brother embroidery machines

sojomaMarch 28, 2010

I have never used an embroidery machine before.

After reading reviews and comments, I have narrowed my choices down to two machines.

Brother PE 150

Brother SE 270 D

Which one would be the better choice for a beginner?

I located one of each model new in the box.(Private sales)

the SE 270D costs $250.00

the PE 150 costs $125.00

All opinions and comments will be greatly appreciated!!!

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You've probably already chosen by now, but here is my answer. I have the PE 180D. I think it's very similiar to the 150. I've never embroidered before either and I haven't done a lot with it--too busy. However, it's super easy to use, but I still haven't figured out the stablilizer. I've been embroidering on heavier material, so that doesn't matter. I liked the 270D, but didn't need the sewing capability. I think both prices look good. I think they are both good machines. But, if you only need to use it for embroidery, I'd save some $$ and get the 150. Let us know what you decide.

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