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nhsuzanneMarch 23, 2009

Good Monday all,

It's frigid here in NH!! Feels like winter is back but it's not for long!

How was your weekend?

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Suzanne - is it just you and me today? Sorry you're having a wintry day, you won't have many of those left this year, hopefully.

I'm glad my weekend is over. A little stressful - husband had outpatient surgery to remove two basal carcinomas. They had to cut very deeply and stitch quite a bit. The one on his face goes alongside his entire ear. I got queasy just cleaning the wounds - literally dizzy. I told y'all I was a wuss.

He looks like he was in a fight, and lost. His eye was even black this morning. Hated to send him off to work like that......

Weight Watchers continues to go well. Almost 22 pounds lost. One of my new friends is so cute - she is a cancer survivor and has the best outlook on life. She lost even though she celebrated her birthday all weekend (one celebration included fried catfish, hushpuppies, potato salad, baked beans....yum.) I could gain 5 pounds just thinking about it!

Have any of you ever prepared cauliflower like mashed potatoes? I did last night as a side dish to my chicken cordon bleu recipe, and it was so good. Has practically no WW points, since I used fat-free skim milk and Smart Balance spread, and just a little bit of parmesan cheese.

Hope everyone is well and off to a good start today.


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Jan~Most of us used to do our cauliflower like that when we were SSing. LOL Very good that way. Throw in some of the dry ranch dressing too for a different flavor. IDK what the count would be on that. You can tell me though.

NH Suzanne~Thanks for getting us started. It is cooler here today too but that is a really good thing.

I had the best weekend ever.

Milkdud~I got your card & it was gorgeous. If that is your scrapping style I love it!! Do you have a Cricut or did you use one to make the letters? They were very cute!

Well, I have quite a few cards I want to make for our Red Hat group so I need to run. Have a great week. We don't have anything on the calendar. Patti :-)

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Good afternoon!

Susanne, I am praying that all our wind here today will blow some of our warm air your way quickly!!! It's 80 F. and sunny and windy.

Jan, I'm one who still makes "faux-tatoes". Even my husband likes them. I make mine like you do, but back on Somersizing, we could use cream and real butter, and they were fantastic!

Patti, so glad that you liked the card. A friend loaned me her Cricut among other supplies, so I used that to make some of your card. I really don't have a set style yet, just whatever moves me at the moment.

I had my first visit to a chiropractor this morning. He pinpointed every spot where I've ever had hurt, so I'm going back on Wednesday to begin the road toward getting fixed. I'll keep y'all informed on how it works. I hope he can address my insomnia problem. Do you think that he can manipulate whatever it is that makes me crave bad foods??? LOL

I worked out afterwards, then went to Susanne's to pick up dishes and ice chests to return to the church so that everyone can now pick up their dishes. So much easier than returning each and every dish to the home of the cook. She's hanging in there and dealing with things as they arise. I'm really proud of how well she's handling things. She cries, then she's alright, etc. All her family has gone home now, but her friends are everywhere around here. She wants me to take a road trip to the Dallas area the first weekend in April so that she can visit her son and family, and I can visit my son and his wife. I think I'll go with her!

I need to sneak in a quick nap before attending my final "Meltdown Challenge" meeting tonight. As of last Friday, I was in contention for 1st place, so who knows what will happen tonight?!?

Wishing everyone a good evening!

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Not much going on around here this week. It is a slow week for me too.

Milkdud~I am in hopes that you won that first place!

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing! Patti :-)

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Good Tuesday afternoon!

Patti, I didn't win, and I didn't deserve to either. With company last week, we ate out at least once a day, then being at Susanne's house so often and good food everywhere, I overdid it. I dread weighing in at TOPS tomorrow! LOL

Today I had a couple of women from church over here to make little gifts to go in the shut-in meals this Thursday. I still had time to go work out, so I did. I also officially joined Curves today as a paying member since the challenge is over. It only costs me $36.81 monthly, just $4 more than at BL last year, and I really do enjoy it so much more.

Tomorrow, I'll have my first chiropractor appointment/adjustment, then TOPS meeting, Curves workout, and grocery shopping for the ingredients to make a cobbler for the shut-in lunches on Thursday. Whew!

My house is so nice and clean since I really got busy before my friends came over this morning, so I may as well curl up with a good book and a snooze. Wishing everyone a great day!

