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aka_raeanneMarch 26, 2007

Happy Monday!

I got a wonderful surprise over the weekend. A gift from my "un"birthday pal Suzanne. It is a book titled "Chosen By a Horse" a ying yang bookmark clip and a gorgeous notecard of "Little Bit" one of Suzanne's beloved hens. I hope I got the title of the book right as I am at work now. That was such a pleasant surprise. The book looks like a very moving story and I plan to read that on my way to FL in April (if I can wait that long).

Suzanne - Thank you girlfriend.

I have to get busy at work, as I need to leave early to take DH for his colonoscopy this morning - the fun never ends.

Enjoy your day

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Good Monday Morning all....heard from Marci this weekend. She's had a rough week and her mom is not feeling well. Let's all wish her well.

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Greetings all,

Happy Monday!

Marci sending well wishes, prayers and positive thoughts your way. Oh, and lots of (((((HUGS))))

Raeanne,I know you will that book! Hope all went with DH's colonoscopy! You are right, the fun never ends!! LOL

Maddie, it was so good to hear from you. I miss you and hope you don't disappear for too long!!

I had a good weekend and as usual didn't get enough done. I did get my horse trailer down to the dealer (over an hour away!) so it will be safe and ready to roll when the weather turns around. I am going to attend a clinic with Sweet Pea in April so we can start focusing on driven dressage. I am excited about having a new focus.

Well, where the heck is everyone?

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Here I am! LOL I know that I am not everyone & I'm hoping that more will pop in & say hi to us. This has been very unusual to say the least.

Raeanne~It sounds like you had a very nice un-birthday. Are we going to be able to get together?

NH Suzanne~I know that you are looking forward to being able to ride again.

Marci~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] Sis! You know that we love you & miss you when you are gone. We never like it when something is happening to one of our sisters.

Donna NJ~[[[[ H U G S ]]]] How did things go for your Dad?

Has anybody heard from Tikanis? I am so worried about her. It isn't like her to stay away so long. Not much happening around here. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Good TUESDAY Morning!

Patti, I'm also worried about Tikanas. She is not posting on the Cooking Forum and I don't know where else to look for her. Did you send her an e:mail? I know that she was feeling stressed lately. Hope all is OK with her.

I was fine with eating yesterday until after dinner. I really need to get myself away from the kitchen once the dishes are rinsed and put into the dishwasher. I tried to get DH to do it, but I would find that some pots would remain in the sink overnight. Not a sight I want to see in the morning. Over the last week, I've been making lunches and setting the table for breakfast at night, so that I can make it out on time for my 6:15am walk. I need to stay out of the snacks when I do that.

DH still has too much foodie junk around the house! He loves those Frito Scoops dipped into sour cream before I get home from work. Last evening I gave me some whole grain crackers spread with hummus from Trader Joe's. He really enjoyed them, so I told him no more Scoops! That got me a "look", so I backed down! LOL!!!!

Sometimes you can't win.

Make today count!

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I emailed Tikanis several days ago and haven't heard from her. If she doesn't check in this week I will try to call her.

Patti - the people we are staying with have already booked us with a boat trip and a stay near Captiva for 3 nights. When I get our full agenda I will let you know what it is and hopefully we can get together.

Dee - your DH and Rich are so similar. He insists that he will be happy eating the same stuff as I do, yet he always has a stash of cookies, chips and ice cream for after dinner. He is a gentleman though and always offers them to me - THANKS A LOT.

Its my day off and I need to get some household chores done.


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Dee~Take a deep breath, Sis. Now, blow it out slowly. Is the stress relieved any? LOL I lost 11# but found most of it back. Not all of it. My downfall is that I found a no-sugar added coconut cream pie & I think that I have to eat it & lots of it. Arg...... The woe that I am doing does not allow grapes at any time. I guess that their way of thinking is that they have too much sugar. And Dave's way of thinking is that they are SO much cheaper than cherries, which are allowed. So, I don't know what to do.

