Soy Based Cheese

BeverlyALMarch 4, 2004

I can't find the thread where Kathy wanted the information on Soy Based Cheese but here it is.

The company is Galaxy Nutrition Foods. I find this at Publix Supermarkets but I'm sure others have it too.

They are called Veggie Slices Cheese Alternative and they come in various flavors. I have tried mozzarella and American flavor and they are both very good. Per slice here is the nutritionals:

40 calories

cholesterol free

3 grams fat

0 saturated fat

2 monosaturated

1 polyunsaturated

Last night I tried the block of Mediunm Cheddar Flavor (Same company) It won the Chefs Award and I can tell you that I had a very difficult time stopping after I got started. It was that good!

Serving size is 1 oz and the nutritionals are the same as far above.

I hope you can find this in your area because it is teriffic!

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Thanks! Kathy

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Well, if you like it, it must be pretty good. I had previously said that I tried the soy based cheddar cheese and was not keen on it. However, last week I had some of the premium extra old cheese, which I dearly love, and have always been able to cope with, although I am lactose intolerant. This was in keeping with the common phenomenom that aged and processed cheeses may not affect many intolerants, so that worked well for me. Last week, though, I had a bad reaction which left my gut tender for a couple of days. I still have a good part of the large wheel I bought. I'll retest, but if it does not work out, I may have to revisit the soy stuff, and hopefully find a brand I like.

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naturelle, I bought a different brand in the beginning and it was some woman's name but I can't remember what it was. It was better than no cheese but not nearly as good as the one I am telling you about. So there is a big difference between brands.

So sorry to hear of your laxtose intolerance. Have you tried any of the medication for it?

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Unless it's an international brand, I would not find your products anyways, so I'll keep looking by trail and error like you did. Let's face it, it's not like any of them is going to be real bad from what I'm seeing.

I'm eating one of my pizzas, made with the soy mozzarella, and it's very good. As you also found, it is remarkably good. It looks like, melts like. The taste is not 100% like, but perhaps 85%, and mozzarella is not exactly a gastromatic cheese anyways. It doesn't string and is not as chewey.

LI is very prevalent in orientals, because historically dairy has not been in their diet. I used to take the tablets, but since they came out with the Lactaid milk I've been happy with that. If I'm going out for dinner, I pack a couple of the tablets, just in case the dessert is a parphait (sp?) or has whipped cream. I'm going to try making the chocolate pudding posted on the Cooking forum with low fat Lactaid milk.

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I did not know that LI was more prevalent in Oriental people. It's also news to me about the lack of dairy in their diet. Pobably the lack of dairy is a good thing. My mother is so LI that the tablets don't even work for her. She has managed to find one kind of milk that she can drink though. Thank goodness I don't have that problem along with all the others I have!

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