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Hello, ladies,

About 7-8 years ago, I used to be a very regular poster on the SS thread on this board. I wonder if some of you were here then too? I'm afraid I don't recognize the names/logins for certain...but some seem a little familiar. (The one name that was a constant back then was Rondaren--Ronda Renee, I think she was from the D.C. area, and she usually started our discussion threads.)

Anyway, I was just wondering, since you keep SS in the title, if anybody was still doing Somersizing, and if not, why did you all switch? SS'ing was my first introduction to restricting carbs in my diet, and I remember being scared to death of eating fat or using cream, of all things! I did lose a few pounds (12, I think it was) in the first 4-5 months, but then I hit a plateau that I just couldn't break, and after about a year, I drifted back to eating in a way that was more inclusive. And over time and a few more pregnancies, I gained back about 5 of the pounds I had lost.

There was such a SS following here then. I'm curious about why it ended. Did someone find out that SS'ing really didn't work or was there some controversy? Or did people just fall away like I did for other reasons?

Thanks for the input. It's a little strange to come back to a place and find only shadows of something that was once so established.


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Happy Tuesday!!

Suzanne, I just took a look at that cottontail post and had to side with you, it's not funny at all. I know it's fake but that rabbit is very lifelike, just doesn't appeal to my sense of humor and I think I have a pretty good one. The wind here was fierce yesterday and it's just way too cold. I'm tired of cold and heavy coats, I want spring weather!!

Milkdud, too bad you didn't win but hey, you are going great. Enjoy Curves!

Patti, you need to rest as busy as you have been. You made me tired reading about all of your activities. How is Dave feeling?

Rebecca, welcome! I have been here 3-4 years now and don't know Rondaren but maybe some of the other ladies remember?
Personally I don't SS, it's not for me. I do WW and find it an easy and livable program and am a lifetime member who lost her way. I think the SS stayed in the name because that's what it's always been called but I think few of us, if any, actually follow that plan. Whatever plan you choose to follow I hope you stick around and join us. We talk about our WOE but lots of other things too - jump in!

Take care and will catch up later.


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O-M-G! I remember Rondaren! Eklektos, is that the name you used back then? I don't remember your "tag." But, anyway, I quit SS-ing out of weakness, lack of time, and stress. I am FULL of excuses, aren't I? I wish I could stick to something as this is the heaviest I've ever weighed. I sometimes feel like if I could just get away by myself, I could get control of my life and actually lose some weight---does anyone ever feel this way?


I was sad to hear about Larry---so sad. I always have hope for our advanced medicine these days, but, unfortunately, some stupid monster disease almost always wins. My sympathies to his family and friends-it was a courageous fight he put up.


For what it's worth, I thought the bunny post was absolutely tasteless. I clicked on it not knowing and was unpleasantly caught in some sick humor. yuck. FOr some reason, I thought it was going to be a yummy new recipe for PEEPS or something...


Well, my DD had a sleepover bday party on Friday with 20 kids--15 of them spent the night---all teens. I thought I was going to go crazy. Never again. Of course, that's what I say every year and then, like childbirth, I forget what these slumber parties are like and I have another one....!

The day after the party, everyone in my family got the flu---but not me (spared to take care of otehrs!) DH now has walking pneumonia (sp) and he is real fun. he doesn't want to get addicted to his cough medicine so he's not taking it---and coughing all night. Oh, well, he's mine, right?

In other news, we are experiencing a fight with Baby V. The childless couple that he has been transitioning to since September and started overnighting with since January was starting the adoption process and a family member popped up. Now a cousin wants to adopt him-6 states away. The childless couple have become PLAN B and are heartbroken. I am beside myself with surprise that this family member never came looking for the baby, even though she KNEW he was there. Then I have moments of "Who am I to judge?" Who knows what will happen, but the state says he will be with us 4 to 6 more months. That's 2-1/2 years with him as my baby. It's gonna be hard...

Okay, well, just checkin' in. Glad to hear everyone is busy, busy, busy!

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Hm. So you've been participating in a diet forum for years, and only keep gaining weight? Maybe it's time to rethink your strategy. For starters you could quit clucking about my roadkill thread and actually start discussing your diets.

By the way, that pic has been posted all over the internet and never fails to get a chuckle. So maybe you ladies are the ones who are out of step.

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Good morning.

Perhaps I'm not the person to be saying this, as I have only been coming to this thread for not even a year, but here are my two cents.