Raeanne~I will call Tikanis if you have her phone #. She keeps giving it to me & I keep losing it. I don't know what is wrong with me. The last time that she gave it to me I said, "OK, now I have put it in a place where it won't get lost." Oh, brother, was I wrong or what? I hope that we have the chance to get together but if we don't I understand. Dave wants to take a trip to upstate NY & I should be able to meet a bunch of my SS sisters along the way. He was really hoping to this year b/c it is his 30th class reunion but he says that he doesn't feel like we will have the money to go. I'm glad that you got a day off. Don't spend all of doing household chores. Spend some time for yourself.

We are really trying to get all of the bills paid off so that we can move back to TX. But, he also thinks that if we move back to TX before we make this trip that we probably will never make it so I don't know what he will decide. His Dad is asking us to come back to Midland which is a "miracle" in the nth degree. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Thanks for the advice, Patti. I have the "Learn to Relax" book that Raeanne got me in the magazine rack next to the bathtub. Now I just need to time to get the bubbles going and read it! haha

Raeanne, I got home late last night (dinner with my director) and found DH with a bag containing a meatball parm sub. We had spoken via cell phone twice between 5-6pm about what he was going to have for dinner. I told him "call your brother" or "call the Italian place across the lake and ask them to make you a meatball parm sub". He was so confused over this! He FINALLY picked up the sandwich at 8:30pm!!! When I went into the kitchen, I noticed about 3 empty bags of chips and cookies that he had 'snacked' on prior to making that call. Amazing!

If anyone has Marci's phone number, will you e:mail me? I'm worried about her.

AMERICAN IDOL TALK -- Jordin still rocks for me. I hope she makes the final 2. Sanjaya is smarter than he looks and acts. Lakisha has to bring it up much higher because she's being overshawdowed by Melinda and Jordin.


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DeeMarie - I am here and I am OK. My Mom is home from the hospital and they are keeping an eye on her sugar. Everything with her heart checked out ok. I do appreciate the good thoughts though. It is nice to know that we can come here and lean on our friends once in awhile.

Raeanne - Thanks so much for the card. It really did brighten my day on a day when I needed it.

Now my Dad and my Mom both have to watch their sugar. I am having Easter at my house and this will give me incentive to not buy any Easter candy. I bought some sugar-free hard candy to put in all my pretty Easter candy dishes.

It is finally nice here. I really needed to see some sun. Funny how just one day of sun and the promise of more nice days to come can lift ones spirits.

Thanks again for thinking of me,

PS - I too am watching Idol this year. I really like Melinda and Jordan and Blake.

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We goils...after last night & Sanjaya's "smart" mouth, I cointoinly hope that he will not last another week!!!!! He did sing better than he ever had but that hair & the mouth on him. I, for one, was not impressed. JMO.

Dee~Did you ever drink the wine & do it with the spices that we sent? What did you think about that? I was thinkig about things to help you relax when I sent that. LOL I'm sorry that you were here alone for awhile. I know how that feels.

Marci~Sorry to hear about your Mom & Dad. And, I know that no sun can really get you down. I am bad about staying in my house & never opening up the shades. Then, I have a tendency to let myself get depressed. It is my own fault.

I heard from NJ Donna. Her Dad's report wasn't that good so she said that she might not post for a few days. Please give her good thoughts. [[[[ H U G S ]]]] NJ Donna

I went to the dr. for my foot today. Did I tell you that I fell again when we went to NM? He is putting me back in my foot brace & I'm going back for therapy. But, he x-rayed it & nothing was broken. Just disturbed the nerves in there that were already tender. That's about all that I know at this time. Come back & post SS sisters. Zig, are you reading but just not posting? Joanne, are you lurking about, too? Milkdud, how about you? Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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Good morning all,

Marci, (((((HUGS))))) I am glad that things checked out okay with your Mom. That's an unfortunate incentive for no sugar but it has a good side too! We can all do with alot less sugar.

Donna ((((HUGS)))) to you and your father. Please check in when you get a chance. We are here for you. I am sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

Dee what an ordeal over a sandwich! Men!! LOL

Patti, take care of that foot! I am not an idol fan so I can't comment!

Okay you MIA's........come out, come out! John?? Where for art thou brother?

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NH Suzanne~I may only last one more week as an idol fan & then give it up. I don't think that this year they are going by talent but I think that it is being "rigged". I hate to watch the more talented people go & know that Sanjaya has not even ever been in the bottom three!

