deal with stress by deep breathing, positive affirmations, and picturing things that have happened in the past that made me feel good. I'm not under fire at the time, though. If I were, then I'd concentrate on the slow, deep breathing which can be done under most circumstances. This may sound strange, but the practice of focusing on your naval while breathing is actually very centering and calming.

I hope everyone is having a good, healthy eating day day.


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you and I must have posted at the same time yesterday! I am glad that Dave called his mother.

Just a quick check in... It seems a shame that we all have to postpone French Lick! Any ideas on reschedule dates? The sooner we know, the easier to plan!

QOD: I SHOULD de stress by working out, but that's not always the case. Getting involved in a project helps.

Have a great day everyone!


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QOD: I think that I destress mostly by using humor. It usually helps me to stop focusing on the negative. I asked Dave today what he found out about me after we had married that he hadn't known in the 11 years that we were friends first & his reply was that I had such a keen sense of humor. I told him that I was stressed before! ;)

Tikanis~We haven't talked in a long time.

Amy~It has been a long time since we have talked as well. You are right about the health care workers. If you "look" healthy, you must BE healthy! Ha!

Marci~Would love to be at your Stitch 'N B!tch club tonight. I have a friend who wants me to do some things for her & I have something that I started for my Mom that I haven't gotten done yet.

Well, goodnight all! I will get back to say more probably tomorrow. I just finished reading "In the River Sweet" by Patricia Henley, Besh. Have you read it?

Patti :)

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Rabbit - Rabbit!!

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DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were early, Marci!

Rabbit, Rabbit!

QOD: I de-stress by letting the air of the tires of people who are mean to me.......(just kidding; it IS the day for kidding) teee heee

Make today count!

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Rabbit, Rabbit!! Marci, you sly fox beat us all!!

Amy good to hear from you again so soon. Hope you stay with us.

It's Friday and I am still in deadline. Almost done but it's been a tough one. Oh my..........

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My DH told me this morning that Taco Bell bought the Liberty Bell to use in their advertising! I am gulible but I did not fall for that one.

QOD: Stress is something that I don't do well. I clench my teeth, so I need a mouth guard. I overeat and then feel gross. I spend alot of time on the computer to clear my mind (and avoid what I should be dealing with)and then nothing else gets done. If DH and I are both stessed because of each other, we usually go out in the hot tub where it is quiet and we can talk and relax. I do have some relaxation CD's that I listen to and that seems to help. The problem is I don't take enough time to destress myself, which causes more stress. This probably wasn't very helpful, huh?

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Rabbit, Rabbit to all! LOL Marci~You got us all this time. I've got book club this p.m. It is the last one until Oct. when the "snowbirds" return. I'm currently reading, "Reading Lolita in Tehran". I've been reading a lot of books that have been loaned to me & aren't the kind of books that I normally would have read but I think that they are definitely books that I should read. They tell so much about what is going on in the world. Hi to all & have a good weekend! Patti :)

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Rabbit, Rabbit!!

Well, I won't need to be stressed anymore. I went to the doctor and found that i had lost 20 lbs this month! Here's hoping I can do better next week when I go try on bikinis for my European vacation.

Last night I had the most wonderful surprise! I won the California Lottery! Anyone need a loan? Kids and I are off to buy the new Mercedes today.

We bought a gorgeous home in Malibu overlooking the ocean. The house leans a little to the left after all the rain but, what the heck.

So, now that I am so rich, I am paying everyone's way to French Lick!! Suzanne, we'll fly your horses in too. Surprise! Won't this be fun??

Anybody buying any of this?


Tikanas : )

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Ladies- Happy Belated Easter and Rabbit Rabbit. Been busy with life and more.

DeeMarie- I like Diane Mott Davidson too. She writes a great story that is a good read! I really am enjoying her books.

Besh- I really want to get Jodi's new book. It looks like another winner.

I have a place where my sons engagement pictures are posted. If you would like to see them, please email me and I will send you a link.

Raeanne: You are awesome-way to stay on track and be focused.

Hi Amy and Patti- so go to read what is going on with both of you.

