Phillips 32PS55 5321 screen goes black, set stays on

kennyjFebruary 5, 2007

Chassis number is 32T800 7629.

The problem is shortly after being turned on, the screen will go black, and the sound goes, too. The light stays on, and I can hear its still on, but no picture or sound. If I change the channel one time, it will click and try to come back, but it will click again and stay black, if I change the channel again it will come back for short while, then fault out again. Any ideas? I have searched the site and found a lot of people with this problem, but no answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we really dont want to have to buy a new TV. Thank you in advance!!

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By "the light stays ON", what light are you referring to? What do you hear that tells you that "its still ON"? Where is the clicking sound coming from when you change the channel? You need to be more specific so there is no guessing or mis-interpretation of your analysis. Let me ask you, can you still hear the high frequency sound of the high voltage on the CRT? I'm assuming this is a CRT TV as oppose to an LCD. You didn't make the distinction and I'm not familiar with the Part Number.

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By "light" I mean the power light. The sound I hear is that electronic "hum" I guess you would call it, and the clicking sound is coming from inside the TV, obviously, not sure where, but if I had to guess, maybe the tube. Its always made the clicking sound since I bought it new a few years ago. Yes, its a CRT, sorry for not making that distinction.

Its just acting as though the screen doesnt get power until I change the channel if that makes any sense?

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I'm guessing that by the "electronic hum" you probably mean the High Voltage for the CRT. The problems you state could be caused by many things. Personally, I would verify that the picture tube is good. Has to be tested with a CRT Tester. I would then look at the low voltage power supply and verify if all the outputs are correct and clean(no AC component). I've never heard of a TV making clicking sounds when you change channels. Since it's all electronic and not mechanical, these click sounds are either made my a relay or a spark of some sort. Sorry Kenny, there are no easy solutions from a user's stand point of view. If you have an air compressor, you could remove the back of the TV and blow it out. Sometimes dust bunnies cause arching between components. If you're careful enough, you could leave the back off and see if you can locate the source of the clicking sound. As to why the screen goes black or blank, either the picture tube is defective or getting there, or the low voltages or signals going to the PCB on the CRT neck are missing or incorrect. You will probably have to end up taking it to a repair shop. I take it that you no longer have a warranty on this set? Sorry I couldn't be of more help to you. Without a Service Manual/Schematic and the proper test equipment, there isn't much else that you can do. Good luck in finding a good reputable TV repair shop.

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Thanks for the help. We decided we would just get a big screen with our tax refund, so this one is either getting thrown in the dumpster, or set aside if we decide to get it repaired.

Again, thanks for the help.

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