I hope that everyone is doing all right today. Where are our posters? Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it. Patti :)

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I'm here! Just backed up with meetings today. A rather long one with my UK director on 2007 objectives and developments. Another even longer one (but more enjoyable) as a member of our corporation's community outreach team. We decided to spend quite a bit of $$$ to help lots of local folks.

What can I say about Idol? It's really not a singing contest if they let the public vote. It will continue to be entertainment for those who call and can keep Sanjaya on. The good news for Chris Sligh is that he will be on tour with the group.

Must run; we are going out later to hibachi with stepdaughters to celebrate oldest's 27th birthday. DH is really old! LOL!!!! (actually, I'm 6 months older than he is!)

Donna, I'm holding good thoughts for you and your family. Sending prayers your way.

Make today count!


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Patti - I emailed you Tikanis' phone number.

Dee - I love Hibachi. I hate to tell you but having a 27 year old does not make you old - I know this for a fact LOL.

Donna - Hugs and prayers coming your way.

Marci - you had your hands full, glad things are better.

I have no comment on Idol. I live by if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything LOL.

Enjoy your evening.

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Good Evening,

I have a lot to say about AI, however I will not. I will say that I think it is unfortunate that people like Howard Stern and whomever is behind that website feel as though they need to make a mockery of something they do not enjoy. Many of us do enjoy the show. I also think that it is unfortunate that all of this mockery is being made at the expense of a 17 year old boy. Yes, I do think he should be voted off. There are people on the show that are far more talented, but lets face it. It is not only a singing competition. It is a popularity contest as well. I know that there are some Howard Stern fans on this thread, I am not one of them, so I don't listen to him and never will. The same goes for the TV. If you don't like what you are watching, then turn it off! Did I say that I was not going to comment on this subject?????????

Anyway, my diet has just gone done hill. I don't know why. I do know that on the days that we had nice weather, I ate so much better, got outside and moved around. So maybe my attitude will change once it gets warmer. I can dream can't I?

Donna, positive thoughts are being sent to your Dad.....and Marci, to your Mom.

Patti, hope the foot is doing better. I didn't know that you were moving back to TX. Any date set?

Raeanne, just took Feng Shui living out of the library. I'm trying to get motivated to clean.....again. Does it never end?

Dee, how great to work for a company that is so giving to the community. I really like that.

Maddie, don't stay away!

BJ, if you are lurking, I think of you often.

Have a great evening,

Love, Besh

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Besh - I went to VFTW and read their reasons behind the site. They don't fly with me. They said - "During the initial auditions, the producers of Idol only let certain people through. Many good people are turned away and many bad singers are kept around to see Simon, Paula, and Randy so that America will be entertained."

I say so what! Doesn't every audition turn away some talented people in search of the "right" person for the job. Let's face it, AI is an entertainment program. Their job is to pick people who will entertain their audience.

Here's another VFTW complaint - "American Idol is not about singing at all, it's about making good reality TV and enjoying the cheesy, guilty pleasure of watching bad singing."

Again, I say so what! The initial auditions are funny. Yes, I do think Simon can be cruel and I don't agree with his methods, but did anyone see William Hung crying on the way to the bank? Some of those people know they are bad and are just looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. And I disagree about the comment that the singing is bad. Except for Sanjaya, I am enjoying this year's batch.

Howard Stern has a huge following. He knows he has power and he enjoys flaunting that power. He thrives on it. But I also think that all this publicity that VFTW is getting, will just give him more power and feed his ego. Howard Stern loves to laugh at the expense of others and yet that is exactly what the VFTW site is complaing that AI does. Does anyone else see the irony in this? (Can you tell that I am not a fan of Howard Stern either? No offense to those that do like him.)

AI needs to change their voting procedure. Dancing With the Stars allows online voting and only keeps the phone lines open for 1/2 hour after the show. It works for them and AI should think about changing their system or VFTW may win this round.

Now I will also step off my soapbox and go to bed! LOL


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We SSer's take our AI very seriously don't we hehehe.