Last May, I was growing very weary of my weight battle and more importantly, concerned about my health, so started looking for support wherever I could find it. I had been on Garden Web forums in the decorating section and just happened to find this group. To be honest, I didn't even know what SS stood for, but did like the sound of the word "support," which I have received from this wonderful group of friends since day one. Support, not only for my weight battle, but for dealing with a lot of tough issues that life has dealt.

Maintaining a proper weight and perspective is a lifestyle change, some of us struggle with it more than others, but we are all making an effort to get there.

BJ, I am so sorry about the latest news with Baby V. Sometimes you have to wonder if those in charge are really concerned with the child's welfare. I hope it can work out where the childless couple succeeds. I would wonder about the cousin just now showing up. What a roller coaster.

Harold, count me in as one of those out of step, I didn't care for the Easter bunny joke, either. Each to his own, I guess.

Have a good day.

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Good Wednesday all,

Harold please don't come here looking to start a fight with us. We mean you know harm. I was hoping your post about not meaning to offend anyone was sincere but now I wonder why you are here continuing the matter in an insulting way. Let's just call it quits on this subject. As Jan said, to each his own.

BJ, sorry about baby V's news. I hope things work out well for him. SOunds like you have your hands full.

Milkdud, take care of yourself!

Rebbecca welcome back. I think many of us here still follow SS to some extent. We have all modified our woe to so that it works for us. Moral support is a huge factor in our success.

I am home with another flu! I feel like there is an elephant on my chest.

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NHsuzanne- I'm so sorry to hear you have the flu. Get well soon!
Harold- I wrote a long flaming post to you but then decided to delete it. I think NHsuzanne's right, saying we're dropping it. I realize that I am probably out of step with humor these days; I desire a gentler, kinder sort of humor; that's just me. And, yes, I've gained and lost many pounds over the years here on Diet Chat, likely because I don't have the strong will power and drive needed to exercise, eat right, maintain a healthy weight. I come here because it's safe for me to be my human self and talk about anything that happy, sad, or frustrating in my world. Harold, we differ on our opinion of humor, that's as far as it goes, really. Truce?

Okay, I miss John really, really badly right now.

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wild chicken--no, I didn't log in as "eklektos" back then. I think it was just "Rebecca" or maybe "RebeccaC." I can't remember for sure, because there was a whole big mess with the former owner when he bought and sold several of his forums a few times, and I participated in more than one, but had to have 2 different logins when they were owned by different people/companies. Then when he recombined, I came up as a red flag to him because I had two logins but one email address. He "assigned" me a login, and I tried to negotiate (I thought politely) that because the people I had been talking to on the forums wouldn't recognize me. That was a mistake! He ended up banning me altogether as a suspicious person. It really wasn't my fault, but he was a little funny that way.

Most recently I've been following Atkins, but I'm modifying it somewhat to try to find what works for me. I know it needs to be low carb (no sugar, for sure, but even milk and grains need to go or be limited). Carbs make my body hurt--my joints, shoulder muscles, and spine all have problems when I eat a "normal" variety of foods. I tried WW for awhile, and I did lose a few pounds, but I ate mostly low-fat, high-fiber carbs and I completely lost the ability to be active. Not a good thing when you're the mom of 4 kids, 2 of whom are still toddlers. I need to be able to move--a lot!
My chiropractor was beginning to think I had fibromyalgia, but he suggested I try reducing milk and grains from my diet. I thought I might as well try something that would help me lose weight too, so I started Atkins. I've lost a few pounds, but I think some of the food items are too high in calories for me. So I'm trying to follow the general principles but reduce overall calories by using somewhat lighter products (like lower fat mayo instead of regular) and leaner meats, only a little cheese, etc. It's good in the sense that my body feels almost normal again, and that I really don't get hungry between meals like I did on a higher-carb diet. But I'm really still just finding my way.
I started on Feb. 2 at 152 pounds. I lost and then held around 147 for several weeks. This morning I was down to 145, but I'm not yet sure that low will "stick." I got that low once before but it bounced right back up to 146-147.


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Suzanne, hope you are getting some rest and feel better soon....

I just got back from the doctor's office and am so pumped! His scales showed I had lost 26 pounds since he lost saw me. The best news is that my cholesterol was down to 124 - I cannot remember a time ever in my life that it was that low!

So, as soon as my lunch is done, I'm going to try to walk before the rains set in. Looks like some stormy weather all around us, so hope we are all safe, wherever we/you live.

