Need Cat-Proof Cordless Phone

carol_the_dabblerFebruary 22, 2011

For many years I had a reliable old cordless phone on my nightstand. It looked very much like a Trim-Line corded phone, except of course it had no cord and it did have a small antenna. As long as I kept the base antenna folded down and the handset antenna nestled between other items, it was reasonably catproof. When my old standby stopped working, I figured I'd just go to the store and get a replacement. Hah!

It seems that virtually all of the cordless phones on the market now are cleverly designed with the handset standing at attention, so that a cat can dislodge it from the base with one brisk *whack* of the paw. (On the plus side, very few of them now have exterior antennas -- otherwise known as chew toys. And of course they don't have those other chew toys called cords.)

I've tried searching Amazon, but can't figure out what exactly to search on. "Cordless phone" gets me 19,000 items, but adding "cat" gets me zero. Is there a special name for a cordless phone where the handset assumes a horizontal position, nestled securely into the base with the button side DOWN?

Help! Please?


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A senior center thrift shop across the street from my house has a box full of what you want for $4 each. This would lead me think there might be some at thrift shops near you but I have mixed luck with thrift shops. I would not get my hopes too high just yet.

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Thanks, guys. I'll check out your recommendations, though I am (as albert says) not holding my breath. I've already conducted a fairly thorough Internet search, and I'm wondering what all those phones are doing in a box at the thrift shop (maybe they don't work so well?)

There's a phone available on (see link below) that I'd be awfully tempted to buy (despite the lukewarm reviews) if I thought it'd actually work in the US. Even though what appears to be the same phone is being sold under different brand names all over Europe, nobody seems to have it here, which makes me suspect that it's incompatible with our phone system. *sigh*

Here is a link that might be useful: Magicbox Colombo 212021 Twin Dect Cordless Telephone

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Unfortunately, a phone from the UK is not directly compatible with our US system - connectors, pin assignment, ringer operation can all be different. The transmission frequency of the cordless signal is usually different and can cause RF interference. Finally, the power adapter will have a UK style plug for 240 volt service.

Regarding you current phone, the rechargeable battery in the handset may have reached the end of its life. Some can be replaced easily but others may require disassemble and could have soldered connections. Also sometimes the batteries can be a proprietary design which are no longer available. You may wish to Google the make, model, and phrase replacement battery and see what comes up.

As far as a replacement, you may wish to search for a "wall mount" design where the phone fits the cradle like your current one (often can be put in with the keypad side either facing in or out), but also allows for desktop use. I think that would probably solve the problem for you. Of course, you may have to get one with an answering machine as well.

Also DECT 6.0 phones are the most current technology and provide the best range since they use a lower frequency of 1.9 GHz instead of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz like older cordless phones.

By the way - it appears the first reply to your posting was from an absent minded spammer!

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I would get a new battery for the old one if that was the problem.

If that isn't possible, lay the phone off the cradle when you aren't around or use something to "box" it in so the cat can't get to it. A sprinkle of cayenne pepper around where the phone sits is another deterrent.

BTW, YosemiteBill was right on about the British phone: it won't work here without totally rewiring, and about your first respondant being a spammer.

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