I have said from day 1 that there should either be a way of only allowing you to vote once or that you vote for the person you want off not for the person you want to win. This may sound mean spirited, but they don't have to divulge how many votes were given and the show is a little bit mean spirited anyhow. Sanjaya is more than aware of what is going on and if he doesn't like it he should leave or his family should encourage him to leave. He's got a ton of young fans that adore him - how bad can that be for any 17 year old boy?

Marci - I also like this years singers - there is a good assortment of people. I really think Blake nailed it the other night and I know people don't like Phillip but he was also another one of my favorites the other night. You almost don't want the best one to win, because you know they will end up with a recording contract with someone else.

I don't agree that it works for Dancing with the Stars. I am not a regular watcher of the show, but I remember seeing a couple really bad dancers that were kept on just because of their huge fan base - wasn't one a rapper?

I am also curious to see how many of us vote. I don't - so I really don't feel I have the right to complain.

What is VFTW?

PS: I am a Howard fan but I agree that he uses his power for evil at times LOL

Dee - you must feel so good to be able to help so many people locally. How was the birthday dinner?

Suzanne - what do you have planned this weekend? You must be itching to get SP out there - is it very muddy by you?

Besh - good luck with the cleaning - it can be a vicious cycle. You know that once you declutter how good it will feel.

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Good morning all,

Wow, such sentiment over a television show! Beware the power of TV. Now, TV that is evil IMHO! What is VFTW?

I am a Howard fan too and I am ambivilent about what is happening on AI but I do think the implications of the effect of his show is having on the masses is very interesting. Behold the power of the media!

Besh good for you for doing some decluttering. For me, it's a contsant process in which I am constantly losing the battle! LOL. It's funny because I was thinking about digging our my feng shui book the other day.

Raeanne, you are right sister I am chomping at the bit to get out there with SP. Yes, they are all mud puppies. The mud was really bad last week but with the high winds of the last few days it's dried out quite a bit. So much so that there are fire warnings in the eastern part of NH! Ever since I decided to do some dressage tests (driven) with SP I have been going nuts waiting for enough snow to melt to get the cart out!

What is everyone up to this weekend?

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Suzanne, VFTW is "Vote for the Worst" a website dedicated to controlling who gets kicked off American Idol. Thousands of dedicated website devotees vote for the worst singer. It's worked. Apparently, they claim to have kept Taylor Hicks on board, but I really like his singing!

QOD: Tonight is a "Ladies of Laughter" fund raiser to benefit scholarship programs for the non-profit I volunteer for. We thought we might sell about 100 tickets to this comedy show/tricky tray dinner, but we sold out...289 tickets! Yahooooo!!! Should be fun. My sister is driving up with my oldest niece and stepdaughters are going to. We are looking forward to having a great time, followed by a PJ party at my place tonight.

Marci, hope you and your mom have a better weekend.


Besh, I also struggled these last few days. Last night was a BYO place, and I had two glasses of wine with dinner. (Raeanne, it was the wine you sent along with my birthday package....excellent!). Chilled out fine and no headache this morning, but I don't need the calories. It's gettting very tough for me to just maintain. Life gets a bit more challenging once you turn the big five-oooo!

Patti, hope you and Dave are feeling better. I did, in fact, drink that wine with my family on New Years' Eve. It was delish, thank you!

Hope everyone has a relaxing and safe weekend.
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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This is actually the voice I thought I heard during Sanjaya's audition on American Idol.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sanjaya

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LOL - I am probably more "serious" about my intense dislike of Howard Stern than I am about Idol. I enjoy watching the show and listening to the different interpretations of the songs. That is as far as my interest goes. I don't vote. But I still don't agree with what the VFTW website stands for.

DeeMarie - I listened and still think Sanjaya can't hold a candle to the others. I do agree that he sounds better in that video than he does on Idol. JMHO

Raeanne - You are right. Master P (I think) stayed on DWTS longer than he should have. But at least teenie boppers can't vote over 100 times for a contestant like on AI. That is what I meant when I said their voting system works. I do vote on DWTS (at least I did last year) because you can do it online and it is so easy. I venture to say that a lot of adults who watch AI don't vote because of their voting system and the fact that the phone lines are constantly busy. I just think that more adults would vote on AI if the voting system were changed and maybe the outcome would be different. But then again, maybe the producers don't want the outcome to change. The adults are not their target market, the teens are.