Yesterday's QOD: Stress and what do I about it. I really try to focus on the big picture. I had a situation just recently with one of my dogs and the vet bill. She had to have 23 teeth pulled and it was uber expensive. I had no choice-I was freaked about the money, couldn't sleep but I just figured, I will deal with it and get through it. I have been through worse.

Have a good day - Gretchen

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Good Saturday morning everyone!

It's pouring buckets here and we are expecting 3"-5" of rain today and tonight. It's not nice and it's a cold, cold rain. The horses are grumpy and I don't blame them.

Gretchen, why did your dog have to have all of those teeth pulled? How many teeth does a dog have? 23 seems like it should be all of them. You are right though, we have always been through worse or it could be worse. Those words always resonate in my head in times of stress. Eventually I come to realize that everything is perfect the way it is.

Raeanne, where are you these days? Have you slipped off to another tropical vacation or something? Check in and let us know you are well.

Speaking of stress and the deadline from hell. I did so much stress eating yesterday that it's not funny. There is always tons of snack stuff in the office at deadline, candy, pretzels, popcorn, you name it. I stuffed it all in yesterday and then someone brought back big mac's for lunch and I ate one of those! No fries, I am watching my weight after all!! LOL I am totally disgusted with myself and I am going to put that ugly scene behind me and go forward. Still, I can't get over how DELICIOUS that Big Mac was! I haven't had one in years!! LOL..............stress...........if only I could laugh it away instead of eating it away!!

That's my confession. Have a good Saturday everyone.

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Suzanne: I UNDERSTAND the Big Mac. How can something so good be so bad? LOLOL. I really am trying to focus on my eating and why I put anything into my mouth. If it is not important to my health, it is not going in there. Some days are better than others.

Dogs have 42 teeth. The reason my little mini schnauzer had so many pulled is because I AM A BAD DOG OWNER!!! She should have been in a while ago ( as in years ) to have her teeth cleaned. I neglected her care to say the least and she had a lot of teeth that were rotting in her mouth. I feel horrible that she had so many pulled but the vet kept telling me that they see this a lot. Small dogs are susceptible to bad teeth. I am sure there is a reason but it still comes down to my neglect. Gracie ( her name ) is a man's dog. She didn't come near me when my ex moved out for SIX MONTHS. She was not happy that he was no where around. She wouldn't look at me for weeks after I had her spayed. She is 13 years old and crabby. Norton, my pug, takes very good care of her. He licks her eyes clean, and any crumbs that might hanging off her mustache. She just growls at him but doesn't move away. The whole time Norton is cleaning, he is wagging his tail, but he is a pug and they LOVE their food.

I am off to a softball double header today. The sun is out so it should be a good day for a game!


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My DH once said (seriously) "why don't you go on a diet that allows you to eat all those things you love, then you will stick to it" okay don't you realize that is the diet that got me here??? Sometimes I feel like clobbering him - he is so clueless, since he has never had to diet.

I have been under the weather. Last weekend I bragged about never getting colds - guess what? I can't remember a time I felt so sick from a cold. The wierd part was that I would all of sudden feel better and then a couple hours later I couldn't move my head off the pillow.

QOD - I think long walks all alone are a big destresser for me. Yoga is also - I'm not saying that is how I handle stress, but those are things that I know work for me. I am another one that doesn't really like to discuss stressful issues - until they get to my breaking point - VERY BAD. But I prefer DeeMaries idea LOL.

Speaking of taking air out of tires, I went to workout last Sunday, when I went to get in my car, there was no more than a foot between me and the car that parked on the driver's side. I was well within my parking space. I was so p!ssed - it is the first time I actually felt like keying a car and that was after a great workout. Fortunately I was able to climb over through the passenger side. As I left I thought I should've left a little note for them on their window, but I didn't go back - I wished I had.

Gotta get busy at work today. I am hoping I can duck out of here early today. I have a special dinner to attend tomorrow night and want to feel up for it.

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Tikanas - lol, and here I was going to congratulate you on the phenomenol weight loss! You can see where my priorities are.

I had a friend with a nice home in Malibu. He wasn't right on the beach, but a block away from the country club house he was a member of, and that was on the beach. Now he is here on Kauai on the north shore.