One non-diet comment - did anyone watch Dancing with the Stars last night? Granted, Denise Richards was pretty bad, but the Apple computer guy, Wozniak, should have gone. He seems like a nice guy, but poor fella just can't dance!

Have a great evening.....


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Hi! I had quilting this morning & yesterday I went to a friend's house & we tried to learn how to use our Cricuts. LOL I thought perhaps I had posted this morning but I can see I didn't. I was spazzing b/c I was supposed to have a layout done for a challenge. I had a week to do it & it was due today but I didn't even know anything about it until last night about midnight. So, it is done & I'm very happy with it.

Milkdud~I'm SO proud of you. I don't care if you won that silly contest or not--you are still a winner. You were in a situation were you had to eat out a lot & help your friend out & you did what you had to do. But, you have continued to do great things in the exercise department, the weight loss department, as well as great things for the community.

Rebecca~Do you remember me? I've been here since 1999. I remember Rondaren but cannot place you. I hope that you will come here often & make yourself at home. This has been home for me & I still miss those who have come & gone. It has been like family leaving home.

Donna~Dave tripped off the sidewalk on Saturday, did I tell that? He is doing better from that but today woke up & his face is completely swollen. We think it is b/c of all the dust at the Renaissance Festival. We were little brown children that day & had to come straight home & shower. Our clothes, shoes, & anything else we had that day needed/needs baths too.

BJ~I'm terribly sorry that those nice people have ended up as plan B. You hear about that so often now. And hopefully this doesn't sound mean b/c it isn't meant to be that way but at least this cousin showed up now instead of 2 years down the road. I hate those battles & think they are so unfair. I never see the child as a winner in those situations.

Harold~I for one did not look at your thread. Did you think that there was something here for you? Perhaps you would care to join us. Maybe you have some wonderful tips on how you have lost weight & kept it off? Just thinking that you must have come here for some positive purpose. Did you forget to share something kind??? Please don't be afraid to impart your wisdom. I for one am not dieting. But, I made friends here 10 years ago & still continue to come & support those who are. And, we call it a "Way Of Eating", WOE, not diet. This is a lifelong struggle for us & we know that in all of life there will be ups & downs.

Jan~I am SO proud of you too. Have you ever noticed how the tone of your posts has changed? You are more upbeat these days than ever. I'm thrilled that you got such great news from the dr. I'm a little frightened of my next visit. But, I know I must go. He & I need to have a discussion. Let's hope that we get some answers.

NH Suzanne~Did you get another ride this weekend? I'm missing your posts that tell stories of those glorious rides.

Raeanne & Marci & Peg & Besh~I miss you. You are the life blood of this group. OK, if you don't buy that, well you are still an arm or a leg. In other words, you are important. And, when you are gone, we miss you. That goes for John, Jen, Gretchen, DeeMarie, Maddie, & Amy. I'm sure that the others can help me out here. I didn't miss anyone on purpose.

Please enjoy your day. If you have made it this far--you are over the hump! LOL Patti :-)

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Hi All,

Jan, congratulations on the 26#. I have to agree with Patti, you are very upbeat these days and with good reason. Keep up the good work.

BJ, I am so sorry about Baby V. You know you have to wonder what child services are thinking sometimes. I know someone that had some dealings with them a very long time ago, and it just never seemed that they had the children's best interest at heart. I don't know. Baby V is so lucky to have found you and your family. I know it will be difficult, but you know that we are all here to support you....How are you doing during PEEP season?

Milkdud, Susanne is lucky to have you and so many friends around. The hardest part of a loss is when all the friends and family go home and you must pick up the pieces and continue on. A road trip sounds like a great idea!

Patti, ((HUGS)) to Dave. I hope he is doing better. I know that he has a great nurse!

Rebecca, I also remember Rondaren, but I am sorry that I don't remember your name. I am glad that you found us and I hope that you can stick around for some support and some laughs. We are not all highly successful dieters but we are also not quitters....obviously, many of us have been here for many years! I did follow SS when I first started here, but got lazy and blamed the WOE for not working, when I am sure it was my attitude to blame. I am following WW again, and am down is not alot, but it is steady. I am finally learning to make behavior changes and am realizing that there is no quick fix. Only took me about 25 years, but I am getting there. Welcome back!

Donna, it was so cold here yesterday also. Today is nice. Took Zoe for her 5 minute walk...that is all she is allowed right now, but it was a pleasure to be outside.