Now enough about that! LOL

QOD - I am cleaning, cooking and getting ready for Easter. I neglected everything last week.

(((Donna))) - Hope you are ok!


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Wow, I love a good debate. I watched the Sanjaya video (thanks Dee!) and yes he sounded better, but certainly not as good as some of the other contestants. I disagree with all the negativity surrounding him and I understand that he and his family could step up to the plate and say enough. I would have a hard time with it if it were my son being so publicly criticized. Maybe it is ok with them. DS told me there were 3 kids at the High School this week sporting a Sanjaya "faux hawk". LOL

I can't believe that Easter is next week. Thankfully my nephew is having it, I just have to show up with Quiche! Easy enough.

QOD: (I think this is kind of funny because I read back through this weeks thread and I couldn't find that anyone asked one, but we just answer it anyway!) Laundry, DS lacrosse game tonight, a Wake tomorrow and hopefully some reading. I didn't say that I was cleaning, I am just reading about it!!! LOL

Have a great weekend. :-)

Love, Besh

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Good Morning Everyone.

QOD: My parents left this morning after a 5 week stay and I am bummed. DH took me the pier to cheer me up and we sat and watched boats and birds, fish etc and just enjoyed the morning with a cup of Mcdonalds coffee. We then went to a open air market (very small one) in our town. I bought herbs of mint catnip and plain catnip plants for my furbabies. I just love those little critters!!!!!!!! My one cat has bad breath (yes, I get close enought to their mouth to smell the breath) (LOL) so I am hoping the mint catnip will help her halitosis. hahahaha. So we are back home now just gonna relax today.

I too am an Idol fan and I agree with just about eveything that has been said. I am not a Howard Stern fan. He irritates me with his I can pick on you, but you cannot pick on me attitude. but I guess that is his thing and it has worked for him for so long. However, I did enjoy his movie about his life.


Take care everyone!!!


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Who knew a little Idol talk would get everyone posting!Glad to see some action around here.

Lynn - sounds like you enjoyed your parents visit.

Besh - I was afraid that fuax hawk would catch on LOL. I haven't decided if it's a step up or down from a real Mohawk LOL.

Marci - try to take some time for yourself this weekend, you deserve it after last week.

QOD - I have nothing planned, but who knows what may happen - I am open to doing something LOL. I did buy some used DVD's the other day. I got Little Miss Sunshine, A Prairie Home Companion and I can't remember the 3rd one. I will probably watch one of those tonight.

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First of all, thank you everyone for the hugs and good thoughts, my family and I are very grateful. The news we got was not what we had hoped for but what we expected. Now my dad has to meet with the oncologist and discuss his options which will probably be chemo and go on from there. He still intends to play bocci ball this summer and playing poker weekly. His outlook is fantastic!

If I am MIA for a few days here and there you will know why.

QOD: I bought the book You on a Diet and cleaning out my pantry and cabinets so I can go food shopping tomorrow for the right stuff. First day of a new month seems like a good time to try and get it together!

I love you all!!


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Rabbit, Rabbit!

Happy April Fools Day!

I can't believe I beat Patti this time LOL.

Enjoy your day and don't be fooled.

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April Fools!! Happy Sunday all. Raeanne you beat me to it too!

I am glad the AI thing has brought you all out! I love hearing from you.

Donna ((((hugs)))). My good friend is going through this very thing with her father. He has lung cancer and it's not pretty. I am thinking of you.

QOD: I went riding today and I am about to leave for another nice ride this morning! The days are so warm after noon and it's lovely!

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April Fools! I already got DH this morning, now I have to get the kids! (hehehe)

Well, I am all defrosted finally. Went to DS lacrosse game last night. The almost full moon was beautiful, but boy o boy was it chilly. They won 11 - 3!!!

Donna, I pulled out my You on a diet book yesterday and am starting today. I gave up on WW (again). I kind of remembered a definition I heard once....Stupidity:doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. That is me on WW. It just does not work for me, not for the long term anyway. Good luck with your new eating plan. I am looking forward to detoxing my body!

Enjoy the day!

Love, Besh

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