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flowergirl70ksMarch 20, 2006

I have a lovely bedspread made by my Mother in the 20's. I sometimes display it on my bed as a throw or on a quilt rack. Occasionally I wash it. It's so beautiful, I really think it belongs in a museum. I'm wondering how does one store something like this? I also have 3 daughters and they all want it--What to do?

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Try a Google search for textile museums - they should be able to advise you. Or you can contact the National Trust for Historic Preservation in Washington DC. Some years ago they sent me a whole packet of information on preserving and restoring antique linens.


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As far as which daughter gets it...if it is stored, no need in rotating it among them. First born gets a lot, baby gets her share, middle child gets skipped over. I am thinking "Thank God for one". Make your decision now. My mother did not. I am an only biological daughter. I have a half sister. I have 3 brothers. They, or their wives, got first grabs on mother's handmade linens. I had taken off work for 2 weeks before her death & was there most of the time. I just wanted to go home & rest...grieve on my own or what ever. One brother showed up with a trailer of what they THOUGHT I'd like. The quilts they brought were what was used everyday on their beds as children. Retopped & bottomed & worn out again. I had helped mother quilt all my life & did not get one thing worth displaying. Their words when they came by when we were quilting still haunt me. "Yuck! Ya'll quilting again".

I am sure Mother thought I would get things I helped make. I bought her the magazines for ideas. I bought supplies for her projects & wound up with nothing. We have a few quilts here that we made specifically for bedspreads for my room or my daughter's. They are all cheater fabrics. I don't have anything exotic that she pieced.

Don't assume one or the other will get it. You make that decision & tell everyone & put it in writing.

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