Suzanne, feel better. I wish I could bring you some chicken soup!

Raeanne, Marci, Gretchen, Jen, Maddie, Amy, Peg...hope you are having a good week.

Dee, I hope that you are having a wonderful trip. Miss you!


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Harold, maybe we are out of step but if we are that's OK with us. We have become friends and have gotten to know each other. We genuinely care about each other and what happens with not only with us but with our families and friends. It's definitely not all about our WOE and weight. We are always glad to welcome new people into our little family and if you are truly interested in joining we welcome you. If you are looking for an argument or trouble this is not the place to find it. Like BJ said, we differ in our humor and that's the end of that.

So much going on with everyone. I have to run and will post later but (((hugs))) to all of you.


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I'm back. Now to get down to important posting.

Suzanne, I am so sorry you have the flu. Rest, rest and more rest with lots and lots of fluid. I am sending love, light and healing thoughts to you my friend.

BJ, I am so sorry about the way things are going with Baby V. I can't believe you have had him as long as you have. I know you will have the strength to handle whatever happens whenever it happens. (((Hugs)) and hope that things turn around for him and Plan B becomes Plan A again.

Milkdud, how are you doing? You have gone through a lot lately. You have been a true friend to Larry and his family.

Jan, I am glad you joined this group. I have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to continuing getting to know you. I love your insight and sense of humor. By the way, WTG on that loss and cholesterol!! You rock Jan!!

Besh, poor Zoe, I'm glad she's doing better. At least her 5 minutes gets you out, right? You are doing great on WW, I'm proud of you and want to follow in your footsteps. I am so very done with cold weather.

Patti, oh no, poor Dave. I'm sending him love, light and healing thoughts too. The festival was fun? No more sickness or falls!! I'm gearing up to that big email, watch out.

Rebecca, as you can see we do all kinds of WOE. I hope you stay around and join us. It's a comfortable place to come and get the support you need, not just about your weight loss journey but whatever is going on in your life that you want to share with us.

Got stuff to finish up before preparing lunch for tomorrow. I'm glad tomorrow is Thursday, it's been a long week.

I hope Dee is having the time of her life. Come out and play Raeanne, Gretchen, Marci and everyone know who you are!

Enjoy the rest of your evening - talk later!!


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This is my second week here, and I'm starting to feel more comfortable. And It's fun getting to know the people here.

I'm a WW'er, and am starting my 6th week. Not doing great...slow but sure. Lost a total of about 8 lbs so far. Monday was my 62nd birthday, so I did celebrate a little bit. Now I'll have to work up sweat to make up for it.

On the personal side, DH had a follow-up PSA test on Tuesday after suffering prostate cancer a year ago. It's always a worry until we get that good report back. So far so good. He'll have the PSA test every 6 months for many years. Prostate cancer is a tough ordeal for a man to go through.

My only health concern is high blood pressure. But dieting and exercise is helping tremendously. My goal is to get off meds all together.

Thanks for your warm welcome. See ya all next week!

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Good morning!

It's starting to feel more like spring here in CA.

I'm loving the daylight savings because it means I'm actually motivated to get out and garden, hike, and get my body moving!! My biggest problem this week is not getting bored with my food choices. It's so hard to plan out healthy lunches when going to work for 8 hours and knowing I'm going to have to eat whatever I pack!! I made a homemade hummus last night and that's lovely. Combined with some chicken and cheese it's my breakfast. Not exactly one of champions but I think it'll have enough protein to get me through the morning!

I'm not on any specific plan, just changing my eating habits and exercising like a fiend. Yesterday walked for 1.5 hours to the pharmacy and back while my daughter was in her afterschool activity. This chore would usually be driven to, but what else am I going to do for 2 hours? Usually I'd sit there and yuk it up with the other parents, which is really nice but not conducive to losing weight!

Hope y'all have a great Friday-Eve!

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Good morning!

Thanks, everyone, for the nice words and support. I'm never surprised by your kindness, but always happy to receive it. Re: my attitude. Thanks for noticing - I think I am happier, and also learning new ways to cope and deal with my emotions so they don't get the upper hand.

Joyce, I have been doing WW for almost 12 weeks. I went back in my food journal to look where I was, weight wise, at 6 weeks, and I had lost just about the same as you. Slow and steady definitely works! It's amazing how fast the weeks pass and the weight loss adds up. I don't know about you, but I love Weight Watchers this time around, and have not felt like I was dieting, just making better choices. (Glad that your husband's PSA's came out okay.)

