WW fans - who's doing this program here?

mcpegMarch 4, 2008

I'm on my third winter of returning to WW for my last phase of weight loss. 3 years ago I was 167 pounds. I gave myself small goals each winter with the hardest part not so much the dieting but maintaining my lost weight and eating better. Now I'm on my home stretch. I only gained 7 pounds from where I left off last year.

My WW buddie is my best friend who lives across the country but we are yakking online for support.

Today is my 'official' day of starting again.

I've got some reference materials from the internet, the full 'home package'.

Anyone need help with this program? I do the points not core.


Round Three


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Me - Me - Me!

Can I join you?

I just joined on line last week. I had a fabulous first week. Not normal, I know. Down 7 pounds first week. Have stablized this week and with two days to go, I am down 1 pound.

I have a lot to go as I am very obese. Too embrassed to give my weight right now. Hope it is alright if I don't.


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I'm doing Weight Watchers Core plan. I started attending the meetings 4 weeks ago yesterday. In the past, I did the flex points and didn't do well because I took advantage and ate too much. With the core plan, I'm having success and no temptations. I'm averaging a 2 lb. loss a week so far, but as I get more used to eating this way, I'm starting to cut back on portion sizes, so hope to lose a little faster.

I post at the SS forum for encouragement and support. We're all doing different diets there, but we all have the same goal - to lose in a safe and healthy way. Come join us if you like!

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Hi Dody and Milkdud! I'm posting everywhere and anywhere to keep myself motivated.
Dody, you don't have to give your weight - we're all here together for support. Glad to see you posting and welcome! I have always found reading the threads helps me stay on track. And like Milkdud said, feel free to join any thread.

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Hello all,

I'm Dody's sister. I do have to say it's a struggle for her. She is doing everything right even down to the exercise. (Isn't shoveling snow exercise?) Now she has some obsticles to over come because she has a very bad back, she has four stints in and more recently rotor cuff surgery. On top of that, she suffers from vertigo. Kodows to you Dody. Myself on the other hand, do not belong to any diet club. I've been fortunate that I was skinny all my life and only in the the past two or three years have started gaining weight. Slowly it snuck up on me. One day I looked in the mirrow and ouch.. there it was, an innertube above what used to be my waiste line. Month by month, it was insidious as it crept up on me. Enough already!!!!

So Dody loaned me a slider for WW foods and sent several websites. Wonderful!! I lost two pounds in the first two days, and the third pound the next. Then two days later had regained one pound. and it has stayed there, unchanging for over a week. This morning however, the scales blinked on the one pound less mark and settled on the original number.. Grrrrrrrrrrrr... well, that tells me that maybe it will come off all in good time. It did make me a little happier, because, I've given up my doritos and chips and yummies and exchanging for fruit and cheerios and oatmeal. Which in it self is a hardship, if you had any idea of how much I love doritos. So here I am useing the 18 points.. I really dare not go less then that and I only go over it every couple of days or so. I know we are allowed 30 something extra a week.. (I'm right, yeah?)

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Thanks, lcw, for the vote of confidence. McPeg and Milkdud, thanks for the welcome and encouragement.

This week has been a struggle for me, weight wise. Down one pound and back up two. So I was up one pound for my weight in. I know it is probably my body adjusting to the big weight loss the first week. I know I have been keeping on track, point wise.

Activity level has been down, as we have had such rotten weather this week. Today is better, and I am gonna try to get out and walk. Can't go far, but a beginning is a beginning. I have a hilly terrain to go on. I would love to drive to town and walk on the sidewalks. May do that.


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Glad to see your post. Yes, with the flex plan you get 30 extra weekly points.

My biggest influence on moving my weight and actually feeling better is water. I never seem to drink enough of it because I get board with it. Today I'm going out to get some sugar free ice tea mix (makes a nice change) and some juice drinks that are pure juice (no punch). I dilute those small drink boxes just to get flavour in the water.

I know what you mean Dody about the weight sticking, bouncing back up and then down and plateaus. Think long term when you get stuck. Don't dwell on the day itself. I'm happy if I can maintain within a couple of pounds - I retain water some days and other days I'm thirsty (hormones!). So don't fret over this at all. If anyone wants my collection of articles and excel weight loss tracker (nice chart), email me and I'll send the documents to you. Also have a good page from the internet on plateaus.

Today I'd love to hear if you have a weekly reward for yourself for stepping up to the plate to better health.

Mine is a luxurious bubble bath - complete with CD player, candles and the nicest smelly soap I can find and shampoo. I do splurge on bathroom treats when I do WW because they are calorie free and physically/mentally rewarding. Or I get super nice smelly shower stuff and slather myself from head to toe.

What's your treat this week for stepping up to the plate? It's irrelevant if you have good or bad days because this is really all about taking better care of ourselves. Don't dwell on bad moments, slip ups - let them go and keep looking ahead.

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I am doing the spark people website. I considered WW but this was free and has many useful learning tools. I have lost 12 lbs since I started but relapsed when the flu hit our household. I'm trying to get back into the swing of it and we are finally getting nice weather our way so I can get outdoors and walk longer distances.
I have dieted since I was 10 years old and 20 years later I am still at it (talk about persistence!)
This time- no pills, shakes, fads- just learning how to eat correctly and make it a part of everyday living.
I would love to join with you guys even though I am doing something different!

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Welcome Groomingal! Learning to eat healthy, proper portions, balanced meals is the real secret to success along with some exercise (walking is always great). Many folk, irregardless of diet, chat in the SS weekly thread. You'll meet the whole gang over there. We'd all love to hear from you, share your ups, your downs and anything you want to share. Having friends to talk too, anytime, who know only to well where you are coming from is a great comfort to me. I'm an so glad you can join us!

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