Janome 350e

staceyhighFebruary 8, 2010

Please help me. I purchased a 350e and have had nothing but problems. I know this is not the norm and maybe I am expecting too much from it. Please advise.

Here is the issue:

EVERY time I use the preprogrammed letters there are what appear to be stitches skipped in the H Z A ETSP and a few other letters. I can send pictures. I have taken it back to the store to make sure that the tension is set right. Each time they tell me it is. Even the technician at the store says its the best that it can do. He said that I should get a marker to fill in the missing stitches!?

Is this true? Do other people have this same problem?

I can send you pictures of the problems.

Thank you very much!


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NO NO NO! The machine sews beautifully. Take it back and refuse to move until you either get another machine or get this one fixed! No-one buys a good machine to paint in stitches. I don't think I've ever heard anything so absurd in my life!!!

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I own a Husqvarna Viking D2. The first year I had it I had no problems with embroidery. Loved my machine! After the one year check up with the technician I had trouble with the tension and alot of bobbin thread could be seen on top of the embroidery. I was so mad. I would have been better off not taking the machine in. I was told the machine was set back to factory settings. So now I fix it myself by using a little screwdriver and giving the bobbin case a quarter turn. It fixed the problem. I'll take it in for a yearly cleaning because it was soooo expensive but I'll never feel good about how it will come back to me. Take the machine in and have them work with you at the store until it works like it should. These machines are expensive and you should be happy, not ruining clothing items because of the poor embroidery outcome.

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