Lots of storms all over the country. We had some last night, and more on the way - no sunshine until Saturday. Perfect weather for housecleaning (yeck.) North of us, Magee, MS, really got hammered, lots of damage and injuries.

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Jan~I was going to ask if it was close to you. I don't watch tv anymore but Dave said that MS got it bad.

Silversword~Love the picture. Looks so "chic". LOL

Joyce~Happy belated birthday! Your weight loss sounds great to me. I think I found it & would be happy to report that kind of a loss. I'm not quite sure what is up with me right now. More exercise & no more eating? Equaling to weight gain! Ugh!

Donna~Thanks for saying better what I wasn't saying very well. Festival was a blast. I have already done a scrapbook page about it. Loved it!

Besh~Glad Zoe was able to get out for a walk at least.

I'm out the door in another 5 minutes for lunch with my friend. She's taking me out for my birthday & we are going to shop at the quaint little downtown shops. It will be a fun afternoon. Have a great one yourselves. Patti :-)

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Good Friday-eve all!! That's a new one for me and I like it!

Joyce congrats on your weight loss! Glad you are posting here.

Patti, you are as busy as Milkdud these days! I am so happy that you are getting out and about with girlfriends, et al!

Milkdud, big congrats to you! Wow, you are doing great.

Donna and Besh, I need continued inspiration in the WW department to keep my waning momentum going!

I spent yesterday at home recovering from whatever this horrible thing was! It was a gorgeous day and it was hard to lay low but I did. I spend a good deal of time out with the horses grooming - they are shedding like crazy right now. It was quite therapeutic I must say. Even when I don't feel well they lift my spirits!

Patti, I have been riding on weekends but I have been staying mostly to the back roads because there is still some very deep snow in the woods and it's hard for the horses who are pretty unfit right now. It won't be long before I have some stories to share.

The land clearing people came back today to start stumping my new pasture. I cannot wait to get home to see how much they got done today. It's a huge project and I am anxious to start fencing and seeding....that's quite a ways off!

Have a great day all.

Raeanne, I miss you sister.

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Good evening! I had the best, long post made, then it went *poof*! I'll try to repeat some of it, but then I'm going to bed early - big, busy day tomorrow.

Suzanne, glad that you're on the mend now.

Donna, thanks for saying such kind things. I'm glad that you're able to post more often now. Keep up the good work on your weight loss.

Jan, congrats on all the weight gone!!!

BJ, I'm so sorry about the glitch in Baby V's adoption.

Patti, enjoy that extended birthday!

Besh, glad to know that Zoe's getting out a little bit for now.

Great to see new faces around here. It's always fun to inject new life into our little group.

I've now had 3 visits to my new chiropractor. The first visit was for a full-body scan, the 2nd for x-rays, and today's was to confer about the results and have my first treatment.

I learned from all the tests that I have severe degeneration in my spine, also arthritis there and in my hips, and shoulders. My spine is an S-shape, my pelvis isn't in alignment (something I remember hearing from an orthopedic dr. about 20 years ago, but did nothing about it!), and my scalp dipped down on the left. That explains the constant headaches and misery when I sleep on my left side. But, other than that, I'm just great!

He did say that he can improve all the other areas so that I can give relief to the areas that can't be "fixed". He actually straightened my scalp, and for the first time in over 50 years, it doesn't dip! I'd jammed my neck when I was 10 playing swinging statues. I only remembered it this morning before my appointment. My neck feels so nice tonight, and my headache isn't there! He also aligned my pelvis, and I have to admit that I was walking better out to my car, and while fixing dinner. So there is good news which I can definitely live with and enjoy!

I hated seeing the x-rays. It made me sad that I didn't know this was happening to me and waited till now to see about it. But, I'm so happy that I am now doing something proactive to help what's left of my bones to get me through the rest of my life. Bob could even tell a difference when I was walking away from him this evening and mentioned it.

Isn't it funny that you can live with a problem for so long that you don't even realize you have one? I get to have 6 weeks/3 times a week treatments, and I'm really excited to get to do this. Just wanted to share my bad/then good news with y'all.

Enough about that. Tomorrow, I'll be busy at church helping to decorate for our style show/luncheon on Saturday. This is being put on by ESA, the service sorority, and we're borrowing my church's Family Life Center. Saturday will be the luncheon where I'll be on my feet and serving, cleaning up, and carting off everything afterwards. Oh, my aching feet!

