changing thread in multi color pattern

dewroseFebruary 10, 2007

Just got a futura ce100 for valentines day. So very new to machine embrod. If I am doing a design that has multicolors how do i go about changing thread color for each block. Just like normal? stop the machine put new thread in and change bobbin, then start design up again?

thanks so much

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Dewrose, I seldom change my bobbin in my embroidery machine. Only occassionaly is it necessary. Most of the time I use white in the bobbin and some people use black or a gray. Your machine should stop when it is time to change thread . Hope this helps. I have only had my embroidery machine about a year but I have had fun with it. Sally

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The machine will stop when the thread needs to be changed, there is a color code imbedded in the design that tells the machine to stop. Try and use white or dark 'bobbin' thread and leave it in. ThatÂs bobbin thread, not sewing thread. Also, use embroidery thread on top, not cotton sewing thread. Rayon (usually a bit brighter, or polyester (stronger, color fast).

Good Luck

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