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embroidmeMarch 26, 2007

Hello Gals! I am new here! I ran across this site by mistake but I sure am glad I did!! I am a Stay At Home Mom who is seriously thinking about biting the bullet & buying one of these machines (used). I need some input though. First, I am considering this machine instead of a home machine because I have worked on a commercial machine before I know what their capabilities are and I am afraid that if I buy a home machine I will not be satisfied. This machine (too me at least) is the closest thing to a commercial machine without the commercial price. What do you think?? Does anyone out there own one & what do you think about it? Also, is there a site out in the internet world where people rate embroidery machines? Thanks so much!

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Hello, I too just stumbled on this site. I am looking at the same machine (Babylock Embroidery Pro)to purchase and wondered if anyone has it or an opinion on it? Please give me any info you have

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Hey decothreads! Email me & let me know what kind of feedback you have about this machine so far. Are you going to buy brand new?? Do you currently have a machine?

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i do have one of these and i love it. i would be willing to sell it. i've used it for birthday presents, business orders, you name it. what it says on the babylock website is pretty much true. it's a great machine. best of luck!

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