Wishing all the best for everyone here and absent! I'll be peeking in the next couple of days just to check on everyone even if I'm too tired to post.

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Good Friday all,

Milkdud, I have been seeing a chiropractor for 30 years and really like the holistic approach to my body not being perfectly aligned, etc. If you aren't using your body it usually doesn't have alot of trouble! So enjoy your visits and revel in how much better you will feel when all the parts are going together again.

Work in my new pasture is moving along it is amazing how quickly these guys work.

From this:

It's going to so beautiful when it's finished! We still will have tons of work to do after they leave. Raking, getting rocks up and seeding.

QOD: Weekend plans?

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Patti's birthday trips to see dolphins and the Renaissance fair!

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Milkdud~Wow! It sounds like things are going so well. I'm thrilled for you. You keep at it GF.

NH Suzanne~I couldn't believe the difference in the pics. That is truly amazing. Will you share another picture after you have done even more please? That would be grand. Thanks for posting my pics.

Weekend plans? I don't see anything on my calendar but that is always subject to change. I am dedicating myself to trying to start & get a bunch done on my niece's scrapbook for her graduation present coming up May 23rd. We are leaving May 2nd so that doesn't leave me much time b/c I do at least 2 or 3 challenges a week on the 'Net too. Love to all~Patti :-)

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Rebecca - I seem to recall your name - my memory certainly isn't what it used to be LOL. Welcome back, glad to see a sort or new face around here.

Good to see Silversword and Joyce as well!

I am at work so this has to be short.

Milkdud - Glad you are getting the help you need and that you are feeling the benefits from it so quickly. Keep up the good work and don't dwell on why you didn't go sooner.

Patti - looks like you had quite a birthday celebration.

Suzanne - WOW - SP and Casey are going to be thrilled. Happy that you are feeling better.

Jan - WTG on the loss and cholesterol numbers!!!

BJ - my heart breaks that Baby Vs adoption will be postponed and that the prospective parents are now Plan B.

Donna - It is always nice to see you posting.

When does Dee return? it seems like she has been gone for so long.

My computer is suppose to be fixed and returned to us today. Then I will be able to post more often.

QOD - nothing planned, but I have lots to do.

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Milkdud, your story made me both sad and happy! Glad you're getting relief but it's upsetting to hear you've lived with that issue for so long!!!

Ask your chiropractor about home psoas treatments. Your husband can do them on you, they're non-invasive and it just takes a minute and it will help keep you aligned. I've been seeing a chiropractor for a good many years and he showed me how to do them. Also, do you get a massage in conjunction with your chiropractor treatments? It will help keep your muscles relaxed enough to make the adjustments last.

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Raeanne, your name is definitely familiar to me. Yankandtex--maybe also. I know it's hard to think back that far.
I was working full-time from home back then with one baby daughter and another on the way. (My second daughter, Jane, was born "in this group." I remember how kind and excited everyone was to get the news.) I was online all the time with the office, so it was so easy and helpful to just pop in to this thread for some social time and encouragement to stick with the w.o.e. throughout the workday. It seems like our thread fell apart when there was talk of requiring paid subscriptions to participate in the forum.

I still have a huge printout of pages of our SS recipes in my file. I'm going to go back through those and see if any of your names are on there! That might help jog my memory.

Now I'm the mom of 4 little girls, aged almost 10 years down to 21 months old. We homeschool and I still work some from home. I've had a children's book published since I was here last, and I do some book editing and freelance writing for a children's magazine. And now that our family is complete, I'm determined to reclaim my body and get into some sort of shape that lets me enjoy doing all the active things four little girls want to do.

I'm trying to "get to know" each of you now or again by reading your posts when I can. Life is so busy it may be hard to really plug in like before, but I need a buddy group for support and so I'd love to come back to some degree. Thanks for the warm welcomes.

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OK--I am looking through my recipe file and definitely starting to recall some names from the past SS group. (I hope those of you who were NOT around back then don't mind my brief reminiscing.)

Do any of you remember:

BJ? She was the one who would dump illegal foods into the kitchen sink and pour dish soap all over them. I have never forgotten that trick, and use it often with things like birthday cake icing or other temptations.

Nicole Payne: I think she had lost 50 pounds on SS and reached goal. She might have been from Canada...?

"happyto": a grandma who was determined to lose weight to see her grandkids to adulthood.

