Brother ULT2003D

danalahalFebruary 14, 2005

Hi, I just bought this machine and it's a used one. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it usually comes with an

instruction CD or tape and if so where I may get one.


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No, I don't believe there is one, I had to just read,read,read the book.

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I really was hoping there was one available. I think a video would br much easier to learn with. Just wondering if have you had yours very long and are you satisfied with it?

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I have both for my 2002. CD came with it & I requested the VHS tape which they sent free. I purchased mine new but they may sell you one since you purchased used.

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I just brought mine new last Wednesday. No instruction tape/cd came with mine.

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I am very surprised. I have the Babylock version, the Ellageo 3 which came with a VHS video. There are minor differences between the two machines, one being that you have built-in Disney designs. The very best thing to do is to take a class if you have one available in your area. You will learn so much more quickly.

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There is a downloadable book called "Love Your Brother" by Susan Hedeman for $30. It might be helpful from the description. I am not clear if it is just projects to make using the Ult's or what.

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I read my manual about 2 times and embroidered a couple of things BEFORE I went to take my free dealer-offered lessons. You can do it, just keep reading.

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I just bought the Babylock Ellageo used. I found an instructional video at Allbrands. It's 49.99. I think Babylock sells it for 75.00. I've not decided whether to buy it or not. I'm getting along fine with the machine - but the tape might show me things I wouldn't otherwise learn from the manual. I would guess that the Ellageo video would probably cross over to the Brother ULT2003D since they are made by the same company and are virtually the same machine.

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I forgot that it also has a built-in how to; look at the sewing machine at the top of the screen and push on that and choose what you want explained.

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I purchased my 2003D last year over the internet and it came with a nice CD instruction for Windows 95 or later.

You may be able to get one directly from the Brother people either by contacting their website or by phone. They have been reasonably helpful when I have contacted them about things.

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I have owned two Ult, and there is no video. The manual is very good. Also, if one can get help with selecting the best needles, bobbins, thread, stabilizers and settings for the machine, that is a plus. It would be good to get a demo on the Innovis as the Brother Ult is not shown anymore, just to see how it is done. The machine is very picky about what products are used with it, and will underperform with cheaper imitations.

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I am brand new to this group, I purchased a ult2300d from a dealer and they are trying to tell me that it is a normal thing for the thread to bind up around the lefthanded screw on the take up arm inside the machine? Has any one had this problem? And does your machine sound loud when it is running?. I was suppose to have lessons with my purchase also, and I did not get them either. I also purchased a Janome serger and did not recieve any lessons either. If there is any help or suggestions anyone can give me I would be very grateful. thank you

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