Janome Emboidery Machine 300e

ladyscottMarch 9, 2006

Hi, Perhaps someone out there has had the same problems with their machine as I have. The 300e was bought as a present just over a year ago. I started doing only the small designs incorporated on machine and everything was fine. I then moved abroad and the machine was not used for several months. About last september, I started using machine to do much bigger designs and downloading internet designs, however in trying to do the larger designs the thread constantly breaks, especially when it goes at high speed and overlapping designs (like feathers on birds) I have had the problem with Giga Hoop and internet designs while small ones are still OK. When the thread keeps breaking it compounds problems as thread shreds and go inside the machine. As I now live in Greece I cannot easily get machine back to Janome although they have had it back once but problem still exists. Has anyone else had this happen or do I just have a 'rogue' machine.

Thanks look forward to any replies.

Please note I have tried all types of stabalizer I only use Janome threads and needles, I have altered the speed of machine (it is better at 400) and the tension and I have cleaned it on several occasions.

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I have the same machine. I have heard that Janome threads can be VERY bad. Janome don't make them, just put a label on. I've read about this problem before. I use Madeira rayon thread and the machine on medim speed. I use Schmetz universal needle and no problem. I love heavy designs like birds and while I don't have the Gigahoop, I do a lot of dense designs with the 5"7" and really have no problems. I would suggest that you change the thread and take it from there. Let me know how you get on. My salesperson doesn't stock the Janome thread and told me to use the Schmetz needles so....... GOOD LUCK!

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How are you getting on?

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If your thread is breaking it could be running to fast or a thread problem, the thread might even be too old. If the thread is shredding as you say, look at:

worn needle
wrong size needle/thread
a nick at the needle plate or bobbin housing, or possibility the hook itself could have a nick.
If you have had a broken needle or a needle/hoop collision the latter could be the problem.

However, remember free designs are FREE designs; they may be too dense, perhaps being designed for a very different machine/fabric. Remember, your choice of fabric and design density dictates your needle size and stabilizer selection. Many times on free Internet designs you just donÂt know what the author had in mind. Try a built in design at the same speed, thread, needle setup, or perhaps at a high speed, if the thread survives then it is most assuredly a design problem. You might try using something like Embird to reduce the stitch density and then stitch out the design again. Also if you have resized the design try stitching it at its original size and see if it works better, then adjust it LESS, say a max of 15%. You might also send the design to someone else and have him or her try it, if it fails on two different machines that would be more evidence of a poorly digitized design.

Good luck.

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PS: I'm sorry, I just saw you mentioned the Giga Hoop. Of course always try and use the smallest possible hoop to minimize the up and down movement of the fabric, which can also cause shreds. If you see excessive movement and you must use a large hoop, donÂt be afraid to slow it down even more.

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I have a new Janome 9500 and right away I was/am having breaking thread issues. From all I read, its the thread. I would never buy Janome thread again. I am now trying Robinson-Anton and have much better luck. I also slowed the machine to 500. Now if I could only have better issues with my bobbin/thread nest or what ever trouble I am having!

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