Michelle: I think she was from VA, had one son and was trying to decide whether to expand their family or not. She was very close to her goal weight.

Marsha is in here a lot, and I can almost remember her but not quite... and Peachy was a regular poster.

Patti--yankandtex--yes, you're in this file! I've been eating your vegetable frittata and spinach quiche for years.

Raeanne, yep, you're here too! And so is Besh. I thought I recognized that name. There's a DeeMarie. Is that the same DeeMarie who's here now? Surely so.

Ring anyone else's bells?

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Elektos- Hi again! I'm the dishsoap BJ. I was, I think, PlaneOleGal or PlaneMom back then. I used to fly airplanes but gave it up after I had an operation, gained a bunch of weight, & "retrained" as a different career of an embalmer/funeral director. Then I added fostering babies, then I moved and am back to fostering and working in a law office.

I remember Nicole Payne--sweet! And I think Michelle and her DH were having some problems when she left. Happyto left after her husband passed away and she must have moved because everything I sent her came back returned. She used to say Yummers, right? I remember Peachy too.

Sounds like you are a busy mom, with all those curtain climbers around you!

Milkdud-I agree with SilverSword about massage in conjuction with chiropractic treatments. Works wonders!


Patti! I'm impressed with your scrapbooking---how's the new car holding up?

Speaking of new cars, WHERE IS MARCI?????

Joyce---Good news about your DH's PSA. YAY!

Besh? Come out, come out!

Wodka----- 124? CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

DonnaSNJ: Thanks for the Plan B to Plan A comment...we hope that happens.

NHSuzanne! WHOA!!!!!! That's AMAZING! If we crank up a chainsaw around here, neighbors from 15 different directions come running! On one piece of HEAVILY WOODED property we have, there are covenants against clearing. That is going to be a beautiful pasture, though, with a moving picturesque landscape!

And THANKS to ALL of you for being so sensitive and caring about Baby V. He's SO in my heart at this point I don't know what I'll do when he leaves...probably walk on the beach to the end of the earth...I dunno.

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Good Friday,

I remember when BJ posted about the dw liquid on the funky food! But I was pretty new here. Wow, time flies.

BJ, I will walk with you to the end of the earth if I have to! But you won't have to, I just know it. Postive thoughts babe!

Our new field had to be approved by the Conservation Committee here. Our property is bordered by a brook on three sides. I am grateful we have someone doing this work. We are creating new habitat for wildlife with some of this "debris" from cutting and stumping. You won't be able to see it but it will be there and I am thrilled about providing even more habitat for the wildlife to survive in. As I write this three turkeys are checking out the new digs! I am so excited!

I am making soft food for DFIL to eat. He is in the process of having his implants redone and he's in a lot of discomfort! I hope my chicken pot pie with biscuit topping and lemon pudding will help comfort him!

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PS: Rumor has it that brother John may check in tonight or tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed.

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NhSuzanne... tapioca is wonderful too for soft food, and low-cal so we can enjoy it too :) That is sooooo cool that you're creating habitat. Kudos from me!

Got my taxes done this morning... whew!!! I always say I'll do them in January and then stress over them for the next two months...

Drinking a glass of almond champagne as a treat. ;)

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BJ--thank you for those updates. I have to admit I've felt a little blue ever since reading them, though. I'm sorry to have not been here when happyto lost her husband. I remember that he was struggling with his health. And yes, "yummers."
I remember your airplanes, too, and Michelle and I had once exchanged Christmas cards before losing touch. I still remember what her family looked like. I hope everything worked out OK for them.
Time really flies.

I know your heart is breaking over Baby V. I have a good friend who fostered a baby from the time he was just a couple of weeks old until he was 16 months. She was single, so we (her girlfriends) all pitched in and he was almost as much a part of our family as one could ever imagine. She thought she was on a track to adopt him, but in the very week that the parental rights were to be officially terminated (after which my friend could begin the adoption process formally), his grandmother from 800 miles away applied to foster him. (Not adopt him.) I couldn't believe she would leave him in foster care that long and then just pop in at the last possible moment. My friend tried to make an appeal through the court system at the parents' termination hearing, but she was told foster parents don't have any rights in the relationship. She had to just sit silently, and then hand him over at the end. She was the only mom he had known at that point, and it was devastating for all of us.
It could only get harder the more time you have with him, I imagine. But knowing he would be going to a loving home where he would be a priority helps so much. Not the same when he's obviously someone's afterthought. That hurts.

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