Wife wants to use a digitizer, what is it?

rolacoyMarch 21, 2011

My wife has a Baby-loc Elegante embroidery machine and wants to digitize something. When we bought the machine about 3 years ago we also bought some software to run on her PC laptop. I know the software was pretty expensive, but I don't know what it was supposed to do. I don't think that she ever tried to use the software. I think that it was digitizing software and a paint program to make designs to digitize.

We both have Mac computers, she still has the PC, she kept it to use with the Elegante. I am a retired commercial artist and never was smart enough to use a PC computer, I made my living with a Mac. So I have all of the good drawing programs, including Photoshop to make any kind of design.

From what I understand about the embroidery machine it will take a, say jpeg file and digitize it, which means it makes a file that the embroidery machine can read. Am I somewhat correct?

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I don't have a Baby Lock machine, but if the software you got was expensive, it's probably their proprietary digitizing software. Hopefully you got a manual or it has built-in tutorials that can help you get started.

My digitizing software is very old, but it does basically what you said - you can import a picture and it can digitize it into a file the embroidery machine can understand.

Check with Baby Lock - they may have a way you can run their software on Macs instead of PCs. They may also have on-line tutorials for the software.


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Digitizing is drawing your own pattern. I used to scan cards ie snowmen etc. I got very good at it and then downloaded coloring book pages (be careful here some have viruses). Also ensure they are not "protected" and not to be copied.

Digitizing is not the embroidery machine. It is a program that you purchase from EMBIRD....I believe you can still get a sample of it for free for 30 days online. www.Embird.com
You would want to download the basic program for now and then go slowly until you learn what to do. There are many wonderful things you can do with a digitizer. Remember it doesn't matter which Embroidery machine you have it is all in the pattern designation ie HUS XXX etc.
I would suggest you download the manual for that segment at a time and go one step at a time. '
You will also need a BAMBOO pallette with a stylist as you will be "drawing" a lot of patterns. Hope you enjoy!

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