Doing wash today, cleaning, running errands and trying to get to painting. I have one flower on my azalea plant, I hope I get more.

Have a good day everyone, de-stress if you can, and eat healthy.


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Tikanis~You had me fooled!

NH Suzanne~We had quite a bit of rain this a.m. but it is beautiful this p.m.

Raeanne~I'm terriby sorry that you got so ill.

Gretchen~My Mom & Dad have 2 miniature schnauzers & the vet made such a fuss the time before the last cleaning that she didn't take him back until just recently. He had to have a few teeth pulled too. The vet told her that she shouldn't have let the "attitude" stop her from bringing in her baby.

Amy~The azaleas around here are so beautiful. I'm not looking forward to summer. I love the weather more in the 70 to 80 degree range. LOL

Well, hello to all & have a good weekend whatever you have planned. Patti :)

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Good morning!

I'm behind on posts--as usual--

I had a fun day Friday--a girlfriend/former co-worker is turning 40 today, and I met with her and 4 others across from where I used to work, and had lunch. Gosh, I miss 'em--and before that I got my hair cut, and since I was early, I went to the outrageously expensive jewelry store next to the salon, and tried on a $65,000 diamond bracelet. (GULP!!) THEN--I went to a local expensive store, and tried on an $850 pair of shoes. (Now, these are custom made, Stuart Weisman, made for the Derby, and I had NO intention of trying them on, but the lady asked, and I was not going to turn that one down! They looked lovely with my jeans!! LOL!)

Anyhoo--spent all day and half the night working on purses, and now I'm getting into the glasses--

Hope everyone has a great day!



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It is snowing like crazy here!! And that is not a late April Fool's joke.The only good thing is that it isn't sticking to the roads and it is supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow, so it will melt fast.

Maddie - You mean you didn't buy 2 pairs of those shoes! LOL
I think it is fun to try on things you wouldn't normally wear, but I have never tried on anything that far out of my price range. Sounds like fun!
We did test drive a BMW once though.

Patti - I picked up a copy of Reading Lolita in Tehran yesterday at Costco. I seem to gravitate to the book section every time I go in there. What did you think of the book? I am still trying to finish Middlesex. It is a good book, but I keep falling asleep every time I sit down to read it. That may not seem like a good testimonial for the book, lol, but it has more to do with my poor sleep habits than the book itself.

Raeanne - Hope you are feeling better soon.

I have started keeping a food journal again and I hope it will help me think before I eat. I received so many goodies for Easter (lady locks, orange cookies, and lots of chocolate candy), that it was hard to resist. I took some candy to my parent's house and shared the cookies with my family, but I still ate too much junk. It is time to get back on track!! I can't hide under my winter clothes much longer. :~(

I am off to eat some oatmeal and strawberries.


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Good SUNDAY morning!

We had 24 hours of awful, awful weather. The wind and rain just did not stop. We lost power for most of last night....a power line went down about 1/4 mile from us on the sent sparks up into the night air like fireworks for almost 2 hours! I believe they intentionally shut down our power to fix the lines, so DH and I brought up a flashlight to bed and turned on a battery=powered radio that gets local TV stations (he is soooo addicted to his TV!) I fell asleep listening to "Cops" on Fox TV! LOL

This morning, we got a call that FIL fell again. My MIL called DH and his brother (8 miles away!) to help pick him up. I was astounded that she did not call 911; however, when DH got home, he told me that the doctors told MIL that my FIL's cancer may have gone into his hips. So sad; he's on codeine for pain, so he may have gotten disoriented. This does not look good, but we will wait for diagnoses and pray. Please keep my DH's family in your thoughts.

On Friday, I was getting ready for The Eagles' concert (which was wonderful--I felt 30 years younger! LOL). Anywho, I was putting on makeup and listening to the radio when I said aloud "Dear Jesus, please take our Pope into Heaven peacefully". DH yelled to me "if you have to ASK for the Pope to be taken into heaven, what chance to WE have"?? LOL!! I'm glad he's at peace now, but DH and I had a good laugh over that...we discussed how we should have asked the Pope to intervene for US!!

Hope this is a good weekend for all of you. [I got into some chocolate yesterday, but I counted the points, so I guess it's OK? (right!)]

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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